Comments - Smart Brabus Electric Drive and Ebike Heading to Geneva

Published: Mar 01, 2012
Description: The acclaimed tuning outfit Brabus has collaborated with Smart in designing two new vehicles that will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show next week. The latest reiteration of the fortwo ED features...
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andrew.gombac Sep 10, 2013
Haa, gay.
Mike Conrad Mar 01, 2012
Seems like a low torque figure for an electric car.
Description: A new sports suspension lowers the vehicle by around 10mm, which sits on 16/17-inch Brabus Monoblock VII alloys. Inside, an assortment of upgrades include leather instrument panel and interior doo...
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JGL Scuderia Mar 02, 2012
there is already bikes that goes above 60 MPH. but they cost about the same as a standard audi
Justin Routh Mar 01, 2012
Build me a bike that goes 60mph and ill buy it
David Holder-Defrates Mar 01, 2012
Rev counter? Do you need one of those on an EV?
Description: Mirroring the fortwo ED, the ebike gets a blacked-out look, albeit with a matt finish. It also boasts a four-piston brake system on the front wheel, four-spoke carbon-fiber wheels, a carbon-fiber seat...
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Rami Wilson Mar 01, 2012
"You save the planet. I'll save my dignity."
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Mar 04, 2012
Yea, but it's more efficient then a motor cycle
Bill Bailey Mar 02, 2012
They do realise that making a bike with an electronic assist is less environmentally friendly than just a bike.
Andreas Gerlach-hansen Mar 01, 2012
Yes That is very cool