Comments - Mansory Reveals Their Tuned McLaren MP4-12C

Published: Mar 01, 2012
Description: Mansory is no stranger to doing outrageous tuning jobs. In fact, they're known for their wild tuning packages that not only add to a car's performance, but also the exterior styling. Release...
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Rob walker Mar 01, 2012
Exactly Dom! where are Mansorys F1 World Championships?! They should not mess with a car like this. Above all else, it's tacky.
Leon McCallister Mar 01, 2012
I agree Dom. And they always trash it with Chav styling!
Dom Nolan Mar 01, 2012
I don't understand why people want to tune something like a mclaren. They have spent millions on making their car as good as it possibly can be. Don't you think the best car firm in the world has made it good enough already
Description: These include the ultra-light hood with an exposed carbon fiber section, proprietary daytime driving lights, and a number of targeted measures with the overall goal of improving aerodynamics. Other co...
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Jason Bartlett Mar 01, 2012
You would think a car of this caliber would come equipped with most of these upgrades . This car must have spent some time in the wind tunnel before production to maximize drag coefficients . It's a mclaren!
David Altenburg Mar 03, 2012
another wonderful car of mansory...
Brahim Gudah Mar 01, 2012
I like this... Went a bit crazy but I like it
Brahim Gudah Mar 01, 2012
Wait... Is an air brake not a spoiler that goes up and down?
Zack Herzer Mar 01, 2012
The stock one doesn't go up or down, only as an airbrake
Aye Kim Mar 01, 2012
I hope I'm wrong, but doesn't original spoiler goes up??? If it does, wouldn't it hit the second one. U don't think the second one is high enough.
Cody Matthews Mar 01, 2012
I like it. It reminds me of the F1
Leon McCallister Mar 01, 2012
I agree with Matthew. Another tuning company ruining yet another car!
Buddy Robinson Mar 01, 2012
If all those vents actually did something of say this would be very cool, race car look alike, but not for the road
Isaac Rezkalla Mar 01, 2012
Thats the point of super car to look out of the world and to be fast
Matthew Paul Mar 01, 2012
Mansory destroys yet another car. They have not made one product that hasn't looked like it wasn't designed by a 12 year old with a need for speed game. I want to gouge my eyeballs out
Jason Brower Mar 01, 2012
Maybe take the wheels down 1 inch in diameter and you've got a winner. Amazingly mansory didn't completely kill this car.
Carlton Salmon Mar 01, 2012
Ooh that's proper filth - I love it!!
Description: However, the real tuning job centerpiece that Mansory is proud of is in the engine department. Their performance upgrades include a new exhaust and engine-management system, and a sports air filter wi...
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Ty Piper Mar 02, 2012
The forged wheels are forged... With forging technology...
Brahim Gudah Mar 01, 2012
It was such a perfectly balanced car u hope they didn't mess it up
Dillon Magee Mar 01, 2012
Those are impressive numbers.
Carter Sullivan Mar 01, 2012
It says torque went up from 443 to 498...
Description: There's also a newly designed airbag sports steering wheel along with aluminum pedals other carbon fiber elements. Official pricing for the tuning package wasn't released, but we'll hop...
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Patrick Schalk Mar 02, 2012
I agree Nick. It's tacky at best.
myoa Mar 02, 2012
so sporty wheels.. i like it.
Vince Cassi Mar 01, 2012
Is it wrong to say I like it?
Nick Benz Mar 01, 2012
@patrick yes. Its like they put a picture of the front of the car up on a board, and asked "where should we put the LEDs? Here? Here? Ok i guess so."
Dillon Magee Mar 01, 2012
I don't like the rims. The rest is great.
Cody Matthews Mar 01, 2012
I like the rims and wing
Dan Rather Mar 01, 2012
The only thing they did that I think looks better than stock is what they've done with the side vent
Daniel Levy Mar 01, 2012
Man! Its not hard just take off the leds and leave the stock rims on
Justin Routh Mar 01, 2012
Without the led's and the clashing colors i'd buy it
Patrick Schalk Mar 01, 2012
Those LEDs have to go. Now.
Terrance Parker Mar 01, 2012
I'll have to get this on my dream tonight.
Anders Schrøder Mar 01, 2012
This one over the stock any day. It's awesome!
John Serely Mar 01, 2012
I'll take mine stock, please
Michael Riley Mar 01, 2012
yes paint it white and it'd be perfect
Luke Bailey Mar 01, 2012
not digging the drl's....take them out n its perfect....oh and paint it a different color....
Skyler Herring Mar 01, 2012
This looks straight out of a hot wheels package
Domi Bsaibes Mar 01, 2012
I'd rather see it this way than seeing it stock