Comments - Ford Confirm Kuga and Fiesta ST for Geneva

Published: Mar 01, 2012
Description: It has been announced that Ford will introduce the Kuga and Fiesta ST at a pre-Geneva Motor Show event on March 5th and although the company didn't go into specifics, the Kuga will be practically...
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Description: As for the highly anticipated Fiesta ST, this was previewed as a concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show and is expected to feature an aero body kit, sport-tuned suspension and dual exhaust system. An upg...
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Chris Mallinson Mar 01, 2012
I have same engine in my s-max... It should fly on overboost !!
Michael Beach Mar 01, 2012
Imagine what a few bolt ons and a tune will do to this car...
Darragh Brett Mar 01, 2012
A mix of Aston Martin and fiat punto :/ ford are such copiers
Paul Lissona Mar 01, 2012
I don't like the whole front of fiestas it looks too short but tall or something.
Roberto Maldonado Mar 01, 2012
Here is good car for @Ford Fan... only wait, he doesn't buy Fords :-$
Sam Oglesby Mar 01, 2012
I would rather buy the better looking zetec s and I have
JGL Scuderia Mar 02, 2012
i actually prefer the old one
Sam Oglesby Mar 01, 2012
Looks the same as the zetec s just with a fugly front end
Devin Babyn Mar 01, 2012
Looks like a stylish brick
Jay Mauran Mar 01, 2012
Looks great to me, I Love it!
Paul Lissona Mar 01, 2012
Yah too wild of a design, keep it clean.
Sam Oglesby Mar 01, 2012
They've stuck a focus style front end on it which I hate on both cars
Steven Whowhat Mar 01, 2012
i think front end is way too busy .