Comments - Mopar Murders-Out the 2012 Chrysler 300 in Chicago

Published: Feb 09, 2012
Description: Chrysler Group's in-house tuning department brought four models to the 2012 Chicago Auto Show. The most prominent of the quadruplets was the murdered-out 2012 Chrysler 300. The black Chrysler tak...
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Byron Borggard Feb 09, 2012
im so suck or this "murdered out" bullshit it sounds so dumb stop saying it you gangster fags
Shane Heid Feb 09, 2012
Haha murdered out is from the seventies not a black term, it means all blacked out. From the roof to the wheels
Paul Lissona Feb 09, 2012
I Don't really like that phrase either.
Mikey Jimenez Feb 09, 2012
@nick that was very ignorant of you.
Nick Rios Feb 09, 2012
Carbuzz hired some colored folk. Lol haven't said murder since my middle school wanna be black days
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
Emmanuel and 200lb ft of torque? The engine is fine.
Michael Beach Feb 09, 2012
Finally Chrysler builds a car for their majority customers: gang members and murderers
David Munasinghe Feb 09, 2012
Did Car Buzz hire some one from the hood? What's up with all the "murdered up" headings .
Mark Walden VII Feb 09, 2012
Lol@David Rosenberg. I was just about to say the same thing!
David Rosenberg Feb 09, 2012
Everything lately on carbuzz is "murdered out" lol
ShaneVenhorst Feb 09, 2012
Haha, it's so slick it crossed brand lines.
Description: The blacked-out exterior is highlighted by Mopar Blue body-side stripes, a theme that continues inside where black is accented by blue throughout. The 2012 Mopar Chrysler 300 is priced at $49,700. Onl...
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Brad Hickey Feb 09, 2012
Only 500 made. Pretty unique.
Ben Arends Feb 09, 2012
50Gs for a Chrysler? Thats quite the bloated price really.
spedro21 Feb 11, 2012
how big is the back seat?
Ben Webb Feb 10, 2012
Kaigan it could be an air intake
Matt Piccolo Feb 09, 2012
Not my first choice thats for sure
Cian Rules Feb 09, 2012
Rather a dodge charger
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 09, 2012
Yea its the adaptive cruise control radar. My dads jeep has the same thing.
Xuan Lin Feb 09, 2012
Hook maybe. My BMW m3 front has a circle hole too.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 09, 2012
Adaptive cruise control radar
Kaigan Viner Feb 09, 2012
What's next to the fog light on the left?
Daniel Marino Feb 09, 2012
Nice blacked out grille
Riley McKelvie Feb 10, 2012
Really not a fan of the blue accents. Other then that it's a pretty cool looking car
Patrick Schalk Feb 10, 2012
Actually Stephen it's a CHRYSLER 300
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 10, 2012
Guys it's a 300.... A Chrystler 300... Let's not get carried away
Shane Heid Feb 09, 2012
Love mopar, sat in the new 300 at last years Chicago auto show and it blew me away it was amazing. Anyone goin this year?
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
Yeah you're gonna have to do that again.
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Greg Lewis Feb 09, 2012
I agree, srt8. But with a car so limited like this, why does mopar not use the 392 in the first place? This is nicely done, but doesn't live up to potential...
Dillon Dixon Feb 09, 2012
I'll wait for the Cadillac XTS. That would be my choice. If I was to spend over $100,000, I would choose the panamera. Screw BMW!
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
My guess as to why it's so expensive is because of all the Mopar parts on it (Mopars crap is expensive anyways) and there's only gonna be 500 of these built. I would definitely buy the SRT8 over this. I assume everyone else would too.
Ben Arends Feb 09, 2012
Even if the build quality is superb, 50G is quite a bit for this model. How much is the SRT8 version?
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
I've been trying to tell these fools that for a long time Tony. Most of em don't get it. They are too mesmerized by a badge. Some do though (the ones who have actually been in or around the other cars (300)).
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 09, 2012
If you have the money - most ppl will buy a 7, A8, LS, or S for a large sedan. $80k-$130k. Why would a successful person want to drive the same car that is, atleast where I'm from, associated w.thugs, rims, cheap, flashy, etc.
Devin Mortenson Feb 09, 2012
Yes but Mercedes an BMW don't have very good quality when they test them
Nick Rios Feb 09, 2012
Yea if you have the money you'd buy the merc or BMW. American cars have gotten insanely better, but come on drive the new eclass amg or A6. Still another class
Vincent Butler Feb 09, 2012
I would pay n extra 40-50k for them anytime. It's exclusive more luxury, and above all it's the brand name.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 09, 2012
Id take a SRT8 over them also, and the interior isn't bad at all anymore, thanks to Fiat and even if it isn't as good as Merc or BMW I'm still saving an extra 50,000 for what? Some extra cushion on the dashboard. Who gives a
Matt Sutton Feb 09, 2012
Lmao! You were schooled by a guy who uses "da"! Anyway...i'll take "da" 300 any day.
Eddie Ethree Motors Feb 09, 2012
U guys are comparing cars that aren't in da same category or size. As far as comparison just check out da dashboard n cheap ass material American cars have. They all feel like plastic leather
Daniel Marino Feb 09, 2012
Your 100% correct. Most of the BMWs and Mercs aren't any better than this. This screams muscle and luxury which they can't seem to put together and can't make it very affordable. I'd much rather spend 50k on this than 90k for a damn 7-series. Lol
Craig Genser Jun 26, 2012
It doesn't want you either ugly phil
Phil Johnson Feb 10, 2012
Chrysler 300 is just tacky and overpriced. I don't care what you do to it, I still don't want one.
Jt Collier Feb 09, 2012
I dig the hood stripes but I could do without the rims and side stripe. Love mopar and the car though
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 09, 2012
This car works...if you wear big floppy shoes and a red ball on your nose
Michael Riley Feb 09, 2012
very tacky :/ makes me think 98 civic lmao
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
I agree it looks tacky. I wouldn't buy this. It has nice parts but, eh.
Nick88gm Feb 09, 2012
hate to say it but that blue line is tacky.wish they would've done a different design
Devin Mortenson Feb 09, 2012
If you look their is a fiat sign close to the mopar and a mopar sign closer to the fiat.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 09, 2012
Obviously the first place to look at Hondas would be a Chrysler article.
David Rosenberg Feb 09, 2012
Nice fiat 500. I wanna see some Hondas
David Rosenberg Feb 09, 2012
Don't like the shape and color but the interior is awesome and those blue rims
Jayson Lankster Feb 10, 2012
if I've never heard of this type and I saw it driving down the road, I would definitely think that some rapper wanna be is driving it.
Shane Heid Feb 09, 2012
@tin it has the hemi and the luxury interior and mopar accessories, so overpriced as it may be its not 20k over msrp
Jaykup Holman Feb 09, 2012
Let me rephrase. They should have brought the pinstripes from the hood to the trunk.
Tin Nguyen Feb 09, 2012
Ads some blue pinstripes, some rims with blue lips and some blue stitching to the seat and increase the msrp by $20k. Nice!!
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 09, 2012
Looks like a car that came out of GTA
Tanner Middleton Feb 09, 2012
they should have brung the blue pinstripes from the hood back to the trunk. it seems pointless to only have it on the hood
David Rosenberg Feb 09, 2012
Yeah that's what I was saying.
Mitchell Cherry Feb 09, 2012
It's looks plain. Should have done Alittle something to the body.
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
That doesn't look 50k worthy
Kevin Rehbock Feb 09, 2012
Because it's much more efficient to use gears appropriate to the engine's load and have the engine run at its optimal rev range under that load. More gears are better to an extent because of that.
Tom McNaney Feb 09, 2012
"fuel economy". Ok. But why 8? A 6 speed is perfect.
Tom McNaney Feb 09, 2012
Whats the point of an 8 speed? When do you ever need 8 gears?
Thomas Opie Taylor Feb 09, 2012
8 speeds are out just with the 6 cy for now, HEMI this spring from West Virginia
Kevin Rehbock Feb 09, 2012
No 8-speed yet? I thought they were prepping them