Comments - BMW i8 Cabrio Revealed?

Published: Feb 09, 2012
Description: The BMW i8 eco-electric sports coupe should be hitting showrooms sometime in 2014, and if this unknown German publication is to be trusted then it appears that a two-seater cabrio version of the range...
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Will Scott Feb 09, 2012
I like it The convertible is a nice touch
Description: BMW's new design language that started with the new 3-Series is also apparent, and hopefully more information and pictures about the cabrio i8 will trickle in sooner rather than later.
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Tashfeen Masood Qayyum Feb 15, 2012
Best looking BMW in ages
Helmut Stranzer Feb 15, 2012
BMW Innovations?! I agree with them.
Pratik Parija Feb 10, 2012
Looks different from any other BMW model out there right now
Mackenzi Kelly Feb 10, 2012
Every car maker seems to be takin ideas from other cars that are already out in the world. You can't deny that, but this car does look like a Mitsubishi
Trent Griffin Feb 10, 2012
Stunn I thought somtoo
Alex Smith Feb 09, 2012
Would be a car very worth getting excited about if it wasn't an EV
John Serely Feb 09, 2012
I think it looks grea
Stunn Feb 09, 2012
Mitsu Eclipse with kidney grill...
Luke Walker Feb 09, 2012
settle down Russell everyone has their own view & opinion.
Matthew McKernan Feb 09, 2012
Thats awesome, hope it not too expensive though
spedro21 Feb 09, 2012
now that's a hybrid I would buy
Humza Husain Feb 09, 2012
Make and ACTUAL supercar, BMW... No, a Rolls (although amazing) doesn't count, and neither does an M6!
Mason Christopher Thomas Feb 09, 2012
The little blue one below it looks like the production version of the coupe.
Trent Griffin Feb 09, 2012
Is it just me or does this scream Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder?
Colin Dzendolet Feb 09, 2012
looks 10x better than the coupe
Syafiq Hakim Feb 09, 2012
Im not bmw's fan though,but it looks nice and stylish...:D
Aislin Cooper Feb 09, 2012
Hot but I wish they'd develop a legitimate supercar before an electric one....
ojdj Feb 09, 2012
wow!!! this is tight cant wait for this to come out guessing $90000 for this
Avery Williams Feb 09, 2012
Awesome design, I can't wait till they make it into production.