Comments - Alfa Romeo Carabo Replica by Sam Foose Can be All Yours

Published: Feb 09, 2012
Description: Before you get too excited (or if you just read the title), this is not the Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car that premiered way back at the 1968 Paris Motor Show. Designed by Marcello Gandini when he wor...
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Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
Jorge I don't have a superiority complex but I do get into debates daily
Hank Austin Feb 10, 2012
@carlos talk about cutting edge technology!
Duke Man Feb 10, 2012
Shhhh! Hush children so I can admire the catfish car!
Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
And yes I know I put you're instead of your. Autocorrect isn't a fool proof system
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
"he's lawyer" wow good job you must make a shit ton of sales with you're mental prowess
Nick Tadych Feb 09, 2012
Just imagine what it would be like to see this in the late 60's
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
Vince Star Wars was written in 6 parts and they could only make 4,5 and 6 at the time due to the technology. So 30 years later when the technology was finally there to make it they did. Don't compare something when the comparison doesn't fit
Cody Miess Feb 09, 2012
I don't care what y'all say I think it looks sweet
Vince DeMasi Feb 09, 2012
@elijah they did come out with the new star wars movies like almost 30yrs later so it wouldn't be that stupid
Elijah McCord Feb 09, 2012
@Lawrence why would they make another one, the 3rd one was made in the 80s so that would just be stupid.
Duke Man Feb 09, 2012
Look at the headlights and the front bumper, it's grinning at you saying "I can't believe someone paid money for this car"
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Feb 09, 2012
Imagine being hit by that front fascia, I will slice you in half
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
That is one horrendous car. I think it may even be the ugliest concept car I've ever seen. Probably still would of sold well though
Brahim Gudah Feb 09, 2012
It's awesome and scary and doesn't seem to be all that practical... Tis a win
Jason Brooks Feb 09, 2012
Well, I mean, it's different...
Description: Although the senior Foose was unable to buy the original from Bertone, his love for the clearly didn't stop him from having it. So back in 1972, this replica was built on a De Tomaso Pantera plat...
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Description: And for $55,000, this one-of-a-kind one-off replica can be all yours. The buyer is in West Palm Beach, Florida, so if anybody is in the area, this is something highly worth checking out.
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Nick Benz Feb 09, 2012
I think they meant the seller. Brain shart.
Tyler Bono Feb 09, 2012
Well if they already know where the buyer is what is the point of looking?
Hank Austin Feb 10, 2012
Lol, it looks more like a boat than a car
Andrew Wright Feb 09, 2012
I think it was inspired by an axe
Dale Schroeder Feb 09, 2012
Kinda hard to believe there's a Pantera hiding under there.
Cody Miess Feb 09, 2012
Looks like fire should come out the back
Shane Heid Feb 09, 2012
Likewise brad, hate when people just look at the pictures what are you like four years old?
Sebastian Grey Feb 09, 2012
Thanks Brad, saved me from yelling at the idiots as well.
Brad Hickey Feb 09, 2012
Read the freaking article idiot. It clearly states that it was a concept before the countach and likely provided some inspiration for it.
Clark Thompson Feb 09, 2012
Lamborghini Countach much?
Tyler Bono Feb 09, 2012
No foose had anything to do with the initial design of this car.
Duke Man Feb 10, 2012
Quick robin! TO THE CATFISH CAR!
Duke Man Feb 10, 2012
Just put some big googley eyes on the trunk lid then it would look like a big whale mouth. NOM NOM NOM!!
Bob Thebuilder Feb 09, 2012
Smallest engine in the biggest engine bay