Comments - 2012 Ram Laramie Limited Personifies Luxury and Power

Published: Feb 09, 2012
Description: Chicago was once the place to debut special trucks. In fact for years it was known as 'the truck show' with the leading automakers showcasing their SUV and pick-ups in the Windy City. Ram ha...
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Landon Combass Feb 11, 2012
We have a 2011 Dodge Ram Laramie 1500 and it's really fast and loud.
Mike Aguilar Feb 11, 2012
"designed in Detroit" yet engine built in Mexico and the rest of the truck built in Canada... Way to provide jobs for American people. But I guess ford and gm do the same thing, with the exception of a couple specialty vehicles. Nice truck though.
Devin Babyn Feb 11, 2012
Yes cause someone who buys a truck for towing is going to get the v6
Dustin Miller Feb 11, 2012
@Tin 19k+ pounds of towing is with the Hemi, not the Cummins. Let's see Ford do that with their EcoBoost. lol
Jack Howard Feb 09, 2012
But still impressive
Jack Howard Feb 09, 2012
A lot of it is gearing.
Colin Dzendolet Feb 09, 2012
I don't see why the hemi couldn't do that with the right gearing and rear end
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 09, 2012
@Tin why would the towing capacity of the 3500hd be less than the Hemi? Really think about what you just said.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 09, 2012
Those ratings make sense for a 4x2 configured cab pulling a fifth wheel. I have never seen a Hemi's tow rating that high before. Doesn't really matter since those trucks will be used for taking the WalMart parking lot crown.
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
2011 Dodge Ram 3500 when equipped with a Cummins and automatic transmission can tow up to 22,750lbs according to
Tin Nguyen Feb 09, 2012
Up to 19000 = max for the 3500 hd. A 2012 ford f350 super duty can tow up to 21600.
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
Holy crap that's a lot of towing capacity from a Hemi. Suck it Ford.
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 11, 2012
Looks like it does because the black one has the same light on it too
Riley Gonzales Feb 09, 2012
is it just me or on the white one over there, does it look like it finally got active lighting? it looks like theres a little round light inside.
Description: 1500 models wear 20-inch chrome clad alloys, while the HD variants are fitted with 17-inch polished alloys. Chrome accents feature throughout the exterior while traditional bodyside emblems have been ...
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Dustin Miller Feb 11, 2012
That's a damn good looking truck.
Nathan Witt Feb 10, 2012
I am failing to see anything different or interesting about this truck. Cool... another truck.
Clint Edwards Feb 09, 2012
@Terry if you use a truck it's going to get scratched up anyway
Terry Loux Feb 09, 2012
I could see the sides getting scratched up using the Ram boxes
balls deep Feb 10, 2012
All this truck needs now is some auto zone special stick on side vents and it would be completely ghetto fabulous!
Falah Jahmi Feb 09, 2012
It's for my gun, fishing pole, tackle box. That's it! Genius idea. (custom tackle box by the way)
Boyd Boudreaux Feb 09, 2012
It's a option, don't get, canopy up!
Tyson Broadbent Feb 09, 2012
Haha, but I need one, I am saying I think they are awesome though.
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 09, 2012
Then don't put a canopy in it. It's really that simple.
Tyson Broadbent Feb 09, 2012
Ram box is neat, but useless to me with my canopy.
Patrick Schalk Feb 10, 2012
No? You don't put your valuables in the bed for someone to take. You lock them up in the Ram box. I don't understand how you don't understand that concept.
Luis Lujan Feb 10, 2012
Whats the point of the bed, then? Just put a trunk back there if thats the case.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 09, 2012
I think it's possible. I mean look ford partnered with Toyota...TOYOTA one of their biggest competitors for the fusion and Taurus models
Donald Pittman Feb 09, 2012
Ha ha, who needs a man step.
Riley Gonzales Feb 09, 2012
don't even mention ram ford and teamed up in the same sentence
Zachary Maurer Feb 09, 2012
If ford/ dodge team up (ya right) and add a ram box and tailgate step, Chevy would be screwd
Nick Rios Feb 09, 2012
Nick u mean murdered.. I love the new rams
Patrick Schalk Feb 09, 2012
I'd just put a bunch of guns in it
Tyson Broadbent Feb 09, 2012
It is a great idea, but there are drawbacks.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 09, 2012
I swear the RamBox is the best thing since sliced bread.
Nick88gm Feb 09, 2012
I can c this looking real good blacked out completely
Cam Murphy Feb 11, 2012
Gotta love the difference between this and my dads 87 dodge. He's got an 87 dodge power ram, pulled an 18 wheeler put of a 4 foot snow bank with out breaking a sweat. Keep it up dodge!
Clint Edwards Feb 11, 2012
I like the 7.3's pretty good. Only problem I have with em is they're pretty thirsty
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 11, 2012 the shop so much.
Payne Hodges Wilson Feb 11, 2012
Everyone always says that every ram breaks down should have bought a ford. And I've never found that to be the case. My 03 hemi has 99k miles on it and never had a problem with it what so ever. But my uncles f-150 it's never on the road it's...
Devin Babyn Feb 11, 2012
Clint gotta love them 6 liters. One of the worst engines ever made, should of stuck with the 7.3
Patrick Schalk Feb 11, 2012
I drove the piss out of my 07 Ram Sport and never had a problem. I loved that truck
Clint Edwards Feb 10, 2012
Funny, my 03 is still running like a champ. I've personally witnessed a 6.0 shoot a rod out of the block and a Duramax blow the tips of the injectors off. But go ahead, mr. expert mechanic. Tell me how mine will catastrophically fail
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 10, 2012
More fake American plastic leather
Jason W. Evers Feb 10, 2012
Hmm... None of my many Dodges broke after 4 years...
Luis Lujan Feb 10, 2012
Still 1 or even 2 steps behind Ford. And itll still be broken in four years, like all dodges.
Matthew Paul Feb 09, 2012
Slight exaggeration, but really, what does this have over a base one? More fake plastic chrome? I was looking at one earlier and it was decent but I honestly thought gm did a better job.
Boyd Boudreaux Feb 09, 2012
I liked the old white faced gauges they use to have, but love the new interior
Jack Howard Feb 09, 2012
No yours dads 2003 duramax does jot have a nicer interior
Matthew Paul Feb 09, 2012
Hell my dads 03 gmc duramax is nicer, just doesnt have a touchscreen
Nick Benz Feb 09, 2012
@john where the heck do you see column shifters.
Ben Mossing Feb 09, 2012
I got a larimie longhorn, which is wayyyyy nicer than this.
KyleM Feb 09, 2012
floor shifters all the way!
John Park Feb 09, 2012
Column shifters all the way!
Jimmy Williams Feb 09, 2012
They still make it with a bench, makes the dash look pretty dated though.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 09, 2012
I miss the bench seat! Good sex in that bench seat!
Zachary Maurer Feb 10, 2012
No you guys, center hub has chrome
Tom Mcleod Feb 10, 2012
Wheels aren't flashy enough for this model. Need to be chrome or blacked out.. Something edgy.. This looks to "base model" like with the brushed aluminum look.
Falah Jahmi Feb 09, 2012
Limited wheels? Way to go cheap, that's my only knock on this truck.