Description: In Slim Thug's homage to the "Wood Grain Wheel," the rapper waxed poetically on the benefits and luxury of ascertaining the aforementioned item (along with elaborating on his 'cand...
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Blaise Stevensen Feb 10, 2012
@Jason, they also introduced the 8-speed transmission and critics laughed. Now look at the luxury car market.
Jason Brown Feb 09, 2012
Just watch how many auto companies will jump on board and go with the "green" or "blue" thyme and copy bamboo interiors. When Lexus, NOT Audi first introduced LEDs on head lamps people thought it was stupid. Now LEDs are ubiquitous in auto industries
Blaise Stevensen Feb 09, 2012
I'd rather have maple any day. Better yet, a metalloid.
Ami Jing Li Feb 08, 2012
I think it's classy maybe it's because I'm azn lol
Nick Smith Feb 08, 2012
Ha, before I even read the first page my first thought was that this takes "grippin' wood grain" to a whole new level.
Brad Wood Feb 08, 2012
Not at all. Very sustainable, fast growing (an thus to replace) natural material. I think it's cool.
Carter Sullivan Feb 08, 2012
Having a steering wheel made out of bamboo in a hybrid Lexus isn't a little ostentatious?
Description: The 'painstakingly bowed' and hand-sanded bamboo steering wheel truly epitomizes the Japanese automaker's latest hybrid.
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Zain Sheikh Feb 09, 2012
Wow they are actually starting to catch up with the big three Germans in luxury
Cian Rules Feb 08, 2012
No we know why lexus is so boring
Description: They say the bamboo was the most comfortable material tested and that, with its strength, stability and rapid rate of growth, it was the most appropriate material for use in the hybrid. Yoichiro Kitam...
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Jordan Smith Feb 08, 2012
"Ugh, I dropped it again"