Comments - Note to Self: Hummer’s Don’t Work Well on Ice

Published: Feb 08, 2012
Description: Thanks to CarBuzz tipster 'Mark', we've just been sent these pictures of two Hummers whose drivers thought they could somehow drive on ice. You know this is just going to end badly. Now...
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indianasampson Dec 26, 2013
If Hummers were that fuel efficient, they would have been so much more successful.
Michael Davidson Apr 23, 2012
The H2 has a 6.0 v8. There is no way it could even get 20 on the highway.
Jorge Carreon Rodriguez Feb 08, 2012
@Brad Hickey you or your frown is so full of it. A H3 would never get that much mileage so a H2 getting that much is bullshit.
Brad Hickey Feb 08, 2012
Friends h2 gets 26mpg. They really aren't that bad.
Chris Penza Feb 08, 2012
The environment has been saved a little more
Dillon Magee Feb 08, 2012
How dumb can u get! Driving a massive vehicle on ice...
Nathan Geiter Feb 08, 2012
Shoulda had a Jeep recover that H2
Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
Never liked the H2 or H3, the AM General Hummer is the only one ever deserving of the 'Hummer' namesake
Jordan Yu Feb 08, 2012
Thank god hammer is out of bussness
Michael Gallagher Feb 08, 2012
Thank god it isn't a H1. The only real hummer
Description: What inspired these two Ice Capade wannabes to venture off on to the slippery ice in the first place is a question we've been unable to answer. Stupidity doesn't always have answers, logical...
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Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
@Dan agreed they got bad luck, but it doesn't say the ice thickness, it could have been very early in the season! And -19 really isn't much I've seen -60 in Edmonton
Sebastian Pabon Feb 08, 2012
-19 not bad iv seen colder :D
Nick88gm Feb 08, 2012
u would think that would b cold enough to have some pretty thick ice.enough to hold a truck
Raymond Reynoso Feb 08, 2012
I'm sure temperatures can always get colder, doesn't mean it's warm though
Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
That's not bad, it's -26degrees celcius right now where I live and it was -42 last week
Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
"Hold our beers and watch this..."
Tyler Richey Feb 09, 2012
Oh gotta love people's obliviousness. I remember when my sister said she wanted an Infiniti instead of her Nissan Sentra because Nissans are "sucky". Learn all the brands under the umbrella corporations peeps.
Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
Alexander your kidding right? Hummers are 100% Chevy. If you didn't know you Just gotta look at the weight to know its Chevy.
Tyler Chess Feb 08, 2012
@alex it is a Chevy lmao
Alexander Gomez Feb 08, 2012
Should've had a Chevy.
Max Müller Feb 08, 2012
I only feel sorry for the animals in the lake, cause of the gas and oil...IDIOTS!
Clint Edwards Feb 08, 2012
And here we see the Hummers surfacing. An elusive and shy beast, they rarely leave the safety of the pavement.
Patrick Schalk Feb 08, 2012
Dummy was smart enough to open his tailgate too. I wish I could've seen this go down (no pun intended)
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 08, 2012
cant u c it as being one of those molments where the first guy falls through and the second guys like "wait there, ill come get ya!"...........lmao
Andrew Wright Feb 08, 2012
This just makes me smile
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 08, 2012
I think the cars just wanted to go snorkling. Lol
JGL Scuderia Feb 08, 2012
no wonder they fall through they weigh 6 tons together
Rk Ranas Feb 09, 2012
Suzuki grand vitara can do a better job!
Sean Yi Feb 08, 2012
I can't believe they actually used the shovel and piece of wood. Lol
David Rosenberg Feb 08, 2012
What did he think was gonna happen when you take a 1M pound hummer on the ice. ;)
Patrick Schalk Feb 08, 2012
The Range Rover is at the mall.
Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
A real Hummer would've snorkeled right through that, too bad your douchewagon just sinks
h6ryc Feb 08, 2012
he should of brought a Range Rover lol!
Kevin Rehbock Feb 08, 2012
What CarBuzz won't tell you is that the cold water shrunk it down to a H3.
Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
If you look it happened like 10 feet from shore, they wernt floating, they actually where on the bottom
John Mullen Feb 08, 2012
These guys are a new level of stupid…
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Feb 08, 2012
It's probably sitting on the lake bed haha
Axel Cousins Feb 08, 2012
How does the over weigh hummer stay a float on top of the water? The dude is lucking it didn't sink that fast or at all.
Nick Benz Feb 09, 2012
Isnt this that new movie with drew barrymore? Where the whole town gets together to save the whale and cuts the ice for it.
Cian Rules Feb 08, 2012
Its a shame it didnt hsppen in the middle of the lake
Dan Rather Feb 08, 2012
That's because the crane is on the shore
Ben Mossing Feb 08, 2012
So hummers break through but a crane+ the hummer that it's holding onto does not break through. I'm confused
Knox Ferraro Feb 08, 2012
This would have DEFINITELY gone down as a stolen car insurance claim.
Brennon Aucoin Feb 08, 2012
Should've got a jeep
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Feb 08, 2012
No he was dragged to shore, as the huge trail of broken ice behind can show lol
Hank Austin Feb 08, 2012
I feel like I've seen this sorta picture too many times