Comments - Nissan 370Z Facelift Unveiled at Chicago

Published: Feb 08, 2012
Description: Although Nissan wasn't confirming anything a few days ago, we suspected they'd be unveiling the facelifted 370Z at the 2012 Chicago Auto Show. And we predicted correctly. For 2013, Nissan ha...
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Danny Scott Feb 10, 2012
If it has a better interior than the 350, which it does. And if it looks very similar, which it does now... And has a better engine... Then WTF is all the qq for?
Terry Loux Feb 08, 2012
Don't waste your money on this one
Victor Takhanov Feb 08, 2012
The 350z is beautiful but it shouldn't mix with the 370z
Victor Takhanov Feb 08, 2012
I used to dislike the fangs but now I miss them. Cuz now Nissan just took a step back and it doesn't look unique
Danny Scott Feb 08, 2012
Front looks a lot better
Michael Riley Feb 08, 2012
took a step backwards eh?
Sebastian Grey Feb 08, 2012
I liked the 'fangs' but this reminds me more of the 350Z which remains my favourite Z.
Alex Leu Feb 08, 2012
To me the Z has always been a great car; just a bit pricey though
Michele Moro Feb 08, 2012
Like it so much! i ever prefeered 350 on 370, now this is perfect
Alex Preston Feb 08, 2012
I agree with people , the front looks too much like a 350 now, bring back the old 370 bumper!
Joe Johnston Feb 08, 2012
Uhhmm. So you basically made it a 350z with 370z headlights? Bad move Nissan looks boring now
Adelaide Marconi Feb 08, 2012
Ugh, what is with the useless side LEDs these days
Vince DeMasi Feb 08, 2012
Yeah this does look just like the 350
Aaron Jacob Lancaster Feb 08, 2012
Looks like a 350 bumper, not cool
Paul Gladman Feb 08, 2012
im glad they got rid of the fangs but it looks exactly like a 350z now. besides the led lights only Z fans/owners can tell the difference. but i'll take this over the fangs for sure!
Buddy Robinson Feb 08, 2012
On the contrary I saw those 'fangs' as gaudy but this is actually quite nice looking
P_R_N_D Feb 08, 2012
this front fascia is boring.... they toned it down way too much. I liked the fangs, or whatever its called; now it has no character. You don't tone down the Z! Its not a Sentra!
Description: Exterior updates include a refreshed front fascia with vertical LED daytime running lights, a red reflector added to the rear fascia, revised 19-inch aluminum alloys for the Sport Package, and newly r...
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Sebastian Grey Feb 08, 2012
Subs make my insides happy.
Tom McNaney Feb 08, 2012
Subs as a selling feature? Oh brother.
Teddy MacDonell Feb 08, 2012
having 2 subs standard would be nice
Description: It can be mated to either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed automatic slushbox. The NISMO Z, however, produces 350hp and 276lb-ft of torque thanks to an exclusive H-configured exhaust system design,...
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Tom McNaney Feb 08, 2012
Glad they're still holding onto the 6 speed manual. The euro cars have been all going DSG. I like shifting. Ill never buy an automatic I couldn't swap out easily anyways.
Ami Jing Li Apr 28, 2012
Im gonna miss the fangs ....
Mike Bentley Feb 08, 2012
Finally lost that nurse shark front end.
Tj Sapko Feb 08, 2012
Looks more like the 350 now the old 370 didn't look as good as the 350 this is def an upgrade
Josh Joyce Feb 08, 2012
The front fascia is a snooze. It's not bad, just no flare to it like the '09-'12 models. The LEDs are lame. They weren't integrated very well. Directional rims always look like they came from Walmart. I'm glad I don't have to trade in my '09 already.
Paul Lissona Feb 08, 2012
I agree about the wheels, they don't have a nice spoke design etc.
Patrick Schalk Feb 08, 2012
WTF? They went backwards. Looks like a 350 again. I still think it looks good, but tisk tisk Nissan.
Vito Portanova Feb 08, 2012
They still make this car?
Tom McNaney Feb 08, 2012
Still a 350 fan myself.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 08, 2012
They got rid of the fangs :( well to the used car market for me...
Matt Moeller Feb 08, 2012
I loved the fangs, it made it look wicked tough. Oh well still a sweet car. Someday they will give it twin turbos again :-)
Domi Bsaibes Feb 08, 2012
The rims are fantastic!
Byakka Hirakawa Feb 08, 2012
Love it But one lil thing, just wish they had kept that lip peice that came up in the grill
Paul Gladman Feb 08, 2012
also like the wheels and red brakes
Brady Fereday Feb 08, 2012
Forget a light weight version I want to see a turbo version -_-
JGL Scuderia Feb 08, 2012
looks really nice. but dont see much change. is there going to come any lightweight version soon?
Darren Nardo Feb 08, 2012
These are great cars just overshadowed by the GTR. Rightfully so!
Nick Sti Feb 08, 2012
@Joel, do you watch Mighty car mods?
Joel Hope Feb 08, 2012
Red brake calipers +100kw
Nick Sti Feb 08, 2012
Yeah the wheels are so wrong
David Tyler Feb 08, 2012
i think they want to make it as close to a porche without going into detail
Zain Aadam Christison Feb 08, 2012
That looks real nice
Sebastian Grey Feb 08, 2012
The 350Z didn't have great visibility because of that big bar thing that ran across the hatch. I never could figure out what that was.
Nick Espinoza Feb 08, 2012
Well dogs don't have very good vision but thanks for the input
Bull Dogone Feb 08, 2012
Looking like an Eclipse and a Genesis out back. My recollection driving a 350Z was it has terrible rear visibility. Many better choices in the marketplace.
Pete Parker Feb 11, 2012
When are carmakers gonna put the right sized wheels on the rear of cars like this? That thing should have some absolutely crazy wide rear wheels and tires straight off the showroom floor.
Sebastian Grey Feb 08, 2012
My favourite part is the license plate matched to the body colour. Haha
David Tyler Feb 08, 2012
this is my favorite place
Connor Wagner Feb 10, 2012
Who ever buys this in an automatic is a pussy
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2012
I agree I normally don't like orange lighting but this is nice
Shaylen Kumar Patel Feb 08, 2012
It would look better if it were blue or even white.
Matt Moeller Feb 08, 2012
I thought Nissan/Infiniti bagged the horrible orange backlighting? Anything but orange or calculator green like the camaro.... Please consider a change nissan like you did on the G and FX lines.
Leigh Martin Feb 08, 2012
And they still kept the shity digital fuel meter.
Avery Williams Feb 08, 2012
Wish they made the lights on the buttons red.
Zachary Maurer Feb 08, 2012
Idk if it's the gaudy orange lights, but it looks a little cludderd to me
Tanton Stoneman Feb 08, 2012
Looks like GTR gauges to me
Bob Jones Feb 08, 2012
Some Z31s (1983-1990 300zx's) had really cool digital dashes, they should make something like that for the next Z
Paul Lissona Feb 08, 2012
Remember some 90's GMs with the all the way digital dashboards, instrument clusters? Or older Preludes?
Vince DeMasi Feb 08, 2012
I was thinking the same thing
P_R_N_D Feb 08, 2012
looks very 90s-ish....