Description: Kia has been teasing their Track'ster Concept all week long and they have finally released the first photos of their prototype crossover. The concept, designed at the South Korean automaker'...
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Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
I take that back, why would you call it a crossover? It's basically a Kia wrx!
Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
Damn it I was hoping for a hot hatch
Description: The Track'ster's rear-end matches the front's grille and sports a pair of vents on the sides. The lights, previously seen on the teaser photos, remain true to its previous pictures and ...
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Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
Again not a crossover
Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
Wait 2 seater crossover? What is the point?
Leo Castillo Mar 24, 2012
Kia soul that decided to be a man
Brad Wood Feb 11, 2012
KBB just named KIA the lowest cost of ownership of all brands, with Audi a close second. Yeah, must have crappy resale value and bad quality. LOL. People, don't say you don't like broccoli of you've never eaten broccoli.
Mike Aguilar Feb 10, 2012
It's funny you say that Michael, it just goes to show how uneducated people can be. I work in the car business, and have for a very long time. Kia, believe it or not, now has one of the highest resale values in the non luxury segment. Actually higher than Toyota, Honda, and Subaru. They have made there way up to the highest rated Asian non luxury import two years in a row. If you want to talk abou...
Lee Cascio Feb 09, 2012
It's a shame it won't look anywhere near as cool as this when it hits production.
Cho Dan Feb 09, 2012
Michael, what you are saying about Kia now is what people said about Toyota in the 70's.
Michael Gallagher Feb 09, 2012
@dillion, you see them everywhere because they are cheap and don't hold any resale value. Not everyone has the money to buy a now car, so they look to Kia and Hyundai.
Rashid AlGhafli Feb 09, 2012
Looks like a hot rod ! Sweet !
Tanner Perkins Feb 09, 2012
KIA has really pulled itself together in the past few years and hopefully this car will be able to see a production line
Hank Austin Feb 09, 2012
Yeah it looks really aggressive but do you honestly think anyone is gonna be scared of a jacked up soul with exteremely flared wheel arches?
Darren Nardo Feb 08, 2012
I think this would be a hit, I hope the 250 horse stays!
James Patrick Delaney Feb 08, 2012
I think this was a great idea by Kia, it looks fun and would still be good for the city.
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
Why wouldn't Kia get in this category? They are redefining their company to appeal to the younger audience. The soul was a major success bc I see them everywhere! This could easily do just as well.
Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
IDK why already crappy companies waste tune and money trying to make Ford fiesta equivalent cars fast. And wonder why nobody buys them? Maybe its Cuz if we want to buy a fast car, we buy a mustang, not a mini Cooper on steroids
Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
Is any one else seeing a wana be mini here?!
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2012
Not feelin it, but I don't like any hyundai/Kia products so yea, theirs something about their styling I hate and cough quality cough cough is horrible too
Zaire Wilkins Feb 08, 2012
k now add this in forza 4 just like they threw in the veloster which i swapped out for a V6
Michael Gallagher Feb 08, 2012
Look at that mini cooper! Wait.. My bad. Anyway, it actaully looks half decent. So half a kudo
Zachary Maurer Feb 08, 2012
And I'm sooo happy that their are no haters like dexter on this page, only a minor complaint from Adam, u have to have one I guess...
Arthur Flowers Feb 08, 2012
For it having a small wheel base and a 75.5" width along with AWD, I would imagine it handles well on a track.
Mario Callirgos Feb 08, 2012
This is within 3 k of the fr-s price range and Has 50 more hp, how doesnt this car compete.
Adam Page Feb 08, 2012
Rather buy a Vw Gti or a Fiat 500 Abarth...
Adam Page Feb 08, 2012
Looks good, hopefully it drives well unlike other kias. Their transmissions are crap and it ruins the car...
Austin Bride Feb 08, 2012
Id still have a veloster
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Feb 08, 2012
Woahh ! I'm proud of Kia
Riley McKelvie Feb 08, 2012
Wish it was a 4 seater! Other then that awesome job Kia!
Arthur Flowers Feb 08, 2012
It's 250 hp with a 6-speed short throw manual that is awd. 19 wheels with 6-piston brakes on 14" rotors in front and 4-piston 13.6" rotors in rear.
Mario Callirgos Feb 08, 2012
To bad it will have to compete with the fr-s
Puneet Dass Feb 08, 2012
Just get rid of the massive fog lights
Trent Griffin Feb 08, 2012
So is this the Kia version of the Veloster platform? FREAKIN' HOT!
Josh Hwang Feb 08, 2012
remind me of faces of Darth Vader's boys
Nick Sti Feb 08, 2012
I wouldn't buy it but it looks menacing
JGL Scuderia Feb 08, 2012
looks nice. has it any lap times on tracks
Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
What do you get if you cross a soul with a juke? In all seriousness it's pretty cool
Christopher McSween Feb 08, 2012
Love everything about this car. Awesome job KIA.
Brad Wood Feb 08, 2012
Looks awesome. Plus, it probably won't be more than $22k. Can't wait to see it
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
It's based off the soul And I think it looks great.
Avery Williams Feb 08, 2012
Love the whole look to it. Shows aggressiveness!
Alex Preston Feb 08, 2012
I think it's looks pretty darn awesome! I bet it must be surprisingly fun to drive
Hank Austin Feb 08, 2012
Brake lights remind me of the VW up!
Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
Yeah, you wouldn't call a wrx a crossover
Christo Savaides Feb 08, 2012
I think calling it a crossover is a bit of a stretch. It's more like a hatchback. Although I don't see a rear hatch or any way to access the trunk space for that matter.
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
I would totally want one of these if it was RWD. It would be a blast.
Jake Knickmeyer Feb 08, 2012
Is this rwd or maybe rear biased awd? Those are some fat back tires for a little hatch.
Trent Griffin Feb 08, 2012
I held off from getting a Veloster to see if I wanted the Veloster turbo... But this think makes me have more
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
Those tires are pretty wide for a car like this. The whole car looks great. I give props to Kia.
Mike Aguilar Feb 10, 2012
Do you really think a company would be in business if they put a monster warranty on a vehicle if it broke down all the time? Some of you people are funny. Get your facts straight. Have you looked up reliability ratings on vehicles lately? Kia and Hyundai outranked every other Asian import on the market, oh and all the American companies too. It's merely a manufacturer letting you know they have c...
Cody Jacques Feb 09, 2012
agree, interior like this is overkill. and fairly tackey
Hank Austin Feb 09, 2012
I hate all these funky Asian interiors like you see in this and the juke... They're so ugly
Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
Guys, its a mental game, they tell you its reliable, so you don't notice that your actually fixing it more than American cars. But kia and hyndai are total jokes. If your gona buy Asian, buy Subaru or Mitsubishi, they're proven to last
Matt Piccolo Feb 08, 2012
Kinda cool, nothin special though
Zachary Maurer Feb 08, 2012
@ Arthur, ya, bro, Kia has the best warranty, and it's Asian, so you know it lasts :)
Zachary Maurer Feb 08, 2012
Never mind, you get the jackass Caleb to ruin the good comments
Arthur Flowers Feb 08, 2012
Well with a warranty of 10yrs/100000 miles, it would behoove a company to build a product to not break down. Just saying. Hyundai/Kia quality now ranks top in the nation.
Max Waite Feb 08, 2012
FORD fan, please proof-read, add punctuation, and learn English.
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
Looking at this, I would never have thought it was a Kia at first glance.
Sam Oglesby Feb 08, 2012
Tools yep you'll be needing those
Richie Wilcock Feb 08, 2012
I think that little storage area behind the driver's seat perfectly describes who will buy this thing.
Matthew Paul Feb 08, 2012
This seats look sexy
Jon Ashley Feb 08, 2012
the interior has a bit of VW bug vibe
JGL Scuderia Feb 16, 2012
kind of look like it got a huge mouth?!?!
JGL Scuderia Feb 16, 2012
no i think the big fog lights relly fit well to this car.