Description: The 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra and SVT F-150 Lightning debuted in Chicago twenty years ago and with it the Special Vehicle Team aka SVT was introduced to the world. Now Ford is marking the high performanc...
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Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
Considering I've seen almost every episode and have been watching a couple a day since I got some chicks Netflix. I'd say I've watched enough top gear
Devin Babyn Feb 10, 2012
I've never heard someone on top gear say launch control sucks. They just don't like it cause it's for lazy people who can't drive, that want to show off
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
I'd say it's wrong if it's there own fault that they are obese. If it just runs in the family there's not much they can do about it. It would be expensive to actually investigate every case though
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
You do understand that being overweight runs in genes and it can be extremely hard to try and not gain weight?
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
I pity you for that. Oh I forgot you called me a liberal way down there; yet another one of you're incorrect assumptions, I'm a conservative
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
Lmao and you get mad at me for making an assumption. You don't have American values you're all for the rich staying rich and not helping the mass majority of people in you're country. Please explain how that's American values? You're a Bush child and
Nick Benz Feb 09, 2012
Buying a ZL1 to race fords: $55,000. Downloading CarBuzz: $0. Arguing over drugs and political affiliation and ending up looking like complete dumbshits: Priceless.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 08, 2012
Brad you beat me to it... I was going to say the same thing...
Brad Hickey Feb 08, 2012
I like where this is going. *grabs popcorn*
Devin Babyn Feb 08, 2012
I already knew what you meant dumbass, I was just being a dick cause I don't like you
Devin Babyn Feb 08, 2012
So you're saying that the drug company you work for makes one drug? Huh does not sound very profitable. Oh wait am I making assumptions again....
Devin Babyn Feb 08, 2012
Or better yet OD on you're new drug that has more side effects then benefits
Devin Babyn Feb 08, 2012
It's not an assumption when the literal meaning of what you said is what i said and interpreted it as. So why don't you go make love to you're blow up George Bush and let the decent people talk about cars
Devin Babyn Feb 08, 2012
"either way Ford wins" that means it will beat the ZR1 or ZL1. You weren't just talking about one. Stop trying to cover you're ass with bullshit and write a decent comment for once where you don't have to make shit up to cover you're ass
Patrick Schalk Feb 08, 2012
Against the ZR1? In what way FORDfan?
John Serely Feb 08, 2012
@dill on yea I thought he meant the zl1 but I was not sure lol
Rudy Dsm Marshall Feb 08, 2012
Ford will win against the zl1 so it doesn't matter
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
I think he meant the ZL1. Which is going to be similarly priced with this. Gt500 and ZL1 are gonna e direct competitors.
John Serely Feb 08, 2012
@bull the zr1 may be more fun, but it is almost double the price of this. You are comparing apples to oranges lol
Bull Dogone Feb 08, 2012
Notice the lack of an MSRP in the entire story. Second mortgage time to buy this one. ZR1 would be more fun.
Description: The most powerful production V8 in the world is good for 650hp and 600lb-ft of torque and delivers a top speed of over 200mph. To put that in perspective, the 1993 SVT Mustang Cobra's 5.0-liter V...
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Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
Also don't forget that the C4 Bette then only had like 250hp then too, and the Z06 had 385 when it came around in the C5, HP numbers took a huge drop in the 80s and just started coming back up in the late 90s
Vince DeMasi Feb 08, 2012
My 94 trans am has more hp and idk if I would consider a convertible when the car has 650hp! I don't care how much they fix up the chassis I would still worry about twisting cause of the torque and power
Josh ?hompson Feb 08, 2012
It meant the '93 model, and even then I have no idea. My tahoe has more hp
Paul Lissona Feb 08, 2012
Why only 235hp for an svt?
Connor Kew Nov 12, 2012
awesome stang, way better than camaro
Amanda Cunningham Feb 26, 2012
i'd rather have a charger srt8 but nice car though
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
Humza if you're saying that to Jason then you look like an absolute idiot. What he said is true. Look it up
Jason W. Evers Feb 09, 2012
Size makes it a pony car, not horsepower.
Nour Ahmad Feb 09, 2012
"IF" the Camaro was lighter it would've been the better car between It and the Mustang
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 08, 2012
Looks amazing, but the hardtop is better.
Riley McKelvie Feb 08, 2012
And they took they're name from the mustang.
Riley McKelvie Feb 08, 2012
Because muscle cars and pony cars were two separate things. The muscle cars were the bigger cars like the charger, or gto. Pony cars were smaller cars like the mustang, challenger, camaro and firebird
Sebastian Grey Feb 08, 2012
I've never understood the term "pony car." Why would you name muscle cars after small, weaker horses. It's just utter bollocks.
Patrick Schalk Feb 08, 2012
Those black plastic pieces in the grille are throwing me off. Other than those things, I like it. I like the other wheels though.
Josh Negron Feb 08, 2012
The top shelf versions of pony cars these days count as muscle, get with the times.
Leo Ugine Feb 08, 2012
Best car ever will drive this over any other pony cars out there
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
650 horsepower is muscle car territory. I LOVE this car, but I think I'll take the hardtop. ZL1, you've got company!!
Jason W. Evers Feb 08, 2012
Its not a muscle car, its a pony car.
Axel Cousins Feb 08, 2012
Yeah. The mustang is a beautiful muscle car.
Avery Williams Feb 08, 2012
That front is beautiful! Looks real good as a convertible.
Description: The result is that the new convertible shaved almost 3.5 seconds off its Sebring International Raceway lap time compared to the 2011 and 2012 models. Upon the leaving the track, 'sport' mod...
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Description: However, Ford's engineers displayed uncharacteristic prudence by limiting the GT500 convertible to 155mph in line with the other roofless Mustangs to stop the old boys that buy this car from wrap...
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Mario Callirgos Feb 10, 2012
202 top speed as reported by c/d tested by ford
Mario Callirgos Feb 10, 2012
The new gt500 can do a 3.7 to 60 and gou
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
I don't think it'll beat it on a track (the suspension won't be able to handle the speeds) but I'd still take it over any camaro
Mario Callirgos Feb 09, 2012
They also beat chevy in hp tq and acceleration, all the things muscle cars are about
Brad Hickey Feb 08, 2012
No, the reason they did 200 was so they could have one thing against the zl1. One thing.
Teddy MacDonell Feb 08, 2012
cars should be limited to 10-20mph below the speed they can reliably sustain for an extended period of time, imo that way there are no mechanical debacles
Teddy MacDonell Feb 08, 2012
most cars have limiters so there are no mechanical failures. remember the mustang who's driveshaft broke after the owner took off the limiter?
Mario Callirgos Feb 08, 2012
I don't get that logic should the ferrari California be limited to 155 because of retarded people?
Danny Scott Feb 08, 2012
It's not the car that's not safe.. It's the retarded drivers.. So yes.. 155 sounds good.
Mario Callirgos Feb 08, 2012
Headed, cars that only do 75. It's idiotic to build a car the best you can and then cap its abilities. For that built something worse.. Like a challenger. Lol
Mario Callirgos Feb 08, 2012
Ya all great points guys My point is that limiting a sports car in any way for the sake of limiting is stupid! If this mustang can safely do 175 180 then why not. If this thinking of where can you go faster then 155 gains ground then that where we
Justin Routh Feb 08, 2012
Mario, Because rules are meant to be broken
Jason Brower Feb 08, 2012
@Mario. No. Just no. Don't you dare limit cars to 75. Not that it's hard to remove most limiters, but that utilitarian mentality towards cars is the reason why the best cars ever have already been built. Progress is at a standstill, thanks to that.
Mario Callirgos Feb 08, 2012
When can you go 155? Where I live the highest speed limit is 75, why not limit it there
Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
its mainly a German thing, but 155 is one of those magic numbers for some reason, it was a big deal when motor trend or road & track took a Mazdaspeed3 over 155 on the Autobahn a few years ago
David Bradley Feb 08, 2012
I agree Joe. It's awesome Ford produced a 200 mph car but realistically, when and where can you go that fast (besides a track) and if you do, it probably won't end up good
Connor Kew Nov 12, 2012
so much detail in the rear
Josh Andrews Feb 08, 2012
Those taillights are amazing
Bob Turefannt Feb 08, 2012
The problem with this convertible is that it originally wasn't supposed to be one. I think the only great convertibles are ones that were designed to be convertibles and nothing else.
Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
those new taillights are wicked
Dillon Dixon Feb 08, 2012
The whole car is sexy, the taillights just add that much more.
Stephen Cobbs Feb 08, 2012
I am in love with those tailights.
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Feb 08, 2012
Tail lights are different. I like them.
Vince DeMasi Feb 08, 2012
I'm not a ford fan but this is nice I love the way all muscle cars look even the mopars
David Tyler Feb 08, 2012
if it had the top on it wiuld be a beast btw my favorite part is the rear end
Zain Aadam Christison Feb 08, 2012
It's ugly like all fords
JGL Scuderia Feb 08, 2012
looks nice but i would rather have the coupe
Ryan Todd Feb 08, 2012
if it works why change it?
Colin Dzendolet Feb 08, 2012
emptying the parts bin, that's the window button they've been using for at least 15 years
Brian Connelly Feb 08, 2012
Have that exact same seat button on my mothers 05 escape. Gotta love ford!
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
Ummm are you high? There both German
Devin Babyn Feb 09, 2012
Nothing wrong with a Jetta there a great car and get awesome fuel economy