Comments - 2013 Acura RDX is Production Ready at Chicago

Published: Feb 08, 2012
Description: Following the concept's unveiling at Detroit, the production version of the RDX has officially debuted at Chicago. Changing little from the concept, the second-generation of the compact crossove...
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Jeremy Siebert Feb 08, 2012
@Paul: hasn't changed it's style? Have you seen a current RDX? This one is much more full and weighty; more mature. Looks like it hit the gym
Paul Brodrecht Feb 08, 2012
@christain lol totally Camry lights! And this car hasn't changed its styling at all! I wild rather buy a Linkin or Lexus!
Henz Herrero Feb 08, 2012
Im thinking of trading in my '10.. But I dk why tey using crvs awd not the sh-awd on these.. Looks realy good tho like a baby mdx
Paul Lissona Feb 08, 2012
Why no more turbo 4 I'm surprised since for some reason everyone's switching to turbo 4.
Paul Lissona Feb 08, 2012
Yes simple can be better, the veloster which looks horrible is not simple for example.
Description: This equates to an increase of 33 horses and is available in FWD or AWD, while a brand new six-speed automatic transmission is mated to a new lock-up torque converter to maximize its gas mileage. The ...
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Scott Gracey Feb 09, 2012
Huge gain in fuel economy over the current gen with the turbo 4
Description: New chassis technologies include Amplitude Reactive Dampers and Motion Adaptive Electric Power Steering for a smoother, more efficient ride, and a new braking system that reduces drag and further impr...
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Deon Lingum Feb 17, 2012
I like the big knob system :)
Blaise Stevensen Feb 09, 2012
One of Acura's strongpoints has always been its interiors.
Tyler Chess Feb 08, 2012
Don't like the thing the navi is surrounded by
JGL Scuderia Feb 08, 2012
interior looks really nice typical acura