Comments - Video: Pair of Toyota GT86 Coupes Drifting in Sync

Published: Feb 07, 2012
Description: The exceptional precision and maneuverability of the GT86 (Europe's answer to the Scion FR-S) is no secret. Drifting experts have been quick to demonstrate this since the sports coupe's ince...
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Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 07, 2012
Umm... The car hasnt come out yet... How are there owners?! Or is the gt86 already released in Europe?
Sebastian Grey Feb 07, 2012
"Europe's answer"? I think you mean 'Europe's version'. After all, they are the same car.
Description: Synchronized drifting is an awesome sight and these guys control the sports cars as if they were extensions of their body. Check them out via the link below.
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Kyle Malcomson Mar 17, 2013
Ignorance is bliss post up videos of yourselves and mates drifting better then slag these car. Also one commenter said his car could do this all day these cars could do this 24hours a day 365 days a year for twenty years plus.
Will Trefiak Feb 08, 2012
well the ae86 was not fast by any stretch and its one of the best cars for drifting so i think they did good on this car and if you think the power is not enough well do some weight reductions and tune it a bit..and tht will do
Patrick Schalk Feb 07, 2012
And yes Matt, there are PLENTY of muscle cars that can do this a lot better than these cars.
Patrick Schalk Feb 07, 2012
This wasn't very exciting. I don't know how I feel about these cars yet. They seem fun but fall short of anything exciting. I hope there's a big aftermarket scene for these otherwise I'm not interested.
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
pounds for every horsepower... The Toyota weighs like 2400lbs and the mustang like 3350lbs
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
@kevin if this thing had 13 horses for every pound it would haul faster than a veyron... And yes people I know what power to weight means how dumb do you think I am? And even if you compare it to a mustang via power to weight the mustang has 11.3 and the Toyota has 10
Ben Arends Feb 07, 2012
Drifting videos are so annoying- they sounds like small-budget, b-class Hollywood action movies- mostly because it's pure tire squealing for the duration of the video. Watching it on mute is 10x better.
Shane Heid Feb 07, 2012
@matt my last stock t bird from seventeen years ago could do this all day not that hard you tool, jdm is alright at best
Mario Callirgos Feb 07, 2012
Options from the factory. Everything from motor upgrades to suspension, tires.
Mario Callirgos Feb 07, 2012
This car does a 7.5 0-60 if I am not mistaken and I guess the designer said he didnt want a turbo because he wanted the keep the power predictable. He also said that he also built it to be cheap from the factory and easily tuned and have plenty of
Russ Sugar Feb 07, 2012
I will educate myself about power to weight ratio when this car does better than 7sec to 60
Genci Sallabanda Feb 07, 2012
Power (hp) means torque! It's all about torque. No torque no fun!!! Hopping for STI BRZ.
Matt Piccolo Feb 07, 2012
I don't know of any over weight mussel car that can do this!!!! STOCK... Lmao, JDM rules! :D
Kevin Rehbock Feb 07, 2012
Power isn't everything. You have a nice weight balance already and great power to weight (13 HP per pound if I'm not mistaken). The V8 would make this car a porker with horrible balance. If you want big RWD power in an affordable price range, get a Mustang V6 or Genesis Turbo
Danny Scott Feb 07, 2012
It's about hp/weight ratio.. Why do people just look at hp and go omg it slow..... Educate yourselves!
Ryan Delano Thomas Feb 07, 2012
Drop the 5.0 Lexus v8 in it, then stick a different badge on it
No Pistons Feb 07, 2012
Doesn't it weight around 1,200lb?
Thibault Leroy Feb 07, 2012
i have this car on GT5! haha
Vince DeMasi Feb 07, 2012
Thats what I was thinking I hope they come out with a turboed one then this thing could be comparable to some of toyotas old cars like the supra
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
Wow really? 200bhp is pathetic... That's worse than the OLD mustang v6
Russ Sugar Feb 07, 2012
After this race, both engines were sent to retirement home LoL. At 200hp and 150 torque this car is E-brake drifter. I hope they will produce 300hp version.
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
I really hope this car is easy to drift... The pros make everything look easy
Michael D'Angelo Feb 08, 2012
The caption with this pic should read "where's the bathroom? I'm busting!"
Michael Gallagher Feb 07, 2012
What's up with the dudes foot coming out of the white?? Anyway! IMO, thy do look like pretty cool rides (still waiting to see in person) but the performance numbers aren't there. At least for me. So untill those numbers are a lot higher, IDC 4 it
P_R_N_D Feb 07, 2012
I wanna hear THEIR opinions about how this car handles.