Description: On 16 June, 56 cars will be unleashed with General Motors, VAG and Toyota to do battle with the likes of Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, and Morgan, as well as Japanese giants Honda and Nissan.
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Mario Callirgos Feb 07, 2012
I wish ford would compete with a new gt40 style car. Until they do I am rooting for the Vette.
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
Merc SLS is going to beat everyone like they did in dubai
Pratik Parija Feb 07, 2012
Nice & I am rooting for Ferrari in class. Hope Toyota does well after missing out victory in the amazing GT One.
Michael Gallagher Feb 07, 2012
That is awsome. So many people, so many great drivers. The cars, engines, engineering, dedication, devotion to the hobby, technology, it's all so amazing how well it comes together
Submwaru CB Feb 07, 2012
I'll be watching that again sometime
Description: The 80th Le Mans 24 Hours is sure to be a stunning spectacle, and to get motor enthusiasts in the mood, the Le Mans organizers ACO (Automobile Club de l'Ouest) has released this promotional clip ...
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Phillip Greene Feb 09, 2012
They were gona use mustangs but modular sucks.... Yea yals were better but still modular sucks!
Patrick Schalk Feb 08, 2012
They were gonna use Mustangs but the driveshaft wouldn't hold up.
Phillip Greene Feb 07, 2012
Haha yea they really should bring back the gt40... Again, just so the vet will have some what of a challenge
Patrick Schalk Feb 07, 2012
I don't see any Fords in there FORDfan ;)
Shane Heid Feb 07, 2012
Love the c6-r vettes they had such a great run in the race circuit can't wait to see what c7 brings to the table
Phillip Greene Feb 07, 2012
It probably is being laped come on campionship number 8 i can wait to watch all the forien cars wooped again
Dylan Bruder Feb 07, 2012
Won't be there too long :)
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 07, 2012
Porsche in front not being lapped:)