Comments - The Experimental DeltaWing Gets Pit 56 at Le Mans

Published: Feb 07, 2012
Description: DeltaWing, the American racing car managed by the Project 56 group, was allocated pit box no. 56 for the forthcoming 24 hours of Le Mans race. The team has yet to confirm its participation in the race...
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Cho Dan Feb 07, 2012
No it's not supposed to turn, LeMan's officials are currently in the process of straightening the race track. The new design will be straight as an arrow for over 2700 miles. Note the sarcasm.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 07, 2012
I thought it was supposedly the next Indy Car design.
Cho Dan Feb 07, 2012
The reason this was tagged F1 is because Deltawing designed this car as a prototype F1 car as a proposed replacement for the current F1 car.
KeX Lim Feb 07, 2012
@Dan. If you know anything about racing, you'll know that F1 and Le Mans are very different types of racing. Anyway, CarBuzz does have a Le Mans tag. So there's no reason to tag this as F1.
KeX Lim Feb 07, 2012
It has nothing to do with F1!
KeX Lim Feb 07, 2012
Why is this even tagged as F1? It has n
Max Garcia Mar 01, 2012
read in a car magazine its supposed to be good
Matthew Malyapa Feb 08, 2012
Reliant Robin anyone?
Zach Sullivan Feb 08, 2012
I don't see this car having a high cornering speed
Shane Gardner Feb 08, 2012
It's not supposed to be pretty. It's supposed to be revolutionizing.
Pratik Parija Feb 07, 2012
Ugly front. Could have made it like a F1 car but like Caparo T1or the Red Bull X2011/2012
Victor Takhanov Feb 07, 2012
There are headlights in the back?
Kevin Rehbock Feb 07, 2012
Because of the way it's designed, the center of gravity is more rearward between the wheels. The front tires are only having to manage a very small percentage of the mass of the car and very little rolling resistance and drag, in turn they have a large leverage on the center of gravity. High speed cornering should be a piece of cake. Tight low speed cornering should be a concern.
Max Müller Feb 07, 2012
1.ugly, do you want to steer??????
Igor Natsioks Feb 07, 2012
It's actually 27.5% if you count
Michael Page Feb 07, 2012
With less than 18% of weight on the front tires and them so close together, I wonder how well it can turn at high speeds
Description: This 4m long and 2m wide machine is characterized by a long nose and a very narrow front. A 1.6-liter turbocharged engine developing 300hp at 8,000 rpm will propel the car through a 5-speed gearbox. D...
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Francois Joannette Feb 07, 2012
@cian that's why you have pitstop... Genius!!
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
What a smart idea to enter a 24 hour race with a 40 liter fuel tank
Description: The car's performance is required by the Automobile Club de l'Ouest to be accepted to run in qualifying.
The car was supposed to be completed by the end of January. It was developed by CF...
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Pratik Parija Feb 07, 2012
Computer simulation design has yet to prove reliable compared to tradition wind tunnel simulation.
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
Nope looks like its gonna takeoff
James E Caldwell Feb 07, 2012
This design may have worked with oval racing. But it is clearly not going to work on a road coarse.
Ben Arends Feb 07, 2012
Interesting that the side profile and front profile view makes it look semi-normal. But any other viewpoint you can see the differences. I wonder if this means the profile retains physics/function,but allows for less surface area & weight.
Justin Routh Feb 08, 2012
Looks like a jet to me