Description: Kia has previously released a sketch of their Track'Ster hatchback concept based on the three-door Soul. The Track'Ster features a low profile and an aggressive wide body kit. From the looks...
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Description: We expect the Track'Ster concept to run on a 1.6-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine borrowed from the Veloster. Kia claims that it's the "ultimate performance" Soul and with a po...
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Luke Murray Feb 08, 2012
Yeah that looks nice keeping my eye on Kia now!
Paul Lissona Feb 07, 2012
I don't like it, Ik most people my age would but it's too anti traditional looking.
Greg Kenerly Feb 07, 2012
Nice. Very futuristic.
Dillon Dixon Feb 07, 2012
Not bad looking, Kia has really steeped up their design here lately. I like it.
Luke Murray Feb 08, 2012
Agree with hank, these designers should have some back bone and just put it out there!!
Blaire Quattro Feb 08, 2012
Nu uh. Dancing hamsters'll make it awesome! Lol
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
Looks cool so far... Now let's see how much it's gets toned down at production... It'll probably be ugly by then