Comments - Audi Set to Win Le Mans With A Hybrid Racing Car

Published: Feb 07, 2012
Description: During the last decade, Audi became the dominant force in long distance sports car racing, winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans in no less than nine out of 11 starts. In the process, Audi became the first ...
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Mario Callirgos Feb 07, 2012
Hope the hybrids win.
Stephen Spackman Feb 07, 2012
Audi will win, because Peugeot are not there.
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
I hope the diesal wins
Jacob Moke Jun 07, 2012
That's the best part of forza that's what actually takes skill in the game audi will dominate the Toyota 1,2,3,4
Zaire Wilkins Feb 08, 2012
forza needs to stop adding LMP cars they have enough need to add more sedans coupes and supercars trucks cuv suv etc
Rudolf Dassler Feb 07, 2012
Mmm, naked carbonfibre...
Max Müller Feb 07, 2012
This car looks unbelievable great!
Kaden Dauter Feb 07, 2012
Comes out on forza today!!!!!!!!! :D
Nick Sti Feb 07, 2012
And the 787b and Audi Quattro S1 rally
Stephen Cobbs Feb 07, 2012
Best looking Le Mans racer IMO. Supposed to come out on Forza today cant wait.
Description: The hybrid systems for racing are now in the development stages and Audi is supposed to unveil it towards the end of the month. "To develop the hybrid technology for Le Mans is at least as ambiti...
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Description: At the 80th running of the French endurance classic, Audi will compete with the start numbers '1' and '2' (hybrid drive) as well as '3' and '4.' As stipulated b...
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Matt Silva Feb 07, 2012
One of the only hybrids I would even consider driving
Chris Dimattia Feb 07, 2012
High voltage battery and a rear end collision. Sounds awesome!
Charlie Liberski Feb 07, 2012
The a6 hybrid is going to flop