Comments - A Bold Brabus Mercedes-Benz B-Class

Published: Feb 07, 2012
Description: German tuners Brabus love creating aftermarket programs for Mercedes-Benzes, so it's fitting that they have eventually found their way towards hooking up a B-Class that is truly badass. Brabus h...
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Description: A 4-flow sports exhaust system and a set of thick monoblock 19-inch wheels add to the hatch's overall appearance. The interior has also received a more luxurious trim. As is Brabus' custom, ...
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Brabus Mar 03, 2012
About time they made one
Luke Murray Feb 08, 2012
Doesn't really look that aggressive up front
Rudolf Dassler Feb 07, 2012
Looks great for a B-class, but still ugly...
alic Feb 07, 2012
its looks great. like all the BB they maide