Comments - 2014 Audi R8 to be Faster and Lighter

Published: Feb 07, 2012
Description: In its bid to rank the R8 alongside the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, the supercar is under intense development at the automaker's headquarters in Ingolstadt. According to Autocar, it has bee...
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Matthew Reindorp Feb 09, 2012
Fordfan what are you disagreeing with? We own a GT-R and its amazing and even though it weighs 1.75tonnes it'll still do 0-60 in 3.0 seconds dead... Where exactly does the R8 keep up? We drive a charity track day every year and no R8's ever keep up..
Nick El-Khoury Feb 08, 2012
You hear that, Iron Man? It's LIGHTER and FASTER. The only thing that Acura can do is drive Seinfeld insane. So It's decision time, bro. This German sex machine? Or being second to Jay Leno? Think about it.
William Forgham Feb 07, 2012
Thank God Carbuzz posted this. I was under the impression the new R8 would weigh thousands of pounds more, and have an engine from a '33 Beetle.
James Jackson Feb 07, 2012
Please say AWD instead of 4WD, they're two different drivetrains
Clint Edwards Feb 07, 2012
I'm sorry, but there is no way a V6, 4WD car that looks like it could just be an average sports car is cooler than one of the arguably best looking supercars in recent years
Matthew Reindorp Feb 07, 2012
To be honest I think Audi should try and compete with the GT-R which is much faster, half the price and (if I may, cooler)... The R8 has depreciated in value so much that they really need to pull it out of the bag with this one...
Aislin Cooper Feb 07, 2012
Doesn't Audi not want the R8 to compete with Lamborghini because it owns Lamborghini?
Domi Bsaibes Feb 07, 2012
Emil u should reconsider your thoughts before posting... Just in case man just in case
Mathew Beames Feb 07, 2012
Lighter is faster...
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Feb 07, 2012
Heavier yes, but less powerful¿ ?
Nathaniel Young Feb 07, 2012
Carbuzz needs more people In its redundancy prevention department
Emil Kleijsen Feb 07, 2012
What?! A faster AND more powerful car that it's predecessor?! it can't be, because usually when you upgrade a car it becomes heavier, slower and less powerful! This is breaking news for sure...
Description: That's 24kg less than the current R8's all-aluminum structure, and combined with other weight reduction programs, the base model is planned to come in at under 1500kg. Another two-model line...
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Matthew Reindorp Feb 09, 2012
Hmmm Michael has some sense... Anyone ever seen a GT-R? We own one and that is honestly the only way you could really comprehend this monstrous car... And it may be a heavy car but u can't argue with a 0-60 of 2.9 seconds...
Braydon Pack Feb 08, 2012
Joey obviously thinks big trucks must be very fast haha
Michael Emery Smith Feb 08, 2012
Mathew never said they took weight off the GTR. He said they add 90 hp. The GtR costs less and could waist both of these cars
Michael Riley Feb 07, 2012
are they trying to say with the "highly strung nature" that the car is meant or bitches? lmao jkjk
Paul Trahan Feb 07, 2012
Matthew the GT-R never lost any weight. The at is still a brick. Lightening a car's weight helps it in speed and handling.
Matthew Reindorp Feb 07, 2012
Right so let me get this straight... Audi in 2 years are going to reduce weight by 24kg and only add a tiny amount of power?? Is that it!?! Nissan added almost 90hp to the GTR In 2 years and reduced the 0-60 by 0.3 seconds which is alot in car terms
Hector Delgado Feb 07, 2012
Joey i know it's crazy to have a lighter and more powerful super car. Under powered and heavy is the way to go ! Lol
Matt Piccolo Feb 07, 2012
Starting to age a tad! :(
Charles Pope Feb 07, 2012
Agreed Chris!!! My fav supercar hands down. I've even seen one drive down my street. :)
Chris Penza Feb 07, 2012
I would definitely take this over a gallardo
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
This is way cheaper then a gallardo and a better drivers car so i would take this
Thibault Leroy Feb 07, 2012
id take a gallardo over this anyday even though this is a really nice car
JGL Scuderia Feb 07, 2012
this is actually audis own car this is just a quicker version from the r8 and the r8 is going to looks way different in 2014
Kaden Dauter Feb 07, 2012
THATS a rear end >:)
Theo Hubbard Feb 07, 2012
I don't know if Id have this or the Gallardo. I love the back end :D
Description: "It is important to retain the engine qualities which have made the current model so successful," the insider continued. "We want to keep the throttle response, the soaring nature of t...
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Luke Murray Feb 08, 2012
580bhp stands a good chance
Cody Jacques Feb 08, 2012
Oh nvm I see what your saying. Audi just needs to turbo charge the cars not put a bigger heavier engine in them. thats not ideal
Cody Jacques Feb 08, 2012
Taylor the Audi R8 is mid engined...
Taylor Greenfield Feb 07, 2012
Its just amazing how a sedan like the RS6 is faster than the R8 V8, so they should place the 5.0 V10 into the R8 model range, modify the engine from being front engined to a mid engine and use the R8 GT's body so its light and ver fast
Chris Penza Feb 07, 2012
I agree cian. I hated the regular 430 but the scuderia is just amazing
Petrolheadjack Feb 07, 2012
they mean the new 911 gt3
Sam Oglesby Feb 07, 2012
So in 4 years it will compete with a 911 gt3 which exists now
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
The 458 scuderia will be the best supercar ever to exist if its anything like the 430 scuderia
Thibault Leroy Feb 07, 2012
are they making a 458 scuderia?
Tucker Grimley Feb 07, 2012
I think they should offer a twin turbo model, that would pull it way deeper into the ranks of supercars.
Domi Bsaibes Feb 07, 2012
If adopting a forced induction has its benefits then why they shouldn't??
Bull Dogone Feb 07, 2012
Running scared because the Acura NSX will be getting all the attention when it comes out.
Description: Elements of Audi's new generation of exterior design is set to appear on the all-electric E-Tron, whose structural architecture will be shared with the new R8 coupe and roadster. Meanwhile the la...
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Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 07, 2012
I saw an Audi R8 spyder about a year ago. Trust me... Nothing about that car blends in!
Shane Heid Feb 07, 2012
Matt if you think this looks old how can you not think a supra looks disgusting haha this is gorgeous
Chris Penza Feb 07, 2012
This car never gets old. It's just stunning
Matt Silva Feb 07, 2012
Ok so it might not be as shouty as a lamborghini, but when you see one if those in traffic it does NOT blend in
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
Its not meant to stick out and be all shouty like a lambo its meant to blend in
Hank Austin Feb 07, 2012
Honestly i hope this car is something different when they do the redesign because I've seen so much of it that it doesn't interest me anymore
Chayton Garverick Feb 28, 2012
I don't get the idea about the coloured part
Austin Bride Feb 07, 2012
Pretty sure VW owns them all not porsche
Tin Nguyen Feb 07, 2012
Bentley is also under vw group.
Tin Nguyen Feb 07, 2012
Cian was right. Porsche owns vw group which own Audi, Lamborghini and Bugatti.
Ronald Trinidad Feb 07, 2012
Wrong dude, Vw owns all the ones you said and 49.9% of Porsche. Vw owns everybody, cleared now
Cian Rules Feb 07, 2012
Porsche own audi and audi own lambo porsche also owns vw that own buagetti
Jamie Bull Feb 07, 2012
Yes, Audi owns Lamborghini or something..