Description: Because he's Clint Eastwood. That's all there is to it. Chrysler's new commercial that aired during halftime at last night's Super Bowl was once again a success for the American au...
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Ben Gary Feb 06, 2012
Why not use ford? Didn't GM accept bailout money? Just throwing that out there...
Stephen Ishard Feb 06, 2012
How? he only mentioned the Chrysler portion of the company. How was this strange?
Patrick Quinlan Feb 06, 2012
A nice job by Clint Eastwood. The message was bit strange for a car company heavily owned by Fiat.
Shane Heid Feb 06, 2012
Agreed that was an amazingly well done commercial
Zachary Maurer Feb 06, 2012
This was one of the best commercials of the super bowl
Description: And thanks to Eastwood's sincerity, Chrysler's ad agency, and the backdrop of the Motor City up and running again, it's hard not to be inspired and proud. Moving on to the second half, ...
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Wesley Cook Feb 07, 2012
Chrysler issued a copyright claim so YouTube pulled the video! boo Chrysler! that was one of your best commercials and now no one can view/ re-view it.
Patrick Joseph Feb 06, 2012
Why can't I play the video. Has it been removed? Am I the only one with this problem ?
Jimmy Alonzo Feb 06, 2012
Kind of a pat on the back to Obama as well if you think about it.
Matt Robbins Feb 06, 2012
This was more of a pep talk for America than a ad for the company. This is brilliant, excellent marketing. Props for stepping outta the box and making it work
Kevin Rehbock Feb 06, 2012
The second half? What happens when that ends?
Michael Bichay Feb 06, 2012
Chrysler should become a luxury brand and compete with Buick and Lincoln. And just make Dodge compete with Ford and Chevy..
Michael Bichay Feb 06, 2012
Only American car brand I like CryDodJeep. Chevys okay too but eff GM.
Wildabeast Jenkins Feb 06, 2012
This is a damned good one
Timothy Hooker Feb 06, 2012
This commercial was so great I immediately ran down and traded in my nazi beemer for a shiny new 300..then shot myself for being dumb
Igor Natsioks Feb 06, 2012
@ Zain. I see that the commercial did its job. By your commend you got brainwashed :)
Zachary Sindelar Feb 06, 2012
I was hoping when Clint said the line about hearing the roar of our engines I was hoping to hear the engine of new 8.7l Viper or atleast the Srt8. :)
Zachary Sindelar Feb 06, 2012
Brilliant commercial. Its hard to make a good commercial without being funny or including cute animals, but Chrysler did it.
Zain Sheikh Feb 06, 2012
Screw ford , GM . Chrysler cares about America . Ford , GM care about themselves