Description: Winning a Super Bowl generally marks the pinnacle of a great player's career. Eli Manning led his New York Giants to a close win over the New England Patriots (as predicted by the CarBuzz team) f...
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Jonathan Martinez Feb 07, 2012
I found it hilarious that he didn't except the keys from the announcer. You know why? He works for frickin Toyota . They would of sued his ass big time for infringment. They should of have not made that car presenting part public and put him in that position.
Jason Rosas Feb 07, 2012
Pretty sure the welker and branch drops were bigger than the hail mary miss which wasn't to gronkowski but he had a shot at it.
Vincent Butler Feb 06, 2012
Chris, what are u talking about. He could've caught it. But he chocked.
Vincent Butler Feb 06, 2012
I put money down in Vegas going for the Pats. 21-17. God i wish It was the other way around. I would've won big
Chris Penza Feb 06, 2012
I blame Brady for bombing it to gronkowski in the 4th. Even if he wasn't injured I doubt he could get that catch
Description: During the postgame celebrations at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, Manning was called up to the podium to accept his awards and even though he forgot the keys on the stage, he still m...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 07, 2012
The anouncer said it was a centenial edition
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 06, 2012
Marty this is the centennial edition, you can tell by looking at it
Matty Michaels Feb 06, 2012
@Andrew this isn't a centennial edition GS, and you can get centennial edition the ZR1
Andrew Grimm Feb 06, 2012
But the centennial edition is more of a collecters\special so that is why it wasnt a ZR1
Bob Thebuilder Feb 06, 2012
Not even a ZR1... SMH
Paul DeYarman Feb 06, 2012
@ford fan- not only did the owner of the burning corvette jump his car Completely wrong- the engine was modified aftermarket so who knows what could have happened- and no this car is not a one off- just this year though
flyjbaker Feb 06, 2012
The 2013 will have the 427 in it...
Ryan Filkins Feb 06, 2012
Things in prestine condition, beautiful.
David Rosenberg Feb 06, 2012
That was on fire yesterday. Lol ;)
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 06, 2012
@james a couple he could afford a hundred if he wanted
Justin Routh Feb 06, 2012
Doesnt deserve it? Yeah right he played a great game
James Patrick Delaney Feb 06, 2012
@ Gustavo, ya it's not like he can't afford a couple anyways
Gustavo Carrión Rivera Feb 06, 2012
He shouldn't have won it; he doesn't deserve the Vette
Tom Wilson Feb 06, 2012
I want to win a Super Bowl now :(
Elijah McCord Feb 06, 2012
@FORD fan he placed the jumper cables backwards, ur mustangs and ford GTs would've caught on fire too so shut up about it. It wasn't the cars fault.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 06, 2012
Love the faded out matte racing stripes
Mikey Jimenez Feb 06, 2012
It's just the grand sport but it looks nice tho.
Dillon Dixon Feb 06, 2012
I thought this had a 427 in it? Or is this just a regular grand sport.