Comments - Spied: Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake

Published: Feb 05, 2012
Description: Back in 2010 at the Beijing Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz showed off the concept version of their latest CLS four-door coupe. Thing was, that concept was not a "four-door coupe;" but a shooting ...
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David Gray Feb 06, 2012
Arite ok. Cheers bud
Kevin Rehbock Feb 05, 2012
The term "brake" was a chassis used to break-in horses for hunting expeditions and was subsequently used to describe a motorized vehicle. The words are interchangeable.
David Gray Feb 05, 2012
I understand shooting BREAK, not shooting BRAKE though.
Max Müller Feb 05, 2012
English people loved hunting, and when they shot a deer, they wanted to transport it home-> SHOOTING brake
David Gray Feb 05, 2012
Well what is a "shooting brake"? Doesn't make sense.
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
Why couldnt they just call it a estate
Wildabeast Jenkins Feb 05, 2012
Hopefully this car comes with a set of german made Sigs!
Morgan Dame Feb 05, 2012
mercedes benz actually calls this car a shooting brake, instead of break.
David Gray Feb 05, 2012
Shooting BREAK. As in "going away for a weekend of shooting"
Description: Out doing winter testing in northern Sweden, this lightly disguised prototype will soon be arriving in dealerships. Power will likely come from both the 4.6-liter twin-turbo V8 as well as the 5.5-lite...
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Alfonso Cruz Jun 10, 2012
How to kill a car...
JGL Scuderia Feb 06, 2012
that looks pretty good. cant see the problem
Mayumi Adams Feb 05, 2012
Absolutely hideous. Looks like a Hearst.
Dillon Dixon Feb 05, 2012
I think the CTS-V wagon is much better. But this does look pretty good.
Matthew McKernan Feb 05, 2012
Personally, I think the regular cls doesn't look that great, but this is just hideous.
mankala Feb 05, 2012
this is the station wagon variant. both look great to me though.
Michael Douglas Feb 05, 2012
Hell no. That thing is nasty
Zachary Maurer Feb 05, 2012
I like it, but at the auto show, I am only 6'0 and I couldn't even sit in a normal cls...
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
It needs a manusl geArbox
Daniel Bellafonte Feb 05, 2012
I'm sure I could warm to this seen as I already like the CLS so a wagon/estate isn't so bad, just a little thrown off to actually see it
h6ryc Feb 05, 2012
engineering fantastic but the car looks very ugly indeed!
Darren Martin Feb 05, 2012
This just seems awkwardly long to me
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
No they should use the amg pagani v12
Max Müller Feb 05, 2012
Shooting brake 65 AMG!
Trevor Humphrey Feb 05, 2012
Beautiful and I bet it might be fast
Wildabeast Jenkins Feb 05, 2012
This car is going to be beautiful.
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 05, 2012
Are u drunk it's gorgeous
Nick Benz Feb 05, 2012
They dont want you to think its going to look like that, they just want to distract.
mankala Feb 05, 2012
Yes. They want you to think that is how the car is going to look..
Tanton Stoneman Feb 05, 2012
Did they make the tail lights look like the last gen fusion on purpose?