Description: If you're anything like us, then you can't wait for Super Bowl XLVI to kick-off. Taking place in Lucas Oil Stadium (aka "The House that Peyton Built") in Indianapolis, Indiana, the...
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Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2012
Alot of hate lol oh well glad to say I'm a giants fan then! Woo! Good ol home team haha
Patrick Schalk Feb 05, 2012
Get over it Ashley. This is an app made by Americans and they can talk about whatever they want.
Ashley Macnally Feb 05, 2012
I'm sorry but the app is called car buzz not American football buzz. You do a great job with car research etc so don't wreck the app by showing anything else other than cars :)
Patrick Joseph Feb 05, 2012
I can't stand both teams either. Don't know why but I'm upset the patriots lost.
Mark Walden VII Feb 05, 2012
@Dillon. I feel exactly the same way.
Anthony Miller Feb 05, 2012
I don't like both teams but gonna be a good game. GO GIANTS
Shane Heid Feb 05, 2012
Should be the packers, damn giants
Eddie Nash Feb 05, 2012
I can't stand either team, but go Giants!
Henz Herrero Feb 05, 2012
Great sunny day to go to canada and bet.. So excited for this..
Dillon Dixon Feb 05, 2012
I hate the pats and the giants. But I hate the pats more.
Jason Rosas Feb 05, 2012
Ugh. The giants... I hate the NFC east.
Connor Wagner Feb 05, 2012
As a huge jets fan this is sickening
Adelaide Marconi Feb 05, 2012
I don't get this article at all lol
Description: The CarBuzz crew, in true automotive-nerd fashion, could think of no better way to gear up for this year's game than to debate which popular car personifies each prolific team and to debate their...
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Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 05, 2012
I hate the patriots and porsche is my favorite company this is so wrong
Jeremy Siebert Feb 05, 2012
Ya need a car more well known for cheating...
Dillon Dixon Feb 05, 2012
NO NO NO! Don't put together my favorite car with the team I hate! Please no!
Dillon Dixon Feb 06, 2012
This "herbie" will stomp on anything you'll ever own.
Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 05, 2012
Looks like "HERBIE" went on weight watchers
Tin Nguyen Feb 05, 2012
997 is the generation code. Just like BMW e36, e46, etc.
Petrolheadjack Feb 05, 2012
997 refers to the group of 911s released between a certain time like the 997 refers the old 997.. like the new 911 is called 991
Chris Penza Feb 05, 2012
I need one of these. This is the coolest 997 porsche
Description: The team this year, unlike their previous three Super Bowl winning teams, features plenty of new players and is a perfect parable for the new 991 version of the 911 - same body style (substitute for Q...
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Justin Routh Feb 05, 2012
Someones got their panties in a bunch
Andrew Hubbard Feb 05, 2012
OCHOCINCO!! He will get at least one TD.
Chaz Thompson Feb 05, 2012
That's Tom Coughlin not bill, stick to car articles, not sports
Chris Penza Feb 05, 2012
Uh si, yo soy fiesta - rob gronkowski
Description: They don't always execute or perform the way they should, hence their regular season record of 9-7. Coughlin is one of the elder statesmen of the NFL and the Giants are one of the more storied fr...
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Zachary Maurer Feb 06, 2012
They needed to choose a car that starts out fast, slows down, then makes a comeback
Dylan Bruder Feb 06, 2012
I was thinkin more along the lines of corvette lol
Christo Savaides Feb 05, 2012
So the Veyron pulled it off.
Devin Mortenson Feb 05, 2012
Well the giants are gonna win
Ethan Avery Feb 05, 2012
@ Will, I completely agree
Will Conover Feb 05, 2012
They are more like a classic lancia. They spend a lot of time broken on the side of the road, but when they work they're fantastic
Paolo Prezioso Feb 05, 2012
No. They are definitely not a veyron.
Description: The Veyron SS's record for a production car top speed of 268mph is personified in the form of breakout player WR Victor Cruz and his companion WRs Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham. The big Bugat...
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Harold Rupai Feb 06, 2012
The giants should be a lotus or something. They don't work all the time but they can be amazing.
Mario Callirgos Feb 05, 2012
@will couldn't agree more Perfect car... Can't name one Perfect fb team RAIDERS!!!
Paul Lissona Feb 05, 2012
A civic is a really good car, easy to work on, somewhat sporty good mpg etc. Some people ruin them with dumb custom stuff, but if Justin has a civic that's smart.
Will Conover Feb 05, 2012
@ thibault. Go look up nurburgring times and then tell us how it's "perfect"
Justin Routh Feb 05, 2012
I wouldnt call the veyron or pats perfection...
Zain Sheikh Feb 05, 2012
Cruz is probably one of the best rookies ever (with the fact that he wasn't a starter first few games ) to be able to have many yards rushing and going to the playoffs and winning the AFC championship in your first year is just amazing
Will Conover Feb 05, 2012
Are you high Cory? Brandon Jacobs is an amazing back who turns behind the line tackles into massive gains
Cory Shender Feb 05, 2012
If they knew anything about football they'd know that Brandon Jacobs is nothing but a big punk and that the giants can't run the ball to save their lives... Stick to cars guys...
Greg Kenerly Feb 05, 2012
The Giants would be the Kia Forte coupe. Fun to watch and definitely worth the money...but still a Kia.
Greg Kenerly Feb 05, 2012
Gotta disagree. If anyone is the Veyron it's the Pats....especially in the blue/grey color you have pictured. They're the million dollar team that everyone aspires to be but seem to fall short on. In short they're perfection.
Description: It can sprint from 0-60mph in a quick 3.7 seconds and hit 124mph in under 12 seconds. It reaches a top speed of 193mph. The Bugatti Veyron runs from 0-62mph in a blistering 2.46 seconds and can reach ...
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Jon Burleson Feb 06, 2012
called that perfectly!!!
Alex Sharp Feb 06, 2012
I hope you guys at carbuzz put money down on that prediction, cause they dont come any better than that.
Carter Sullivan Feb 05, 2012
Wow. What a prediction
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 05, 2012
The porsche that was on here with 1200 hp would wreck the veyron
Jason Cotugno Feb 05, 2012
Looks like the boys at Carbuzz really want to stir something up here...Go Pats!
Chris Penza Feb 05, 2012
It will be even worse if it's drunk mad pats fans.
Matty Michaels Feb 05, 2012
The giants better win, I don't think I can deal with a bunch of drunk, happy, pats fans in my city
Michael Douglas Feb 06, 2012
1 million dollar work of art is all that the veyron will be. Now the McLaren F1 LM is a car that kept a record for topspeed and 0-60 for 10 years. N/A too. Now thats a true beast. Oh by the way no traction control either
Mario Callirgos Feb 05, 2012
1000 hp vette would smoke the veyron I know because a 1000 hp viper already has and the vette is lighter then the viper
Paul Lissona Feb 05, 2012
If it costs that much it should be faster, have more luxury features and look better.
Roberto Maldonado Feb 05, 2012
There is something we are forgetting, This car is an aerospace vehicle that takes the aspect of a car. This is not just a car it is a masterpiece. It is beautiful in its own way because Bugatti Veyron was not afraid of making a new standard.
Matthew Malyapa Feb 05, 2012
jimmy soon after it crashed lol
Jordan Smith Feb 05, 2012
Jimmy, I'm sure that if the Corvette had 1000HP, it'd be pretty damn close to the Bugatti's speed. And it'd do that with half the cylinders.
Timothy Hooker Feb 05, 2012
If I want pictures ill go to Google....this thing is built for speed...not looks..bit I for one think it looks amazing
Jimmy Alonzo Feb 05, 2012
Yeah but did chevy blast past 230 mph?
Jordan Smith Feb 05, 2012
I respect it's speed though
Jordan Smith Feb 05, 2012
I really don't like it's looks, nor how it took them 4 turbos, 8 liters, and 16 cylinders just to get to 1000HP. And people say Chevy ONLY got 500HP out of a N/A 7 liter V8.
Thibault Leroy Feb 05, 2012
All of you saying this isent for looks are wrong, back in about 2000 whe the concept was released people lived the way it looked so bugatti did everything to not change the looks because it looks awesome and it is the finest piece of machinery ever made :)
Dylan Bures Feb 05, 2012
All respect to Buggati for this amazing piece of machinery, definately a legend. But no matter how hard i try, i just cant like its looks. Id much rather have am Enzo
Will Conover Feb 05, 2012
I was just adding to the list others had started of cars we have seen
Will Conover Feb 05, 2012
Everybody was bragging about seeing about seeing cars on the road which isn't all that special compared to actually touching these wonderful machines. I wasn't putting anyone else down.
Avery Doyal Feb 05, 2012
That's a crazy statement to call this ugly.
Aislin Cooper Feb 05, 2012
Yeah, this thing is filthy ugly
Will Conover Feb 05, 2012
But nothing is like sitting in two 430 scuderias, two 458s, a real shelby cobra, a 599, three rapides, a virage, a dbs, two db9s, a dbr9, three lotuses, and an R8.
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
Its meant to be fast not good looking
Patrick Schalk Feb 05, 2012
I don't like the way this looks. Looks like a fat pig, but it's still fast as hell.
Jason Rosas Feb 05, 2012
All the cool people hate this car. I actually love the styling. Don't see why people need to bash this car then bring up their favorite car and pretend like we care.
Robin Ramirez Feb 05, 2012
Ever seen a Ferrari Enzo going down the highway? Now that something else man!!!
Brandon Whybrew Feb 05, 2012
pictures don't do this justice. nothings cooler then driving down the highway at 80mph and have one of these pass you up like your not even moving! it made me jealous haha
Robin Ramirez Feb 05, 2012
That's a sexy looking man! It looks fast even when it's standing still;)
Pablo Herasme Feb 05, 2012
First of all, how is this ugly
Patrick Myers Feb 05, 2012
It may be ugly but it's speed makes up for it
Chris Penza Feb 05, 2012
Are you blind, this car is UGLY
Moxu Cosmin Feb 05, 2012
Nothing compares to this beauty .
JGL Scuderia Feb 06, 2012
the veyron is a great example of what you can do when you have enough money and science
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 05, 2012
This is simply a masterpiece.
Nick Benz Feb 05, 2012
That is awesome. And it always will be.