Comments - Unique of the Week: Rossion Q1 MT400

Published: Feb 04, 2012
Description: Supercar makers need to do things differently today than just a decade or so ago. Back then, you see, the concept of a supercar was a bit simpler. It was about power and as much of it as technically p...
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Colin Dzendolet Feb 04, 2012
I grew up in Marietta, an old.neighbor of mine had a yellow Detomaso Pantera
Matthew Paul Feb 04, 2012
This completely contradicts the whoring of the gtr that goes on here
Brandon Navidad Feb 04, 2012
I live in Murrieta, CA That's funny
Reid Huff Feb 04, 2012
I live in Marietta also. I've seen it driving down Whitlock , it looked amazing.
Connor Ross Taylor Feb 04, 2012
I was walking down a side street in Marietta a couple days ago and saw this car blast past me. I immediately thought noble but I only got a glimpse. It's awesome to see exact car I saw now on carBUZZ and eBay! Amazing car too. What I'd give...
Yogi Svend Feb 05, 2012
Somehow look's like a mini gumpert apollo
Micah Lau Feb 05, 2012
Pontiac Sunfire GT with a kit.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 04, 2012
I sat in a q1 its a very raw and simple racer
Reid Huff Feb 04, 2012
Rossion is the American dealer for Noble and when Noble stopped making the M400 Rossion bought the rights to keep building the car and to upgrade it.
Kyle Hardisty Feb 04, 2012
Looks like the Noble M600.
Description: And that's fine, but for many purists the added technology takes something away from the raw simplicity of those old Ferraris and Lamborghinis. Ironically, both of those automakers are now at the...
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Description: Their project began in 2007 by acquiring the rights to the Noble M400 with the goal of designing an all-new car that had the power of the M400 but with more luxury. The result was the Q1, which featur...
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Tyrone Smith May 18, 2013
Abraham Mendoza Feb 05, 2012
Reminds me of that one car from Grand Theft Auto 4. What was it again?
Nathaniel Young Feb 04, 2012
Please read the article
Description: Powered by the same mid-mounted twin-turbocharged Ford Duratec 3.0-liter V6 as the M400, it has 450hp and about 400lb-ft of torque. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and can hit 100 mph i...
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Devin Mortenson Feb 05, 2012
@ Russ I completely disagree besides I like topgear but let's be honest they can be extremely biased plus nothing tends to sound as good as a Italian V12 except an american V8
Russ Sugar Feb 04, 2012
Watch top gear season 18. Noble is way more fun that new Lamborghini or maclaren. And better MPG lol.
Adam Noble Feb 04, 2012
I'd rather the Noble
Mikey Jimenez Feb 04, 2012
@Alexander wrong app buddy >:/!
Alexander Gomez Feb 04, 2012
What's the mpg on this? lol
Shawn Griffith Feb 04, 2012
The 600 has a Volvo engine, and it's more insane than this. Noble have a nac for taking an ordinary engine and making it a monster.
Dylan Bruder Feb 04, 2012
Old Taurus engine yuck
Connor Ross Taylor Feb 04, 2012
And the sound that V6 develops is bar-none astonishing.
Blake Allender Feb 04, 2012
Especially for such a small motor
Pfc Tomb Feb 04, 2012
Those are pretty impressive numbers
Description: In addition, it has a lightweight forged one-piece Monoblock 18-inch aluminum wheels, back up camera, premium Kenwood audio system, a full integrated roll cage, and even three-point seat belts. The s...
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Alexander Gomez Feb 04, 2012
Probably has a high reserve.
Brad Wood Feb 04, 2012
How much do you want to pay for a low production car with build quality and fit and finish not much better than a kit car, an no dealer service network? It's a small market. I would say it can be bought for $50k +\-
Pfc Tomb Feb 04, 2012
Just $18,100. That would be a steal but I don't think the seller would sell it for that.
Andre Chomphilath Feb 05, 2012
Man I just love the way that looks.... It is soo sexy:)
Matthew McKernan Feb 04, 2012
@Joey -No way! I was thinking the exact same thing!
Matthew Paul Feb 04, 2012
I thought these were rebranded/reengineered old nobles?
Cody Matthews Feb 04, 2012
That mixed with a Lotus Elise.
Austin Bride Feb 04, 2012
Looks like a mini SSC ultimate aero from this angle.
Tyrone Smith May 18, 2013
Who cares if they are Sonata taillights it looks good!
Abraham Mendoza Feb 05, 2012
They made the rear end fit with those lights however...Good job!
Cory Deines Feb 04, 2012
They are Sonata taillights.
Matthew Malyapa Feb 04, 2012
They do look like sonata tailights
Matt Piccolo Feb 04, 2012
@emda I don't think they are
Emad Alasmari Feb 04, 2012
Correct me if I'm wrong.. But I think the rear lights are from the old sonata.
Pfc Tomb Feb 04, 2012
I think it looks great personally
Dale Denis Feb 04, 2012
Ya it does not flow well at all. Looks a lil '70's kit car
Tyrone Smith May 18, 2013
It looks great nevertheless
Kev Berkel Feb 05, 2012
You guys didn't read the other comments. They are Hyundai Sonata taillights.
Tanton Stoneman Feb 05, 2012
Tail lights definitely have trace of viper in them
Vince DeMasi Feb 04, 2012
I think they look kinda like the gto tail lights
Maciej Moryl Feb 04, 2012
Hyundai tiburon taillights
Chris Dimattia Feb 04, 2012
Exhaust pipes are too small for the openings.
Matt Piccolo Feb 04, 2012
No this is much nicer than a viper
Tj Blankenship Feb 04, 2012
Hahaha look at that steering column.
Tyrone Smith May 18, 2013
Sure you did Richard..
Richard Green Sep 08, 2012
I bought this car. It's the fastest thing I've ever driven!
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 04, 2012
It's only luxurious because it has a gps
Ben Arends Feb 04, 2012
Luxury? Haha- don't see any of that.