Comments - Range Rover Evoque Bicycle Special from Brazil

Published: Feb 04, 2012
Description: The Land Rover Range Rover Evoque has been turning heads and snapping up awards like hotcakes over the last two months. A new and more eco-friendly variant of the Evoque has just popped up in Brazil a...
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Micah Buffat Feb 05, 2012
They bring that to America some fat ass would run them over in a suburban
Description: Padovan knew it needed something extra to really grab attention. The wire matrix was painted lime green for some real Brazilian flair and the occupancy was doubled to two. Built in conjunction with th...
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Description: Check out Land Rover Brazil and Propower Sao Paulo's work in the photos below and let us know what you think about the leaner and greener Range Rover Evoque bicycle.
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Brendon Davis Jun 21, 2012
All I can say are three words: What. The. Hell?
Clark Thompson Feb 06, 2012
I don't see the leather seats...
Kevin Watson Feb 05, 2012
Car companies needs people like this. Give them what they want to build,and be surprised of what they make. Bravo guys well done.
JGL Scuderia Feb 04, 2012
wonder how long a line of cars is behind this.
Alexander Gomez Feb 04, 2012
aha I would drape it with a sheet and act like its a real one. Happy Birthday!
James Patrick Delaney Feb 04, 2012
That's awesome, do they have to steer together?
Kevin Rehbock Feb 04, 2012
This wireframe stuff blows my mind. I must know how to do this before I die
Dillon Dixon Feb 04, 2012
I think it's awesome! I bet none of you could make anything close to this!
Cody Matthews Feb 04, 2012
@jason you chose to read it.
Gregory Fatguy Feb 04, 2012
I hope I don't need a license to "drive" it.
Kevin Watson Feb 05, 2012
Put the orginial rims on it! 💣😱💣
Kevin Watson Feb 05, 2012
I thought this was g.m. Interior? J/k or am I?
Petrolheadjack Feb 05, 2012
Yeah, better than most GM interiors..
Patrick Joseph Feb 04, 2012
Better than some GM interiors
Max Müller Feb 04, 2012
That reminds me more of a Daimler-Benz from 1907
Victor Takhanov Feb 04, 2012
So these are the leather seats from the evoque?
Brendon Davis Jun 21, 2012
Agreed with Dale
Dale Schroeder Feb 04, 2012
This immediately made me think of that wireframe Countach that was featured in an article a few months back.
Bryan Wesly Pascual Feb 04, 2012
Physical hologram. Now that's so 3008
Mike Conrad Feb 04, 2012
I'd like to see the wire frame wrapped in vinyl to emphasize the shape more, would still be cool to see.