Comments - Bloodhound SSC Set to Break the 1,000 mph Barrier

Published: Feb 04, 2012
Description: How fast can go a car with a 2.4-liter V8 Cosworth F1 engine? Well, if it's an F1 car, top speed is expected at around 200 mph, but if it is the Bloodhound SSC, then you can multiply this figure ...
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Description: Noble has a history stretching back more than three decades in the Land Speed Record business. He personally held that record from 1983 and 1997 after setting a speed of 633 mph in the Thrust2. Follow...
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Neil Thomason Feb 06, 2012
Danged iPhone! Nope that's Lee Noble
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
Is that the same noble as the m600 the third best supercar
Jake Knickmeyer Feb 04, 2012
I see this ending horrifically.
Ben Webb Feb 04, 2012
If its 3 wheels surely it's the fastest robin reliant ever!
Skyler White Mar 14, 2012
Meanwhile on a distant alien planet.. "The hell are all those humans bickering about NOW..?"
Clint Edwards Feb 05, 2012
Good lord, why does it matter where it's made. Last I checked The War of 1812 is over. They're trying to crack 1000mph, that's cool no matter where you're from
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
No ireland is best we make most of the worlds milk
Peter O'Sullivan Feb 04, 2012
The way to stand up for your county is not to put down others. As a Brit, I'm immensely proud of this car, but there's no need to act high and mighty about it. Can't wait to see it run next year though!
Max Müller Feb 04, 2012
Sauerkraut and Weißwürschte taste great. And don't forget Leberkas!
Mario Callirgos Feb 04, 2012
Ferrari if not for lotus or Lola.
Mario Callirgos Feb 04, 2012
Best British cars Mclaren F1, Ascari, lotus, AC427 Morgan all have German motors and American motors Some of the most iconic American cars like the Shelby Cobra and ford gt had British bodies and suspension, I don't think ford would have beat
Hank Austin Feb 04, 2012
Like the Cadillac ATS, American car tested in Germany, probably with some help from a German guy here or there but it's an American car nonetheless
Hank Austin Feb 04, 2012
And there may have been foreigners that helped to make things but in the end why did we get the credit for it? Because these things had mostly American technicians and American companies/government paid for them and Americans are the ones that mainly use them
Hank Austin Feb 04, 2012
There have been great things that have come out of both countries so if you're gonna get in a fight over "who invented this" or "who invented that" it's pointless
Dylan Bruder Feb 04, 2012
Lockheed Martin? That's interesting didn't expect their help
Teddy MacDonell Feb 04, 2012
Austin Powers was great movie and for that I'll always love the English
Paolo Prezioso Feb 04, 2012
I'm not British. I was just clarifying inventions
Rudolf Dassler Feb 04, 2012
Everybody seems like a proper cock right now... None of you made one single important accomplishment, otherwise u wouldn't sit here, wasting ur time.
Knox Ferraro Feb 04, 2012
Dear British people: I know it's hard to understand how anyone could possibly be envious of your accomplishments, but that's what I was alluding to. I guess, as an American, I'm just used to it by now.
Paolo Prezioso Feb 04, 2012
If any American wants to brag about inventions, most USA inventions came from people from other countries.
Chris Bridgers Feb 04, 2012
Americans were brits 200 years ago, only difference is area and we mingled w/ other countries. Both have great people and stupid peole.
Austin Bride Feb 04, 2012
You put a flag on car buzz and you get a hate war.
Jack Higgins Feb 04, 2012
You Brits do nothing but trash talk the US, so leave the first guy alone.
Rami Wilson Feb 04, 2012
If it wasn't for America you redcoats would be eating sour krout and speaking German.
Gregory Fatguy Feb 04, 2012
We don't just eat everything,that's just a part of Americans.
Petrolheadjack Feb 04, 2012
Exactly... Car wise Britain is much more superior than you.. and for any other way.. we are one of the best countries in the world, unlike America... who just eat everything
Knox Ferraro Feb 04, 2012
1,000 mph and we let the damn Brits do it. That's shameful.
Description: Designing the vehicle and fund raising were both launched almost five year ago, exactly as the world's banking system melted down and the world economy was on the precipice. However, Noble is an ...
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Teddy MacDonell Feb 04, 2012
yeah but the British flag must add at least 300-500 hp
Lyomp Feb 04, 2012
Further down the article they say in total the vehicle has 133,000 horsepower.
Chris Bridgers Feb 04, 2012
Lousy HP my civic gets 30k hp w/ all my stickers=P
Garrett Frye Feb 04, 2012
Considering it only acts as a fuel pump, why would it need more than 800 horsepower?
Chris Benson Feb 04, 2012
Lousy HP? The cosworth only powers a fuel pump, not the rocket itself...
mankala Feb 04, 2012
lousy Hp figure though..
Description: The turbofan jet engine, which can also be found in the Eurofighter Typhoon, should propel the car in the initial stages of acceleration. The rocket should keep the acceleration momentum up through th...
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Skyler White Mar 14, 2012
Lol no kidding, I'd have to get paid to strap my ass to that thing.. :eek:
Andy Hamilton Feb 05, 2012
Great to see the Institution of Mechanical Engineers logo on there.
Cho Dan Feb 04, 2012
This vehicle has no tires, just metal wheels. Tires on this thing would Disintegrate at the speeds this thing is capable of.
Elijah McCord Feb 04, 2012
They don't need to be thick cuz this thing only goes in a straight line and doesnt need great handling. And thin tires reduce drag
Adithya Chandrasekhar Feb 04, 2012
Are those bicycle tyres?????
Description: This is followed by the start-up of the Cosworth that activates the HTP pump which pumps the HTP (Hydrogen Peroxide) at a rate of 35-liters/second for about 20 seconds to the rocket's main ch...
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Jared Palmer Feb 04, 2012
SSC= super sonic car
Knox Ferraro Feb 04, 2012
Paragraphs 10, 16, and 18 all refer to this as a car. Sorry for being literate, guys.
Lyomp Feb 04, 2012
No where in this ad does it say car. Its not a car. Its just a vehicle to break the landspeed record. It stays on the ground and goes fast.
James Lynch-Sarasek Feb 04, 2012
Knox I don't understand. They are specifically talking about the rocket.... Not about the car... So why would they call a rocket a car..
Nick88gm Feb 04, 2012
dam!!! its taking a long tome to parallel park this b*itch!!!
Chris Wenman Feb 04, 2012
Agreed its just a jet that can't fly
Knox Ferraro Feb 04, 2012
I see we've taken to extremely liberal interpretations of the word "car".
Description: Top speed is 1,050 mph (Mach 1.4) or 469 meters per second when the wheels do 10,300 rpm. The combined thrust of the two engines, which will operate simultaneously in the acceleration's final pha...
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John Park Feb 04, 2012
10000 rpm of the wheels?!?!
RAHP Feb 04, 2012
like wiley coyote and his acme rockets!!!
Paolo Prezioso Feb 04, 2012
It'd probably take off into the air
Jesse Demasi Feb 04, 2012
What if this thing did its top speed and hit a pebble I wonder if it'd obliterate the pebble or flip?
Chris Wenman Feb 05, 2012
Looks like a ported subwoofer
JGL Scuderia Feb 04, 2012
i dont thimk this will be alot quicker than what ssc made
Hank Austin Feb 04, 2012
V-TECH just kicked in yo!
Teddy MacDonell Feb 04, 2012
that's about the size of the tip on my civic... sounds incredible!
Rami Wilson Feb 04, 2012
"Put the spurs to her Chuck!"
Rudolf Dassler Feb 04, 2012
Needs a bigger exhaust...
Description: “By the middle of the [next] year we will be driving it up and down on runways and testing it up to 200mph." Noble plans for the LSR attempt to take place in South Africa on a special surface bei...
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Mathew Caleb Stanfield Feb 04, 2012
Why not just do it at bonneville???
Andrew Grimm Feb 04, 2012
I bet they had African kids to do this work.
Description: We're using a Formula 1 engine just to drive the pump for the rocket motor." So whether the internal combustion engine pushes it or not (and 'not' is the right answer here) the V8 ...
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John Park Feb 04, 2012
F1 engines are only 2.4 liters?! I applaud the engineers who worked on those
Gianni Falzone Feb 04, 2012
Can't have a bird building a nest in there!
Cian Rules Feb 05, 2012
I think rocky is american hes just embarresed becouse his country couldnt make anything to go that faston the ground
Rocky Rocker Feb 04, 2012
I just see this as "pointless", a waste of money, and we already know how fast a Rocket can go. So, big deal, it's got wheels...if you want to do some real impressing, get this thing to do 1000+ using just the V8 engine along. Then you can have bragging rights
Andrew Grimm Feb 04, 2012
An automobile, autocar, motor car or car is a wheeled motor vehicle used for transporting passengers, which also carries its own engine or motor. Powered Yes Self-propelled Yes Wheels 3–4 Axles 0–2 So yes, it is consodered an automobile, or car.
Dillon Dixon Feb 04, 2012
Car doesn't come to mind when I look at this.
Gregory Fatguy Feb 04, 2012
I wonder how fast it would go if they had a r/c version of it
Andrew Grimm Feb 05, 2012
JGL, weight doesn't have anything to do with top speed. Acceleration yes, not speed. It said it weights 14,158 lbs if you actually read the article. If it weights very little, then the drag will weight it back So it might be better for it to be heavy
JGL Scuderia Feb 04, 2012
are they sure this will make it do 1000 mph. the body is goning to be really light hopefuly
Adithya Chandrasekhar Feb 04, 2012
Chuck norris's lightsaber!!!!!
Chris Bridgers Feb 04, 2012
looks like a star wars model lol
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 04, 2012
That stops reacting that is
Barry Boo Wilson Feb 04, 2012
LOL ya! ....unless you count the core of the largest known star as a rock.
Elijah McCord Feb 04, 2012
Actually the biggest rock mankind knows isn't earth. It is Gliese 436 c, which is about 5 times the size of earth.
Cody Jacques Feb 04, 2012
It will be in vain. at 1000 mph the darn thing will thrust straight into the ground hitting the biggest rock we know... plannet earth
Andrew Grimm Feb 04, 2012
That would be the worst job ever.
Anthony J. Mitchell Feb 04, 2012
Hiring rock collectors. Pay: $6.75 an hour. Must be US citizen, and capable of acquiring confidential security Clarence.
Thibault Leroy Feb 04, 2012
picking up all the peices that could make the car reck