Description: The 2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI is making its way to the Chicago Auto Show but not before it made its debut online. The fuel-efficient diesel coupe is billed as an affordable car for those who want a d...
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Description: Paired to either a six-speed manual or dual-clutch transmission, the clean diesel engine is projected to return a solid 29mpg city and 39mpg highway, however no official EPA numbers have come out yet....
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Hank Austin Feb 04, 2012
Golf TDI is much better, more fun, and less gay... This probably doesnt get as good mpgs because its really heavy (just a guess)
Shaylen Kumar Patel Feb 03, 2012
The mileage is lower than the passat.
Frank Alberto Baez Feb 03, 2012
Its the same engine ever. Whats new? They should compete w hybrids. Make it more efficient.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 03, 2012
Diesel powered cars have usually exceeded their EPA rating. To be fair, older TDI models were lighter and less powerful. They also had no emission controls.
Tanton Stoneman Feb 03, 2012
They said it was a clean diesel too
Kyle Jasek Feb 03, 2012
That mileage isn't very good for a diesel...
ShaneVenhorst Feb 03, 2012
Why is the mileage estimate lower than the Golf and Jetta? That makes no sense.
Pfc Tomb Feb 04, 2012
*is about how cute the car is…
Pfc Tomb Feb 04, 2012
What the hell is wrong with you. Every comment you make
Aaron Snyder Feb 04, 2012
Hard to take a person seriously when the best opinion they have is "Its so cute" or OMG I like this car it's so cute."
Maci Kartchner Feb 03, 2012
I like this car. It's so cute! :)
Matt Piccolo Feb 03, 2012
I'm srry but this is still a girly car, even after the redesign
Michael Evans Feb 03, 2012
The trouble with it don't get as good mileage as the others and it's got better aero weight might be
Logan LeMonnier Feb 03, 2012
I love heading mark IV jettas that are diesels they sound like mini trucks
Andrew Grimm Feb 03, 2012
I was at my house yesterday and diesel beetle drove by and it sounded like a UPS truck.
Maci Kartchner Feb 03, 2012
Isn't it the most cutest thing you've ever seen?
Tanton Stoneman Feb 03, 2012
There's an add in Toronto that says "same smile, more teeth" for this car
Nbe Prodger Feb 04, 2012
Trying to be golf. 4.5/10
Maci Kartchner Feb 03, 2012
Aww! How cute! Is that the newest one?
Matt Piccolo Feb 03, 2012
Not bad, but the exterior is too girly IMO
Matt Piccolo Feb 03, 2012
Omg, that's such a nice engine cover!!!!! (sarcasm) --__--
Omar Al-Rushaid Feb 04, 2012
Totally Dull Invention