Description: G&S Exclusive have put their hands on a Maserati coupe and it looks as flamboyant as ever. The tuners out of Albstadt, Germany worked on a Maserati 4200 GT Cambiocorsa (2001-2007) to create what t...
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lmfaoed Mar 05, 2012
omg masaraty its the best of them all
Nick Sti Feb 29, 2012
Spice it up because you're tired of it. I personally like tuning, but when the person does it on their own rather than having a company do it for them, it's better because it's more unique and personalized.
Jessica Rivera Feb 29, 2012
I don't understand the point in tuning a car that has been out of the market for five years. If you have one you are either tire of it or you don't care to tune it.
Description: It features widened fenders, side skirts and hood with custom twin air vents. A new front fascia shows off a large Gran Turismo grille. The rear features the 3200 GT's taillights and trunk-lid al...
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Peter Simon Mar 01, 2012
Those wheel fitments sound nice
Brodriko Crowe Mar 05, 2012
Have to agree with bob on this, lights are a little off. Amazing car this is though
lmfaoed Mar 05, 2012
its cool but gay Colorado id buy that quicker than it can go
Paul Brodrecht Mar 01, 2012
Since when does masarati make miadas?
Jose Hernandez Mar 01, 2012
I thought Porsche headlights looked more like those of the beetle!
Carlton Salmon Mar 01, 2012
Really Keiler? Which Porsche are these lights from? I'll have to look it up...
Keiler Countryman Feb 29, 2012
Ugly, Porsche headlights on a Maserati
Carlton Salmon Feb 29, 2012
I'd buy this in a heartbeat but in black not orange. Lovely car and clever use of 3 different cars to create this. I'm drooling and it's another to add to my growing wish list.
JGL Scuderia Feb 29, 2012
thats the old gran tursimo. just cant remember its name.
Bright Spark Mar 01, 2012
Those rims look a bit small
Gal Rufio Goldstein Feb 29, 2012
This looks like a Honda S2000 with a maserati body in this picture, but from the back it looks sickkk!
Andrew Palmer Feb 29, 2012
Don't hear much out of Maserati in the states, this is a great looking car.
Carlton Salmon Feb 29, 2012
I think they've done a brilliant job in mixing the 3200 GT, the 4200 GT and the Gran Turismo so subtley together as though it was always made this way. Love the wheels but not so much the orange. And I bet it sounds absolutely gorgeous too...
Nick Pietropaolo Feb 29, 2012
I love it.I think it looks great even tho the paint and body definately scream look at me
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Feb 29, 2012
Needs a 2-3 inch roof chop
Peter Simon Mar 01, 2012
If you guys look good and closely cuz it the first thing i saw the back looks similiar to a ferrari modena from the side shot taken
Keiler Countryman Feb 29, 2012
Oh my god that thing is so ugly
Zack Herzer Feb 29, 2012
Something looks wrong.... Too small wheels?
Avery Williams Feb 29, 2012
Very low to the ground. Watch out for speed bumps.
Pfc Tomb Feb 29, 2012
Its a nice color for a cool car.
Peter Simon Mar 01, 2012
Im not sure about the front justin but the back bumper from the side could pass for an F430
Tyler Richey Mar 01, 2012
Read Justin. Ugh there's nothing more irritating than people comparing parts of cars, that happen to be totally off. I wish the diffuser was carbon fiber. Otherwise I think it looks pretty good.
Sam Riccardi Feb 29, 2012
I usually don't like Maseratis, but this one is pretty sweet looking.
Keiler Countryman Feb 29, 2012
None of this goes together
Justin Chavez Feb 29, 2012
So gran turismo front and f430 back
Bob Thebuilder Feb 29, 2012
Ahhh love the 4200 lights
Cam Heaney Feb 29, 2012
I think they did a good job
Johnny Francis Feb 29, 2012
Not a fan of those tail lights.
Carlos Eduardo Benitez Feb 29, 2012
The car was perfect till I saw this :(
Tanton Stoneman Feb 29, 2012
Wtf! They ruined the taillights!
Nick Sti Feb 29, 2012
Black out the diffuser and it'll look amazing
Matthew Paul Feb 29, 2012
Umm, that kinda destroyed all of the elegance it had. It's just ugly euro-rice from the back.
Tyler Richey Mar 01, 2012
The leather is fine, the orange has got to go.
Falah Jahmi Mar 01, 2012
Classic leather, you obviously don't know how comfy that is.
Carlton Salmon Feb 29, 2012
@Brendan the 4200 GT Cambiocorsa was available only with a flappy paddle gear change and unfortunately no manual option. I'd still love one of these though and they sound so awesome.
Sebastian Grey Feb 29, 2012
Maseratis had some horrible interiors until recently. This just proves that the company was better off distancing itself from this model.
Andrew Pinks Feb 29, 2012
Not a good looking interior for a car like that
Tin Nguyen Feb 29, 2012
Interior looks outdated. Reminds me of a jag interior from the 90's.
Abdulnasir AlMassloom Feb 29, 2012
@Justin that's orange carbon fiber. And it's not cheap
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Feb 29, 2012
Very cheap looking orange highlight.
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 29, 2012
Could have done better