Description: As the most popular Porsche in the country, we were never going to have to wait too long for someone to take a Cayenne and stretch the hell out of it. Available for weddings, bar mitzvahs or simply fo...
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Description: With the Turbo S under the hood there's ample power to shift the dozen or so passengers the stretched Porsche limo can house, and there should be no excuse for getting a blushing bride to the chu...
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Michael Riley Feb 27, 2012
Panamera turbo s next?
Chris Harrison Feb 27, 2012
they actually made this car uglier.
Zac Czuhai Feb 27, 2012
TT's are girls cars... Fast, but very girly.
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 27, 2012
I'd take the TT also.
Mr.Mercedes-Benz Jun 06, 2013
why old model
Matthew Malyapa Feb 28, 2012
not as good as the nissan leaf limo....
Micah Buffat Feb 27, 2012
Still probably gets better gas milage than a hummer
Christian Quattro Tietjen Feb 27, 2012
not a great looking car.... but they actually did a pretty dang good job making it a limo, I've seen much worse limo jobs
John Serely Feb 27, 2012
I hate the prev generation cayennes, but the current ones look pretty good IMO.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Feb 27, 2012
If you look closely, you can see the slight sag in the body......this things a motherf***** disaster!!!!!!!
relyt Feb 27, 2012
I always thought what would be less Porsche like than a cayenne, well here's my answer
Dale Schroeder Feb 27, 2012
Eh, doesn't look that bad to be honest. At least the body lines aren't all distorted and ruined like they'd be on, say, a stretched 911 (yes, someone did that sadly enough).
Nicolas Blake Mullen Feb 27, 2012
@michael you woulda hated the Ferrari limo then. Lol but I think the cayenne turbo s is pretty sporty.
Joshua Ryan Feb 27, 2012
Been doing this in the US for a while now.
Michael Page Feb 27, 2012
Oops, never mind. At first glance I thought it was a panamera. I'm going through this at 5am
Michael Page Feb 27, 2012
I've always hated the idea of turning a sports car into a limo. You take a perfectly good, fun, drivers car and turn it into, well, this bs.
Max Garcia Feb 27, 2012
Oh my god. What the hell hav they done
Bobby Junior Feb 27, 2012
Is it just me, or does it sag in the middle?
Jerrod Swenson Feb 27, 2012
It looks like a toothpaste pump with a porsche rear end slapped on.
Rocky Rocker Feb 27, 2012
Ok everybody,when the car goes around the next corner, "everyone to one side". Now, say that in Chinese. Bet it sounds better
NalaKing Feb 27, 2012
They didnt chose it as it is optional because they understand their ''limo'' aint for offroading.
David Eslava Feb 27, 2012
No wonder why the pneumatic suspension controls have been removed...
Max Garcia Feb 27, 2012
Cool still has generic cup holders at least they didnt stretch that