Description: If there's a contest for world's best mom then the Japanese mom that spent a month building this amazing cardboard replica of the 2012 Red Bull Formula 1 race car for her 4-year old son shou...
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Jason Brown Feb 27, 2012
Glad some people still know how to make their children happy without going out and buying them video games for their idiot box. Kudos to her!and her son!
Description: The car was finished once the car had been officially introduced and photos and videos became available; and from the new step nose through the detailed graphics to the tail wings, the attention-to-de...
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Gregory Fatguy Feb 27, 2012
She names his kid after a mario game character?
Max Garcia Feb 27, 2012
from what i read on yahoo they are HUGE seb vettel fans
Antonio Pecoraro Feb 27, 2012
Lotus... Are you serious?
Chris Penza Feb 27, 2012
We've all had our racecar beds. This kid on the other hand is super lucky
Knox Ferraro Feb 27, 2012
This is so incredible.
Joseph Yeow Feb 27, 2012
Kazan, make me Lotus F1 car! Arigato Gozaimasu.
Greg Lewis Feb 27, 2012
I want one! But I have a king size bed, I'll go for the A-Team van!
Shane Gardner Mar 05, 2012
Wow at the tires lol
Aldwin Andrea Mar 02, 2012
Omg what an awesome mom
Erich Kretz Feb 28, 2012
[Top Gear]Coolest mom...In the world![/Top Gear]
Anthony J. Mitchell Feb 28, 2012
Red bull gives you wings!
Anthony Foust Feb 27, 2012
My wife just asked me what we should do about our daughter out growing her bed. I showed her this.
Bobby Junior Feb 27, 2012
I'm trying to decide of he is flipping me off
Nick Sti Feb 27, 2012
Lol now it makes sense: oragami
Peter Papen Feb 27, 2012
Cardboard replica level: Asian :P
Sam Oglesby Feb 27, 2012
Look She even made a Sebastian vettel to go in it
Mike Lam Feb 28, 2012
It doesn't matter what race they are, if they are Asian, they fulfill the dog eating stereotype
Mark Feb 28, 2012
Mike you are such a terrible person and you have race problem too. Japanese don't eat dog. Actually, only Korean rat dog caz it is legal to sale and eat dog.
Mike Lam Feb 28, 2012
It's their dinner! Get it, they are japanese
Andrew Wilkinson Feb 27, 2012
No! Bad dog! You go outside!
Zach Sullivan Feb 27, 2012
Nah thats mark webber after losing the 2010 championship lol
Sam Oglesby Feb 27, 2012
Or is that Sebastian vettel it's a tough call
Tanton Stoneman Feb 27, 2012
For a four year old, the attention to detail is remarkable!