Description: First they demolished the $350,000 Maybach for their collaborative hit Otis directed by Spike Jonze, now they want to give it away. Such is the fickle nature of world-famous rap stars Jay-Z and Kanye ...
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Robin Douglas Dawson Mar 21, 2012
Donations are a tax write off, just sayin.
Justin Routh Feb 27, 2012
You made sense yes but I'm just trying to say look at the amount of money these guys are donating and people are bashing them.. Its their money if they wanna dick around with it WHO CARES
Clint Edwards Feb 27, 2012
I'm missing something here, last I checked donating money to a worthy cause was a good thing.
Patrick Joseph Feb 27, 2012
Justin. Are you thick or retarded? A homeless donating a dollar means much more than bill gates donating $100. Do you understand now why your comment is pointless or do you think I make no sense. If so you're bloody slow man.
Patrick Schalk Feb 27, 2012
Conway is still a d bag. I wanna kick the crap out of that dude. He's garbage.
Michael Gallagher Feb 27, 2012
Yep.. Just a bunch of idiots that throw their money around. Wish I was talentless yet extremely lucky to know someone in the business.
Brandon Fraser Feb 27, 2012
They didn't buy the car for that much. There was something wrong with it so it couldn't be sold, I think it was a test car or a show model.
Justin Routh Feb 27, 2012
Stop bitching the 100k they donate now is more than you will donate in your lifetime
Lucas Guarnaccio Feb 27, 2012
Oh god, sorry! I forgot that a music video is way more important that helping out a charity :P and I realize it could go for more than $350k but if they estimate around $100k, which is $250k wasted...
Cody Jacques Feb 27, 2012
Because Lucas they wouldnt have a music video if they didn't ever buy the car in the first place...
Michael Ioia Feb 27, 2012
This is very old news. They said they would be doing that months ago when they first made the video.
Nick Sti Feb 27, 2012
They could get a lot more for all we know
Nick Sti Feb 27, 2012
It says whatever the proceeds are, will be donated. It's expected to be 100,000
Lucas Guarnaccio Feb 27, 2012
So they spend $350,000 on a car, destroy it, and then are planning to sell it and give ~$100,000 to charity.... Why not give $350,000 to charity in the first place?
Description: "The funds raised from auctioning off the Otis car are greatly needed to help sustain families over the next several months. We are grateful to Jay-Z and Kanye West for offering up pop culture hi...
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Jermaine Whiteheaad Apr 02, 2013
I feel bad for that maybach
Ronnie Chan Feb 28, 2012
Damn it! Look at the rims from both cars are difference ?LOL....
Cameron Soulette Feb 27, 2012
Tax write offs? They do what they need in order to make more money and "try" to help in the process. They bough an expensive car ppl got paid to make, filmed a music video which took a crew that got paid, and they donated the change from the project
Sam Hughes Feb 27, 2012
The 'little people'. And if in addition to that they come up with a creative way to turn their junk into African kid's gold, good for them! They are doing a good thing. Just appreciate it
Sam Hughes Feb 27, 2012
Something is wrong when people do some good and get bitched out for it. And it's not like they hoard their wealth. Every time they hire a tradie or go out for dinner or have a tailor make them a suit, that's money going into America and supporting
Michael Gallagher Feb 27, 2012
Put me in their shoes with their money and I would donate more then 350k
Adam Zarytsky Feb 27, 2012
Guys, why don't you donate $350,000 to charity? Then you can complain. They're super rich, and they have More than enough to destroy a $350,000 car. They could have thrown it away for all we know, but they're using it for good instead
Logan LeMonnier Feb 27, 2012
They could've given the 350k to charity...I love watch the throne (awesome album) but I meant seriously?
P_R_N_D Feb 27, 2012
Woah, slow down... pop culture history?! They're making this car sound like Michael Jackson's glove. It's a nice gesture but its not THAT relevant.
Antonio Ramthun Feb 27, 2012
It's tight there giving it to charity and the cars super ugly to begin with. Shit it's not a Bentley or roll's
Val Kortchak Feb 27, 2012
You're complaining about people helping people? It's their money, they should do what they want with it, and African children get limited help as it is..I'm curious to know when is the last time you donated or volunteered in your community..
Jeff Daniels Feb 27, 2012
Ya cuz our country doesn't need it...there isn't any organizations in America that 100k wouldn't greatly benefit.... -_-
Jon White Dec 04, 2012
I would've done the same if I had their money!
Zaire Wilkins Feb 27, 2012
at the same time this is a vid there were 2 of these involved
Jack Howard Feb 27, 2012
what the heck is he gonna do with a gas torch? melt the plastic? that would take way too long to cut anything with it lol
Dan Kelly Feb 27, 2012
@charlie. They might not, i mean look at the car, thats not the work of actual designers. If it is, they should be shot
Colin Dzendolet Feb 27, 2012
Don't like maybachs, so I would have fun with those
Michael Gallagher Feb 27, 2012
Lol. All horror films start with the black people dying. This is like.. The twilight zone
Stephen Reed Warren II Feb 27, 2012
Haha yeah they walked another 2 ft then sat down them down and let someone else do it
Charlie Liberski Feb 27, 2012
I guarantee neither of them know how to use those tools they're holding
Brandon Lee Aventador Feb 27, 2012
Poor maybach being corner-ed! :(
Max Garcia Feb 27, 2012
I second that I so scared right now I saw the next picture and I laughed
Neall D'Adamo Feb 27, 2012
This is how all horror films start...
Juan T Garcia Mar 04, 2013
Hey man why can't we all get along, racism isn't cool, change your ways you need to love all people man
Skylar Grout Mar 03, 2012
Why the hell enough said
Shawn Griffith Mar 02, 2012
Dude, you don't know how to give up, it's sad, really. Let me know when your balls drop and you know how to act like a man, until then, I can only assume that you're a child that doesn't know a losing battle when it's hitting you in the face.
Shawn Griffith Mar 02, 2012
You've made 2 references to what you assume to be an inability to type, and one remark regarding my making a 'dumb statement' for straightening this article out of the hell hole it was heading towards.
Shawn Griffith Mar 02, 2012
Dude all you keep saying is 'you can't talk for shit.' if you can't give me a rebuttal for me being right, then shut the hell up, Jesus Christ.
Shawn Griffith Mar 01, 2012
If you weren't so damn stubborn, you'd realize that I'm right, you headstrong idiot. It's ok to be wrong from time to time, especially when you are too much a sack of shit to research the shit that comes out of your mouth before you post it.
Shawn Griffith Mar 01, 2012
I can't talk for shit? I seem to have better grammar skills than you, and for every typo I have, you have two. Seeing as how you can only bitch about my grammar and spelling, I assume you ran out of shit to argue with me about regarding this subject.
Shawn Griffith Mar 01, 2012
You proved nothing, man. WCC could put their logo on a steaming turd, say it was for the military, and it would sell for a big money. Jesus Christ I can't tell if you're a troll that doesn't know how to give up, or the greatest moron of all time.
Shawn Griffith Mar 01, 2012
And you don't think that that would happen to have anything to do with the fact that it's a west coast custom rebuild, or the fact that is was benefiting AMURRIKA? Come on man, get real.
Shawn Griffith Feb 29, 2012
Oh really? FAR MORE? I didn't realize we were talking about a classic Ferrari here, my mistake. What an idiot. Tell you what, you dig up proof that they bought this vehicle immediately before the shoot, and I'll recant my statement.
Shawn Griffith Feb 29, 2012
I highly doubt they blew the money just to gain back a third for charity. You sir, provide I stupid arguement.
Shawn Griffith Feb 29, 2012
And what's to say they owned the car prior to the video, decided they no longer wanted it, and did this instead? There is no way they could of pulled remotely 350k for this off an auction block, and seeing as how this a charity case...
Shawn Griffith Feb 29, 2012
Really, I made a dumb statement? If I made a dumb statement based solely off of your arguement on the car's value, why would they bother selling the car stock, when Maybach has gone down the shitter? Obviously no one wants a Maybach...
Patrick Schalk Feb 29, 2012
Yeah Justin. Fight racism with racism. Makes a lot of sense.
Justin Chaplin Feb 28, 2012
I know what Latino/hispanic is and I def. know what a honky is...I did that to prove my's pretty funny how you dont even recognize the point when there are people saying dumb blacks but you notice that real your eyes and maybe you will see shit...Im from florida so im' very familiar with cubans and puerto ricans and columbians and dominicans lol i can even tell the between ...
Shawn Griffith Feb 28, 2012
Holy hell, you all have completely blown the context of this article out of proportion. 350K is the car's value. It doesn't say anywhere that they paid that. I'm sure they got it for free from Maybach because it is going to charity. That being said, if you can turn a free car into 100k, I'd say you're doing a good thing.
Patrick Schalk Feb 28, 2012
I don't care what someone calls me because it's just words, I just hate the double standard.
Mikey Jimenez Feb 27, 2012
@Justin I think it's very stereotypical of you to say,"MEXICANS!" we are a called Latino/Hispanic ! I hate when retards like you think everyone that speaks spanish automatically means they're mexican.
Justin Routh Feb 27, 2012
So top gear straight up destroys cars THEY DIDNT BUY all the time and you guys LOOOOVVVEEEE that show. These guys buy their car and destroy it and you bash them? Hypocrite mf's
Abraham Mendoza Feb 27, 2012
They really did ruin that poor car. At least it'll be for charity.
Zain Sheikh Feb 27, 2012
People are so racist on this app but I bet if it were some white people doing this they would call this" Badass "
Cameron Stanley Feb 27, 2012
Why are people tripping when its not even there car? Lol
rockstarTc Feb 27, 2012
@ patrick haha all we need now is someone named "Dodge Rocks"!! Just think at least they are giving something to charity. They couldve just tossed it if they wanted too...
Michael Gallagher Feb 27, 2012
@ford, so then no one should pay taxes! It's our money, we should use it te way we want! Right ford?! To bad it doesn't work like that lol. Government always has their hands in our money. And they blow it on garbage also. In the end, everyman4himself
Stephen Cobbs Feb 27, 2012
This is just disrespectful. Yeah the company is being discontinued but still this doesnt make any sense.
Ty Piper Feb 27, 2012
This is the first time I have agreed with FORDfan haha
Patrick Joseph Feb 27, 2012
Donating to the poor in America or Africa is the same. A person in need is the same no matter the color or ethnicity. Hunger is still hunger whatever the place. So it's irrelevant wondering where else they should of spent it
Ciro López Feb 27, 2012
jajajajajaja black people...
Mikey Jimenez Feb 27, 2012
All I said was,"illuminatti a$$holes" and you guys erase my comment ! But it's okay for @maciej to say,"dumb black people?"
Phil Johnson Feb 27, 2012
How about instead of destroying a Maybach and trying to sell it for charity, just don't buy it in the first place and give away the money you saved from not buying it?
Christian Quattro Tietjen Feb 27, 2012
hey! we all know the maybach looks better now, it was fugly to begin with!
Rockesh Boulder Feb 27, 2012
Couldn't they have used a salvage Mercedes instead?
Patrick Schalk Feb 27, 2012
Yeah some do. And a lot don't. Uh oh. We have Chevy4life and FORDfan? Things are gonna get interesting around here.
Chevy4Life Feb 27, 2012
All of you people complaining, do some research these guys have been giving back for years including giving scholarship money for a lot of people
Patrick Schalk Feb 27, 2012
I find it funny that the people who bitch about world hunger and whatnot usually have the most money.
Greg Lewis Feb 27, 2012
If I had the money to toss away I would do something worthwhile. If I had 35k to buy a camaro,destroy it then donate 10k,I'd be seen as retarded. Point is,while world is struggling. And you shouldn't show the pple who give you the money, you waste it
Nam Doan Trinh Feb 27, 2012
Imagine how much they made of the them that $250k was well spend because I'm sure the video has brought in more $$$ then that. Hell and it got buzz going. People will watch the video just cuz a $250k car got destroyed and each view = $$$
Michael Gallagher Feb 27, 2012
Should help out your own country first. Plenty of people to help here
Justin Routh Feb 27, 2012
Yes michael america does have money problems but americas money problems dont hold a candle to the problems in Africa. Poor here is nothing compared to poor in africa. They need it more than us
Michael Gallagher Feb 27, 2012
Why not help out a charity in their own country? America has money problems as well
Chris Bridgers Feb 27, 2012
I third it. They used it to make money which Im sure part of already went to charity on top of this car going to charity. Be happy theyre selling and not trashing it.
Adam Zarytsky Feb 27, 2012
Greg I'm glad you donated hundreds of thousands to charity. Oh wait, you havent? Then quit complaining about those who do give. Bunch of hypocrites on this site, really
Greg Lewis Feb 27, 2012
Spending 350k to play with a car? Then sell it for 100k? It's wasteful and disrespectful. Spending 250k to piss around when the money could go to better use... And don't most rappers rap about how tough it was growing up? Glad they forgot and waste $
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 27, 2012
I always thought those cars was very ugly
Walter Alexander Thomas Feb 27, 2012
That was stupid. Rappers have nice things. They can afford to do things of this nature. And rappers are doing good deeds. Many of them support charities.
Dustin Emerick Feb 27, 2012
I think it looks better now than it did originally lol never thought they were worth the money
Josiah Thomas Clements Feb 27, 2012
Timothy this car is like a yacht on wheels. Sure it's not good looking, but it's an insanely nice interior.
Jake Knickmeyer Feb 27, 2012
Why did the rims change?
Majed Ameeri Feb 27, 2012
I'll buy it then fix it
Val Kortchak Feb 27, 2012's all them it doesn't cost more than a $1000 beater to most, the Maybach is an overpriced Benz anyways..good on them to at least use it in their business(videos/advertising/charity) than how they are typically used..
Max Garcia Feb 27, 2012
What the .... What have they done to that beautiful luxury car well it's not that beautiful... But still what the .... !!!
Raymond Reynoso Feb 27, 2012
I wouldn't pay $10 bucks for that
Hamish Johnson Feb 27, 2012
I saw the film clip and thought it wasn't a real maybach. This is disrespectfull
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 27, 2012
I wouldn't pay 10k for that
Jason Brown Feb 27, 2012
Seriously. That brand has become a collectors now. Too bad...