Comments - Video: WSJ’s Dan Neil Drives the $100k Fisker Karma

Published: Feb 26, 2012
Description: The Wall Street Journal's automotive critic, Dan Neil, has long been one of our favorite motoring journalists in the industry today. As well as having been one of the hosts of the recently cancel...
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Simrit Gts Jhita Feb 28, 2012
Dan Niel can go do himself for all I care.
balls deep Feb 26, 2012
Its nice to know Im not the only one who hates the Discovery rip off of top gear!
Hank Austin Feb 26, 2012
Adam corolla never made any funny jokes, Dan Neil is a stuck up prick, the nba player was only there to laugh at Adams jokes because they weren't funny and show off his cars... Honestly Matt Farrah was the only good thing about that show...
Paul Trahan Feb 26, 2012
I hated Adam and Dan. Adam was annoying and Dan acted like your typical stuck BMW/Porsche douche.
Brahim Gudah Feb 26, 2012
It was a very good show... Much better that that shit history tries to call top gear and if u don't mind the occasional bit of misinformation like that horrible early episode g8/g6 mixup I think it should have stayed
Nick Smith Feb 26, 2012
If Carolla wasn't on the show, they wouldn't get a large enough audience. He makes the show watchable to "non-car people". And at least he was a car guy.
Brad Wood Feb 26, 2012
Dan was great on that show, Adam Carolla was pathetic and ruined any potential for credibility as a real car show.
Description: He describes it as the "world's most interesting car" due to its unique styling inside and out along with its advanced plug-in electric hybrid technology. It's also perhaps the mos...
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Randy Geniec Feb 27, 2012
The dude in the passenger seat is listening intensely as Dan speaks. Probably someone from Fisker making sure that he does not say a negative word about the government funded car that you and I the taxpayer fund for people that make over $100,000/year. Anyone think that someone making over $100,000 deserves $10,000 in rebates from Uncle Sam and the soon bankrupt California? Just sayin'
Austin Bride Feb 26, 2012
Tesla is shit compared to this.
Hank Austin Feb 26, 2012
I got the chance to see this in person and it's pretty nice except I wouldn't buy it because it's the company's first car ever and so there's probably a lot that will go wrong with it
Corry Payne Feb 26, 2012
i just saw a resident at my job driven one the exact same color, very nice car
Charles Pope Feb 26, 2012
Teust me guys, the karma looks SOOOO much better in real life.
Vincent Chong Feb 26, 2012
Same, the Telsa model S is not only better looking, is faster, has more range, more practical, and cheaper too
Alexander Gomez Feb 26, 2012
Nice car ,but I'd prefer the Model S. The price difference doesn't hurt either.
Zaza Lorato Feb 26, 2012
This is a amazing car honestly and it is very defined
Description: Taking the Karma for a spin down LA's 405 freeway, Mr. Neil finds himself a bit surprised by the car and how nicely it drives. Still, the thing costs nearly $100,000. Fortunately, it looks way be...
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Hosep Aklian Feb 27, 2012
Lmao what a sexy mustache
Igor Boos Feb 27, 2012
The guy who started Fisker is Henrik Fisker. He was the one who designed the latest Aston Martin look. He redid (coachwork) a couple of BMW M6s and MB SL55s, all had the same front end grill and design.
balls deep Feb 26, 2012
It looks cool, but that gap tooth grin up front throws it off.
Hank Austin Feb 26, 2012
The guy who started frisker came from Aston Martin... So that kinda explains the looks
Christopher McSween Feb 26, 2012
I'd have to say this wins over the Panamera. Also want to see the new 4th BMW 6Series.
Brandon Whybrew Feb 26, 2012
panameras are hideous all the did was add two doors to the 911. and in doing so they came out with an ugly car
Justin Harris Feb 26, 2012
If I was a car company CEO, I'd seriously hire the designers. This car is too stunning.
Logan LeMonnier Feb 26, 2012
This is the best looking out (to me) and way more interesting then a panamera. Ive seen a good amount of those on the road but not one of these
Andrew Wilkinson Feb 26, 2012
Yeah I would rather have the panamera
Brad Wood Feb 26, 2012
I just saw one in person for the first time last week. It is stunning. The lines are perfect.
John Serely Feb 26, 2012
Its an extremely good looking car, but I probably would never buy one. If I'm in the market for a 100k sedan, I'd take a panamera GTS, panamera 4S, or a S550
Marthy Gajardo Feb 27, 2012
A Honda Civic is sportier than this car!
Hank Austin Feb 26, 2012
Hmmm I don't thing paying 100k for a car gets you gps
Patrick Schalk Feb 26, 2012
Curtis I bet your "Vantage" and "Panamera" does.
Pfc Tomb Feb 26, 2012
I the the steering wheel.
Sao Voravongxay Mar 03, 2012
back lights look like the hyundia sonata
Matthew Reindorp Feb 26, 2012
So do most cars if take a picture of the boot...