Posted on: Feb 26, 2012
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Spied: BMW 3-Series GT

BMW is hoping the 3 GT will catch on with buyers, unlike the current 5 GT. Don't hold your breath.
After the phenomenal success of BMW's 5-Series GT (catching the sarcasm here?), the German automaker is busy working on a similar conversion to their all-new 3-Series sedan. For those who don't recall, the 5-Series GT is basically a station wagon/bloated hatch-like failed crossover of a vehicle. Let's just say that sales never met expectations. And now we have the latest spy photos of the upcoming 3-Series GT showing some new details as it undergoes some final testing.
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From the rumors we've heard so far, the 3 GT will not get the twin-door hatch that's featured on the 5 GT, but a normal one-piece hatch. Engine options are likely to follow the 3-Series sedan line-up. Overall, we don't expect for the 3 GT to do catch on particularly well in North America, where mainstream buyers have never been fans of hatchbacks to begin with. Does BMW believe they can convert them? Only time will tell. Expect to see the 3 GT debut at the Paris Motor Show in September.

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