Description: Iconic Italian design house Stile Bertone has a reason to celebrate these days. In commemoration of their 100th anniversary, Bertone has just released these first official images of their Nuccio conce...
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Duncan Gibson Feb 27, 2012
I think bertone can do better. This barely looks like a car. The mantide was soooo much better
Description: The concept is said to be an evolution of the mid/rear-engined Berlinetta from the 1970s. For now, no other details have been released, but we'll know more very soon from the showroom floor o...
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Max Delena Feb 27, 2012
This has potential to look good just some things need to change, right now it just maybe the colors that are driving people away from it.....but you need to look past that and actually think about it looks. Also the real version of something is always better than a picture or something else, so we will just have to wait and see.
Timothy Hooker Feb 26, 2012
It would be impossible to store all ur junkmail and empty coke cans in that dash...not getting the whitetrash vote
Drew J. Kleyweg Feb 26, 2012
this turd better be fast.
Squizgar Feb 26, 2012
This could look much better once it gets to production. Silver instead of orange on the top too...
Mason Christopher Thomas Feb 26, 2012
@Bala I was thinking the same thing when I first saw it
Bala Uncc Feb 26, 2012
Am I seeing the front or rear?
Bayo Araujo Feb 26, 2012
This for sure will be my second Bertone, the first one: the X 1/9. Nuccio, just marvellous!!!
Trent Griffin Feb 26, 2012
When style evokes such a visceral response....either you love it or you hate's brilliant! I love it!
Tanner Middleton Feb 26, 2012
this looks like a bunk ass bike ramp
Patrick Schalk Feb 26, 2012
No. Just no. This looks so ugly
Steven Nevets Feb 26, 2012
Absolutely hideous...
Dan Ruth Feb 26, 2012
This is fantastic!, Beautiful!
Matthew Paul Feb 26, 2012
Great looking. Very bold.
Scott Lenahan Feb 26, 2012
u gotta give them credit.. this is very forward looking..
Pfc Tomb Feb 26, 2012
What the hell am I looking at...
Drake Hughes Feb 26, 2012
White with a blue stripe maybe?
Nick Schnee Feb 26, 2012
The windscreen is very long and slim, meh. Also, it looks like hit has a huge dead angle.
Sam Oglesby Feb 26, 2012
It would look better without the roof overhangs near the door
Raman Chhabra Feb 26, 2012
No thinking required this is sex on wheels!
Bayo Araujo Feb 26, 2012
Carrozeria Bertone... Tanti auguri.
Kyle Anderson Feb 26, 2012
There is absolutely too much going on on this car for my liking.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Feb 26, 2012
The beast with two backs? The organic looking vents remind me of the Mazda furai.... That is a good thing.
Jonny Zrihan Feb 26, 2012
This looks like its made up from 2 backs
Christian De Prisco Feb 26, 2012
So no rear viewing, I guess a camera will do in place of the mirror there