In Celebration of the Wedge: Bertone Unveils Nuccio Concept

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Built especially for their 100th anniversary, Bertone will be unveiling an all-new concept at Geneva.
Iconic Italian design house Stile Bertone has a reason to celebrate these days. In commemoration of their 100th anniversary, Bertone has just released these first official images of their Nuccio concept. Set to make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the concept was designed by current Bertone design director Michael Robinson. And for those familiar with Italian styling house history, the Nuccio concept picks up directly where that wonderful wedge theme of the past left off.
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The concept is said to be an evolution of the mid/rear-engined Berlinetta from the 1970s. For now, no other details have been released, but we'll know more very soon from the showroom floor of Geneva.