Comments - Gumpert Previews their Geneva Debuts

Published: Feb 26, 2012
Description: Gumpert has not only done a great job of building an insanely powerful sports car, but they've released many brief teaser shots in the past. Fortunately, the small automaker plans on revealing no...
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Cody Jacques Feb 27, 2012
It's not a pretty car like the Zonda's but its still cool and oh so fast!
Emil Kleijsen Feb 27, 2012
@Austin no, they dont't, they reason why everyone thinks its ugly is because TG says so, I think it looks amazing
relyt Feb 26, 2012
I wouldn't call it good looking, its definitely cool looking though
Chris Penza Feb 26, 2012
The Apollo is amazing. It seems like the smaller companies like Mosler and pagani make the nicest cars
Brady Fereday Feb 26, 2012
Oh and I think it's faster the the acr-x viper around the ring that was on here the other day lol
Brady Fereday Feb 26, 2012
I love the looks of the Apollo
quadrophine Feb 26, 2012
seriously, just cause they say its ugly people jump on that bandwagon. sexy beast of a car
Austin Bride Feb 26, 2012
I guess what top gear says is what everyone thinkd
Dillon Magee Feb 26, 2012
I agree. It looks like a space car!
Drake Hughes Feb 26, 2012
But I love the Apollo
Description: Fortunately, it's insanely powerful: its 4.2-liter Audi twin-turbocharged V8 produces 700hp. The upcoming models supposedly have improved styling. Not long ago Gumpert received some financial ass...
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Brandon Contreras Feb 28, 2012
This car isn't so nice... Search it up on YouTube.
Darren Martin Feb 26, 2012
Did anyone else notice there's a person In the drivers seat...
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 26, 2012
@nalaking i total agree but i was saying i hope it is a game change like the veyron and gtr
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 26, 2012
@quadrophine the come 80k new and 110k for the time line that is almost half the 458 and its quicker this is comeing from a gtr hater but i still think it change the game of cars
Brandon Contreras Feb 26, 2012
@Isaac and Brady the gtr is not a game changer you wanna see a game changer look at the McLaren F1 LM... Now that is a game changer...
quadrophine Feb 26, 2012
its still a pricey car, plus its fat and ugly. and its automatic... and the cheap one isnt that fast, and its still 120 k the quick one with 550 hp is almost 200 k and is just a little quicker around a track than the base 911 turbo, that comes in at just over 100 k
NalaKing Feb 26, 2012
GTR may be fast, but who wanna bother the GTR when it is parked beside the Gumpert? No offense
Brady Fereday Feb 26, 2012
@brandon the GTR is faster around a track than a bugatti and almost faster in the 1/4 mile the GTR is no wannabe it is a legend lol
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 26, 2012
@ brandon the gtr is a gamechanger because it is a supercar that is cheap so real supercars have to get better or lower there price
Brandon Contreras Feb 26, 2012
@Tomas. The gtr in my opinion is an ugly supercar wanna be that can never compete with a Bugatti...
Dillon Dixon Feb 26, 2012
This is how you tease a car premier . Not by showing a ultra zoomed in pic of a random part of the car.
Tomas Franquelli Feb 26, 2012
How is the GTR not a game changer? It's faster than cars that cost three times as much, in a straight line and on the track. -.-
quadrophine Feb 26, 2012
gtr set the benchmark for what a supercar isn't...
Brandon Lidy Feb 26, 2012
Hell yeah the Apollo was sick. The GTR wasnt/isn't a game changer. Great car, but no game changer
quadrophine Feb 26, 2012
seriously, its like one of this dogs so ugly you can't help but love it. and for gumperts first foray into supercars they knocked it out of the park.
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 26, 2012
I hope its not the apollo r i want them to create a game change like the Bugatti and the gtr
Drake Hughes Feb 26, 2012
If the Tornante is a newer version of the Apollo, I'm gonna like it