Comments - Volvo Releases the S60 TTA Polestar Race Car

Published: Feb 25, 2012
Description: Volvo has developed a race car that will take part in the Swedish Elite Racing League. The S60 TTA Polestar race car runs on a rear-mounted hybridized 420hp V6 engine complete with a six-speed sequent...
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turbo_geoduck Feb 27, 2012
wow! sexy as hell! and it looks like it really scoots!
James E Caldwell Feb 25, 2012
Rear or mid mounted engine?
Description: The racer utilizes a double wishbone suspension and sits on a set of 18-inch wheel wheels. Bigger brakes have been affixed to help handle the high-performance race car. Volvo hopes the S60 TTA Polesta...
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turbo_geoduck Feb 27, 2012
mebbe they're well wheels...
Igor Boos Feb 27, 2012
Ooooh so special they are wheel wheels!
Nick Benz Feb 25, 2012
18 inch wheel wells?
Lukas Hellstr�m Apr 19, 2012
serg the t6 would not fit. The s40 has to small front.
Amira Baz Mar 20, 2012
i have a volvo s60 and it cheers me up daily
Michael Gallagher Feb 26, 2012
I have to say, I am not a fan of Volvo and think the company should be dead by now, but that is a good looking RACE car. Now if they made a good production car
Chris Dimattia Feb 25, 2012
I liked the one they had on top gear
Petrolheadjack Feb 25, 2012
why couldnt they put the c30 polestar into production?
Serg Tarasyuk Feb 25, 2012
S40 t6 would look better
Limon Lim Feb 25, 2012
Nice looking E class.oOoo
Lajuan J Hughes Feb 25, 2012
Nice car need one for the streets
Dillon Dixon Feb 25, 2012
Sickest Volvo ever! This thing is pretty sweet.