Comments - Unique of the Week: 1989 Lamborghini Countach S

Published: Feb 25, 2012
Description: The Lamborghini Countach is one of our favorite cars of all time here at CarBuzz. Because most of us here grew up in the 1980s and 90s, the memory of the Countach is still quite active in our minds. E...
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Thibault Leroy Feb 25, 2012
i saw a whie Countach S 5000 with blue interior in an auto show in Paris it was absolutly gorgeous
Patrick Schalk Feb 26, 2012
Jeez that bumper is an eye sore. I guess it's functional but I would also probably take it off.
Ares Niazy Feb 25, 2012
Some one cares about there car to much but makes it ugly . . ----|----|----
Falah Jahmi Feb 25, 2012
The bumber would keep idiots from dinging it, i would leave it
Petrolheadjack Feb 25, 2012
Love the way the sunlight catches the door..
Devin Mortenson Feb 25, 2012
I know if I owned one I would probably take the bumper off
Description: Produced from 1974 until 1990, a total of 2,042 were built. When it was first penned by famed stylist Marcello Gandini, he was still relatively new in the design world and wasn't very experience...
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Description: This was the first time the car was built specifically for the US. Thanks to those ever so lovely US regulations, Lamborghini was forced to make some styling changes, specifically by enlarging the fro...
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Tanton Stoneman Feb 26, 2012
Countach= unseperable love.
Brandon Contreras Feb 26, 2012
If I had the money I would go to Europe to by a countach just so it wouldn't have that ugly bumper...
Tim Preisinger Feb 25, 2012
So awesome!! ...but please lose the bumper
David Bradley Feb 25, 2012
Every time I see this car, I think of Cannonball Run with the hot chicks driving it
Raymond Reynoso Feb 25, 2012
All I see in this car is Hall & Oates and I like it!!!
Alex Jervis Feb 25, 2012
I think it's butt ugly
Petrolheadjack Feb 25, 2012
An insane Lamborghini.. before the Audi owned era.
ska4life Feb 25, 2012
This car has the ultimate obnoxious 80's FU look to it.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 25, 2012
I like the Diablo more, although this is amazing as well!
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 25, 2012
I always wanted one in my collection but this is a little over priced
Tom Brewer Feb 25, 2012
Read the article and you will know.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 25, 2012
I agree! That bumper is terrible.
Jordan Smith Feb 25, 2012
What's up with the big black bumper on front?
Description: This 1989 Countach S is not just the only factory painted "Muira Blue" model, but it's also the last non 25th anniversary model produced. And to top it all off, legendary Lamborghini te...
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David Holder-Defrates Feb 25, 2012
Everything works on an Italian car?! Did it even come out of the factory with everything working?
Description: In addition, the original spare tire and owner's manual are included. To give an idea as to how well it's been maintained, all 12 shocks and springs have been replaced, thus avoiding the typ...
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Max Waite Feb 26, 2012
Probably two shocks and a spring or two springs and a shock. Not sure why two of either would be necessary, though
Nick Benz Feb 25, 2012
3 shocks and springs per wheel? What for?
Cody Jacques Feb 26, 2012
Bucket List: (13) Eat lunch off of a spoiler equal to or as significance as the countash's.
Micah Lau Feb 26, 2012
Remember, as ugly as the bumpers are, they serve a very functional and practical purpose. It could be the difference between $1,000 or $40,000+ worth of damage on a 30 km/hr rear end impact.
Tanton Stoneman Feb 26, 2012
Since when did America care about safety? And especially in the eightys!
Rami Wilson Feb 25, 2012
Love it. If it were mine the bumpers would already be in the trash.
Max Delena Feb 25, 2012
Wats with the statue head in the background it's kinda scary
Tyler Torres Feb 25, 2012
This car is beautiful...... But those bumpers do suck.
David Eslava Feb 25, 2012
I want to kill whoever invented those 4 micro-bumpers...
Jerry Cole Apr 07, 2012
Viper's wheels are wider
Matt Fellowes Feb 25, 2012
From what I can remember the rear wheels were too wide for wheel clamps lol
Buddy Robinson Feb 25, 2012
If those wheels were any wider you could use this think as a roller.
Austin Bride Feb 25, 2012
Those bumpers just ruin it
Ron Vinson Oct 12, 2012
Super sleek and modern.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 17, 2012
Nicer looking interior than most modern cars
Avery Williams Feb 25, 2012
This interior is ahead of its time for Lamborghini.
NalaKing Feb 25, 2012
The sit will cause a pain. Lol
Petrolheadjack Feb 25, 2012
a proper interior unlike most of todays cars..
Jason Dannheim Feb 25, 2012
Golf club shifter is a no-no.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 25, 2012
I miss things being all squared off
Petrolheadjack Feb 25, 2012
shifter reminds me of the Audi r8 manual shifter..
Thibault Leroy Feb 25, 2012
i dont think its aftermarket its just special upgrades made for this Countach
Buddy Robinson Feb 25, 2012
What's with the dumb aftermarket shift knob? Go for the chrome ball, it's the only way
Ross Taylor Feb 26, 2012
lol v6 in a lambo? dude its a v12. think about it, if it were a v6, there would only be 3 intake runners shown on one side of the engine. instead, there are 6, and there are 6 on the other side of the engine too, making it a v12...look closer