Comments - Ecclestone Predicts Hamilton Will Leave McLaren

Published: Feb 25, 2012
Description: Bernie Ecclestone met the British media this week at a launch of a new sponsorship agreement with F1 management, leaving a few attractive headlines in his wake. The best of them was his prediction tha...
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Igor Natsioks Feb 26, 2012
But things change, Hamilton doesn't want to be number 2
Max Garcia Feb 25, 2012
Stupid stupid eccelstone the reason he's in mclaren is had a boyhood dream about it he was big senna fan so he asked mclaren if he could drive for them they put in him young drivers aid program ( think) all I kno his he WANTED to be in mclaren really badly
Bill Bailey Feb 25, 2012
I hope he goes and they get di resta
Description: The latest incident resonated when Hamilton criticized McLaren's new car after the first F1 test. Ecclestone, who last year described Hamilton's management as a 'disaster' said: &...
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Description: Ecclestone also said that Ferrari has problems with their new car, but it is something they can fix swiftly. "I think you are going to find they are going to fix it quite shortly," Eccleston...
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Antonio Falsetti Feb 25, 2012
Hey wait a minute I have the same beard wtf are you trying to say? No I don't he's a douche.
James Fawkes Feb 25, 2012
If has douchebag beard, is a douchebag!!
Al Tungupon Feb 29, 2012
The Ferrari guy is Alonso, not Massa.
Max Garcia Feb 26, 2012
Yo thanks for correcting me
Max Garcia Feb 26, 2012
O my god must kill my self now I call my self a f1 fan!
Rocky Rocker Feb 25, 2012
Eccelstone may be shorter, but he probably has more money than all those in this photo
Max Garcia Feb 25, 2012
Eccelstone is so short compared to the drivers
Max Garcia Feb 25, 2012
Hamilton Massa Webber eccelstone Button Vettel