Description: Professional racing drivers Angela and Amber Cope made history back in October 2010 when they became the first twins to compete in a top three series of NASCAR. Amber ended up in 26th and Angela finis...
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Brad Henson Feb 24, 2012
The only race I saw with them in it, one of them wrecked part way through the race probably the one that placed 30th
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 23, 2012
@brady, haha i like your doublesided phrase about getting behind blondes with DD:)
Brady Fereday Feb 23, 2012
Brian any sponsor will get behind a double DD blonde haired girl cause they will sell there product all these girls are cash cows until they place better and set records I'll hold to my thought of them being cash cows
Brian Ayala Feb 23, 2012
Plus you think sponsors are gonna let some chick get behind the wheel and wreck their car or waste time with a driver that's not gonna place?
Brian Ayala Feb 23, 2012
What about the other drivers? Do they not have skill? These are some of best drivers in the US, the girls' finishing places are "good" any girl I know would be scared to start the car let alone do 180+mph on a turn...
Carlton Salmon Feb 23, 2012
There may have only been 30 competitors! Pretty girls and all but it sounds too much like a publicity stunt. Finish in the top 10 if you want credibility.
David Pires-Ihsaan Feb 23, 2012
26th and 30th place. is not very competitive.
Carlton Salmon Feb 23, 2012
Couldn't agree more, Brady. They'd be taken far more seriously if they were as good, or better than the guys they're competing with.
Brady Fereday Feb 23, 2012
Ok soooo has anyone on here actually seen them race like do they actually have potential or like we're they given the spot cause they are hot just wandering I love women racers but I like them to be popular cause there good not cause there hot.....
Description: A sneak peak at the making of the scorching hot photo-shoot has been released, and anyone familiar with the men's magazine (so all males aged between 8 and 80) will be rightly excited by the pros...
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Josh Knight Aug 23, 2012
Benjamin everybody knows that NASCAR headlights are just stickers
Sammy Dhaliwal Aug 20, 2012
Threesome right there their big nipples and breasts, my big cock and it's heaven
Max Delena Apr 26, 2012
I'd like to have twins
Brandon Contreras Feb 27, 2012
Lol where was the car... I didn't see the car...
Oscar Vaca Feb 26, 2012
ill leave the bones to the dogs...
Benjamin Davidson Feb 26, 2012
I heard NASCAR headlights aren't real. Just saying.
Shane Gardner Feb 24, 2012
So sexy you can't Cope with it.
Luke Murphy Feb 23, 2012
Nascar is the best Motorsport ever !!! :D
Shane Heid Feb 23, 2012
Haha right right no pistons
Brian Ayala Feb 23, 2012
Def not their first rodeo..
Eric Michalak Feb 23, 2012
Horse faces? You must not live in the real world. Where those girls are both very attractive.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 23, 2012
They're gonna be photoshopped all around anyway.
Patrick Schalk Feb 23, 2012
I won't say they aren't hot but they have some horse faces. I'd still get after it though
Vince DeMasi Feb 23, 2012
Hey at least they are better looking than Danica Patrick she had no idea how to model in an article a while back
Joseph Yeow Feb 23, 2012
My eyes fix on boobdies.
Otnay Nat Feb 23, 2012
Hey they need an extra pair of airbags... Made of silicone first you know ... Lol
quadrophine Feb 23, 2012
still for YouTube, you could almost catch a glimpse of nip
Dillon Dixon Feb 23, 2012
That challenger race car got my attention a lot more. They looked way too fake for my taste.
Zachary Sindelar Feb 23, 2012
There not bad, but I rather have more natural looks. Idk why everything has to be blonde, tan, fake boobs, and rail thin.
Ben Brown Feb 23, 2012
Would look better without the fake boobs
Austin Ariail Feb 23, 2012
Haha car? What car? Idont see a car!
Forrest Wood Feb 23, 2012
Totally agreed pfc, today will be a very great day
Igor Natsioks Feb 23, 2012
Go eat some food woman, I see a skeleton with fake boobs.
Pfc Tomb Feb 23, 2012
Today shall be a good day!
Brandon Contreras Feb 27, 2012
@almost everyone... Lol. Agreed. They need to put on a few pounds...
statusone Feb 23, 2012
As a guy, It's so funny how all it takes to make some guys salivate is pair of $5000 boobs and job done. lol. meanwhile forgetting these girls are quite ugly, have no hips, no asses, and are probably stupid.
Jordan Smith Feb 23, 2012
I love it when girls wear mini MINI skirt bikinis.
Kenneth Williams Feb 23, 2012
If you like their bodies then you can't handle a woman with curves.
Bull Dogone Feb 23, 2012
Safety first: airbags
Stephen Spackman Feb 23, 2012
They need to pile on a few pounds.
Michael Gallagher Feb 23, 2012
Your body is nasty lol
Kenneth Williams Feb 23, 2012
You would think for driving these cars try would be a lil more thank skin and bones... Their bodies are nasty
Raymond Reynoso Feb 23, 2012
Yes jimmy. That exactly...
Jimmy Alonzo Feb 23, 2012
Have sex with how twins ina nascar while doing 180
Raymond Reynoso Feb 23, 2012
Reminds me of something I want to do before I die
Antonio Falsetti Feb 23, 2012
Reminds me of Jessica Simpsons music video with the Charger.