Comments - Video: Dartz Prombron Black Dragon for China

Published: Feb 23, 2012
Description: Dartz has just released a video of their latest creation and it is, well, typically over the top. The Black Dragon Prombron, made especially to commemorate the Year of the Dragon in China, features go...
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Ron Vinson Feb 23, 2012
That was the worse video ever. Even the piano in the background sounds off.
Description: The Dartz Prombron Black Dragon is expected to cost a whopping 50,000,000 RMB, or $7 million. They say only 12 will be produced, and given the price tag that isn't so surprising. Check out the cl...
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Anthony J. Mitchell Feb 24, 2012
The perfect vehicle for a zombie apocalypse!
Rithhin Jawahar Feb 24, 2012
Id buy a marauder and pimp it with these gadgets.... That's a better spend of money any day.... -.-
Richie Wilcock Feb 23, 2012
Your H2s sitting on 20s, eh? 20mm rounds are sitting on my 20s. And what?
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 23, 2012
Id rather buy a knight xv
Vincent Chen Feb 23, 2012
I would much rather buy a mansion
Lyomp Feb 23, 2012
I think the price is a little ridiculous.
Edward Williams Feb 23, 2012
Ausome I want one badly, just rely serious face man I mean it
Isaac Rezkalla Feb 23, 2012
Looks like something out of saints row
Dan Rather Feb 23, 2012
Probably the worst quality promotional video I've ever seen a car company come out with
Colin Dzendolet Feb 23, 2012
@Thomas it's built FOR China, not BY China
Jose Alfonso Macias Feb 23, 2012
Actually they are there own company... Producing armored vehicles, obviously
Thomas Mackey Feb 23, 2012
Lame. Just another knockoff. If you want to impress us china, be original for once.
David Eslava Feb 23, 2012
My taste tells me to hate it, but my mind tells me to want one...
Lee Cascio Feb 24, 2012
Ill take an H1 thanks though.
Ray Garcia Feb 23, 2012
That will bust through the wall of china no problem
Victor Castillo Feb 23, 2012
Looks lk a mafia drug lords dream limo
Dillon Magee Feb 23, 2012
Completely ludicrous. I like it.