Description: Although the Lamborghini Gallardo is due to be replaced soon, that hasn't stopped tuning firms from improving the supercar. Underground Racing has just released full specs, pictures, and a short...
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Colton Kreuzer Feb 24, 2012
thank goodness it has a backup camera! haha
Antonio Falsetti Feb 25, 2012
that small spoiler is enough to keep the rear end planted?
Jack Higgins Feb 23, 2012
Too expensive. Just go to the dry cleaners
Description: The Stage 3 Twin Turbo Gallardo features a number of upgrades such as custom twin Billet Race turbochargers, a custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust using aircraft quality metal, a polished exhaus...
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Shane Heid Feb 23, 2012
he has small girly hands lol
Vince DeMasi Feb 23, 2012
All you hear are the turbos lol
Johnny Bonanni Feb 23, 2012
Ohhh my god... Those turbos... That car = eargasm
Description: Along with some transmission upgrades and a set of super rare HRE Carbon Fiber series wheels, this Gallardo not only looks fantastic, but the sound of that upgraded 5.2-liter V10 is just beautiful.
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Hank Austin Feb 24, 2012
I know unless you have a giant spoiler they think you're an old lady... You could get away with so much in a civic or accord that looks stock but is tuned to go fast
Duncan Jolley Feb 23, 2012
My only favorite Lamborghini.
Hank Austin Feb 23, 2012
Radar repellant paint? I need that for my Honda!!! (joke)
Justin Harris Feb 23, 2012
@FORD fan There are renderings of the reventon in metallic red and other colors and it doesn't look half bad.
Carlton Salmon Feb 23, 2012
@FORD fan I know what you're saying and agreed the Reventon looks awesome in matt paint but I'd still rather a deep gloss finish any day.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Feb 23, 2012
The wheels would look if they had a yellow stripe running around the rims imo
Carlton Salmon Feb 23, 2012
Rims are fine I just don't go for any kind of matt paint. It just looks like its covered in dust all the time. A deep gloss black would've suited it better IMO.
Andrew Hubbard Feb 23, 2012
This thing is crazy.