Description: In what appears to be yet another twist in the ongoing Saab bankruptcy saga, BMW has emerged as one of the six or seven parties interested in buying out the troubled Swedish automaker. According to Sa...
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Robert Murray Byl Mar 09, 2012
Right now I'm praying for any one to keep them alive :D!!!!
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
Proof is in the pudding. We r talking about a car co that has produced a car (3series) that all other car co have been trying to go after for years. If any auto co can bring Saab back its BMW.
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
No one could see the BMW & Mini thing either.
Paul Lissona Feb 23, 2012
Yah my 99 Saab 9-3 which Ig was when gm owned them was kinda problematic.
Kevin Rehbock Feb 23, 2012
BMW's biggest challenge would be repairing Saab's public image. They were pretty much on life support under GM management. I still wish Koenigsegg could have saved them from bankruptcy.
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
Extremis, give ur opinion bro. Saab was a great car in the 90s. Once GM acquired it they went downhill. I have driven Saabs and work for BMW. Trust me you. Saab won't be the same. The initiative is reserection. If anyone can do it is BMW.
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
Logan, we see eye 2 eye. BMW cust look @ Audis. I bel w/ Saab they will have more 2 consider. Lets not forget Saab Vigeon line!
Zachary Sindelar Feb 23, 2012
This could be awesome! I hope there cheaper than the BMWs
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
If BMW buys Saab we will begin to see some sick looking & powerful Saabs. A while ago I mentioned that I could see Volvo & Saab. However, I trust BMW will be a better fit.
Reid Huff Feb 23, 2012
I hope this happens.
Steven Nevets Feb 23, 2012
I would love to see this!
Kevin Irish Feb 24, 2012
"Saab. Born from jets." Ring a bell anyone?
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
Just wait till BMW put their spin on things!
Robby Bradford Feb 23, 2012
@Micah Saab also built planes so it's not too far out of the question that they had that in mind when building this. I know that some of their models were directly influenced by their planes, and this probably is one of them
Jason Dannheim Feb 23, 2012
Truly ahead of its time.
Micah Buffat Feb 23, 2012
It looks like a fuselage of a air plane
Nick88gm Feb 23, 2012
I see a small block swap in its future
Aaron Snyder Feb 23, 2012
That is a unique looking car! Very cool!
Description: Given that back in 2010 BMW signed an engine purchasing agreement with Saab, and that they plan to expand their product portfolio with more fuel-efficient FWD cars, building Saabs and their own models...
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Dan Rather Feb 23, 2012
They kinda already did FWD with the mini cooper.
Matthew Paul Feb 23, 2012
Well they are already making a fwd 1 series in a couple months
David Holder-Defrates Feb 23, 2012
No BMW. Please do not ever make a FWD car. Mercedes gave up and made FWD... Not you as well!!!
Description: This translates as the bidder that's most capable of kick-starting production and that has the nous and infrastructure to run the company long term has the best chance of taking over the reins. C...
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Steven Schott Feb 23, 2012
Gorgeous car. I LOVE SAAB.
Robby Bradford Feb 23, 2012
No. This is 100% Saab, at least this model haha the saabaru project
Jason Dannheim Feb 23, 2012
There was that '04 Saab wagon that was a badge engineered Impreza wagon, but I don't see Subaru anywhere on the inside or the outside of this car.
Nick Sti Feb 23, 2012
I agree as well. Aren't these luxurious Imprezas?
Logan LeMonnier Feb 23, 2012
One of the most underrated cars ever made. Gorgeous.
Kevin Irish Feb 24, 2012
As long as GM allows it.
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
Those folks are praying BMW makes the purchase. I can only speak for myself. I have been there and it's not easy. I hope BMW buys. It would be a win win in my book. I bet those same folks would elated to churn out those new Saabs by BMW.
Quinn Conner Feb 23, 2012
@vince. Sure people at Saab would lose jobs, but that just means that other companies will hire more people. It's not like Saab customers would stop buying cars. Lol. Saab customers will take business elsewhere creating more work for others.
Michael Gallagher Feb 23, 2012
I have never been a big Saab fan. Hardly hear about then, they don't really stand out at all. Nothing distinguishes them from another car. Not a fan. But, in sure BMW could change that and make them a worthy company
Vince DeMasi Feb 23, 2012
Those people are the only reason I hope Saab doesn't go under we don't need more people losing jobs no matter where they are from
Micah Buffat Feb 23, 2012
I hope Saab can bounce back with this I think Saab is one of the best they just can't sell there cars
Logan LeMonnier Feb 23, 2012
They have the style down already
Joel Hayes Feb 23, 2012
@wmg I agree on that. BMW could make Saab great!
wmg Feb 23, 2012
I really hope BMW gets it. BMW can turn Saab around.
Christopher McSween Feb 23, 2012
If BMW gets a hold of this 9-5 it will be nicer.
Aaron Snyder Feb 23, 2012
Not a fan of saab, but I do think they could be brought back. I believe BMW would do great work with them. MINI is a good example of what BMW can do with a unique brand.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 23, 2012
I sat in a $45,000 saab at the miami car show and i did not like the interior at all
Matt Piccolo Feb 23, 2012
I don't like it at all, but I've never been a Saab fan
Vincent Gaglioti Feb 23, 2012
Yea nice looking car
Anders Schrøder Feb 23, 2012
Really love the 9-5!
Randy Geniec Feb 24, 2012
Now that is the good old days. Tent camping and a 2-stroke car!