Description: ABT is planning on putting on a show in Geneva next month and they have just released a few shots of their latest project, based on the Volkswagen Up! The Up!, looking fit for the Harlem Globetrotters...
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Description: Red side skirts and trim around the grille further add to the car's old-school look. The Volkswagen Up! has also received an exhaust pipe tunnel and a sporty double exhaust pipe. No engine modifi...
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Don Bindrim Feb 23, 2012
Harlem - USA Globetrotters - basketball team in the USA. VW Up! Not in USA. Whadd Up! with dat? :-/
Paul Lissona Feb 23, 2012
Not a normal looking or sized car to me.
Dan Rather Feb 23, 2012
I don't know why they couldn't of kept it cleaner like the GTI they did.
Nick Sti Feb 23, 2012
Replace the red with black!
Knox Ferraro Feb 23, 2012
It's definitely entertaining.