Description: The FT-Bh (Future Toyota - B-Segment hybrid) Concept is the product of a new design study by Toyota for a compact city car. They used only current technology and techniques to make the FT-Bh Concept a...
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Justin Harris Feb 22, 2012
That's gonna be one odd van...
Description: The lightweight, fully hybrid concept boasts Toyota's five pillars to maximize fuel efficiency and minimize emissions outputs. They are: mass reduction, optimum aerodynamics, powertrain efficienc...
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Jeff D-mon Mar 19, 2012
looks like a clown car to me
Brahim Gudah Feb 22, 2012
Lol the tail lights look like something that would come on a Cadillac if their current style takes a turn for the worst
Knox Ferraro Feb 22, 2012
Serrated taillights. That's something you don't see every day.