Description: The five-year old ES Sedan's replacement is something we've been expecting to see for some time now, but China was not where we expected to find it. What's arguably even more surprising...
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Zaire Wilkins Mar 19, 2012
no they arent an ES is a camry a GS is its own car same with the LS and same with AVALON just has a lexusy interior unlike the camry
Phillip Holbrook Feb 22, 2012
ES and GS are pretty much the exact same car, they just have different wheels moving the car. <---------- Smile when you read that it's meant to be funny.
Bull Dogone Feb 22, 2012
F sport badge on the Matador Red fender. That's new for the ES model.
Bull Dogone Feb 22, 2012
ES250??? Downgrading engines or just because it's an overseas model?
Joel Hope Feb 22, 2012
It doesn't look like a gs look at the head lights. But other than that it looks like a gs.
Stephen Cobbs Feb 22, 2012
I guess Lexus is tryna make all their products look the same with the matching bumpers. Other companies are doin the same thing like matching grilles and headlights etc.
Description: The luxury sedan is set to simultaneously debut this April at the Beijing Motor Show and the New York Auto Show. This is most likely the Chinese market version, but the North American model that will ...
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Description: Inside, a more modern interior design features a simple, yet elegant, center stack, with plenty of GS elements on show in the reworked cabin. The pictures scooped by Autohome is of the ES 250, which h...
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Jason Brown Mar 01, 2012
It's a V6. The same one try offer in the IS.
Myles FackYew Wong Feb 29, 2012
That. Looks like a 2.5 4cyl. In the engine bay.
Jeffrey Varghese Feb 22, 2012
This looks similar to the LS from the headlights/taillights. The frint also looks somehow similar to the CRZ.
Buddy Robinson Feb 22, 2012
I like the grill pinch that low, it higher on Lexus's other sedan and it doesn't fit. Here though, it looks nice
Jeffrey Varghese Feb 22, 2012
The car on the left is the 2013 GS. There's a picture on it shows that the car on the left is the GS.
Phillip Holbrook Feb 22, 2012
The red car isn't an ES, I believe it is an IS-F judging from the c pillar in the next photo
Bull Dogone Feb 22, 2012
F Sport badge on the Matador Red fender. That's new for an ES model. Competition Gray wheels just like my Ultrasonic Blue Mica IS F Sport.
Vincent Gaglioti Feb 22, 2012
I think that's a I-4
Abie Chao Feb 23, 2012
Why does Lexus want to create a "Sporty" looking car? There's nothing wrong with the current style. I may switch to Mercedes because at-least their cars have the timeless look and not be so flashy with futuristic designs.
Chayton Garverick Feb 22, 2012
My mother says it's cute. I love it!
P_R_N_D Feb 22, 2012
@Shaylen I hope you're right cuz u can see an F badge in the other picture. Maybe its a GS-F.
Chad Hunter Feb 22, 2012
Looks like a baby LS from this angle at the rear
Randy Geniec Feb 22, 2012
Did I say Toyota? OOOPS I meant Lexus. This thing looks so much like a Camry I almost fell asleep from boredome. When you touch this car your hand falls asleep.
Randy Geniec Feb 22, 2012
Yeah, The ES 250 sign might be a giveaway...also the name Lexus on the back. The newspaper guy missed a few spots. He got the steering wheel and rims done. Toyota needs to fire the newspaper guy.
Justin Routh Feb 22, 2012
Hey look its a Camry!
Shaylen Kumar Patel Feb 22, 2012
The red one is the gs look at the back window.
Kan Wes Feb 22, 2012
Had the potential from the looks of the first picture. Then it became a let down.
Ken Louise Feb 22, 2012
It looks subtle and nice. Don't see why people think its ugly. It's indeed bland but not hideous.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller Feb 22, 2012
The red one is not an ES... The quarter, tail lamp shape, rear door glass are all different than on the silver one
Michael Bichay Feb 22, 2012
Haha Lexus..what'a joke
Michael Bichay Feb 22, 2012
Look at that bland sheet metal
Christopher McSween Feb 22, 2012
Looks like the new GS w/ acception of the C piller. They could have given the ES a little more of it's own identity.
Vincent Gaglioti Feb 22, 2012
This is not good at all Lexus
Zaire Wilkins Mar 20, 2012
the back has the CT200H talilights
Ken Louise Feb 22, 2012
I don't see why people hate this and the GS. They look bland in certain ways but not ugly. Plus the "4 door coupe" concept is getting too overrated. I'm glad to have at least one car company producing a boxy looking car.
Nick Smith Feb 22, 2012
I think it's evolved nicely.
Bull Dogone Feb 22, 2012
Not as horrid as the rear of the new Camry. This follows the flow of the GS in almost every way: front fascia, rear fascia, dash, center console. Awesome score to leak these. Now go get some IS spy photos for us.
Knox Ferraro Feb 22, 2012
As much as I hate the ES (and Lexus' audacity to compare it's optioned out Camry to a C-Class, 3 Series, A4, and soon an ATS) I really don't think this looks half bad!
nellsmaxi106 Feb 22, 2012
Back to the drawing board plz this is terrible.
Zaire Wilkins Feb 22, 2012
lexus is crying right now also these look like updated 2004 ES talights with curve
Eddie Ethree Motors Feb 22, 2012
Actually the new Camry that this is based off of has some boomerang looking lights
Ovais Mirza Feb 22, 2012
Camryish tail lights
Alexander Gomez Feb 23, 2012
Lexus, we'll talk when you realize that you're overpriced. Hello, Cadillac!
Justin Routh Feb 22, 2012
The exterior looks like a camry, the interior is a rip off of bmw... Why i would always buy german if i was getting luxury. Actually i'd drive caddy too
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Feb 22, 2012
This looks too much like the new bmw interiors
Kan Wes Feb 22, 2012
That gear knob looks too tacky for this car.
Ken Louise Feb 22, 2012
It's got nothing to do with the Chinese. I don't see how their imitation skills can be applied in this context.
David Justice Feb 22, 2012
The Chinese are getting damn good at their imitations!!
Extremis Colson Feb 22, 2012
looks so Damn soft. love the interior.
Timothy Hooker Feb 22, 2012
Oops...someone left the door unlocked. Good thing there's newspaper on the steering wheel to hide the badge
Bull Dogone Feb 22, 2012
Same overall design as the GS interior. Lexus has lost their vertical center stack identity. This is exactly what I was afraid of. New Camry is trash and Lexus will follow with same general flow on design.
Vincent Chong Feb 22, 2012
... That navi is 100% BMW
Carlton Salmon Feb 22, 2012
@David Totally agree with you, they've totally followed BMWs current design language to a tee.
Ovais Mirza Feb 22, 2012
Yea that newspaper is really good camo...
David Holder-Defrates Feb 22, 2012
Similar to a BMW E60/E61 dashboard.
Zaire Wilkins Mar 20, 2012
very german interior (bmw) (benz)
P_R_N_D Feb 23, 2012
no nothing mechanical, just some small stuff like tint & brakes. Aren't u on AcuraZine too? My name is the same on there. Look me up.
Vincent Butler Feb 23, 2012
Beautiful Color mine is NHBP I just love that color. Any work done?
P_R_N_D Feb 22, 2012
yeah I remember the buzz on AcuraZine about the Type-S years ago, before they released details on it. Everyone was hoping for SH-AWD but I guess Acura wasn't listening Lmao. That would have made this the best car of all time imho I have a CBP 5AT btw
Vincent Butler Feb 22, 2012
P_R_N_D. I only wish Acura would come out with SHW AWD for the 3rd Gen. I would buy it in a Heart Beat!!! Seriously trade in buy. 3.5 vtec is amazing IMO
Vincent Butler Feb 22, 2012
Prnd you do?? I have 08 TL'S
P_R_N_D Feb 22, 2012
I disagree Chris. If u want simple, buy a Toyota. It would be unacceptable today to have a luxury car without some sort of nav/info screen. I have an 07 TL-S and I think the nav screen is beautifully integrated into the center stack. It wouldn't look right without it.
Chris Dimattia Feb 22, 2012
Notice to car makers. A lot of people just use their iPhones w free mapquest app for navigation. I dont want a big screen at the too of my dash. My '03 Acura TL-S is simple w center stack angled at driver. Less is more