Description: Bugatti has just announced a new special edition Veyron Grand Sport for the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. Billed as the most powerful roadster ever, the Vitesse edition will pack a serious 1,200hp and 1,105...
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Jason Brown Feb 24, 2012
Awww Matthew, did I offend you and your living partner? I'm sorry if I hurt your little feelings. Now ask your butt buddy to kiss and make it feel better.
Thibault Leroy Feb 23, 2012
yay everyone is friends again you both get a free grand sport vitesse!
Patrick Schalk Feb 23, 2012
I accept your apology Cesar.
Patrick Schalk Feb 23, 2012
Wait for what again?
Patrick Schalk Feb 23, 2012
Haha you're funny Cesar. You're like a 5 year old. Did you little feelings get hurt?
Thibault Leroy Feb 23, 2012
@Mickey go back to disneyland bro
Mikey Jimenez Feb 23, 2012
Okay one more thing...stranger danger stranger danger! Sorry I had to do it!
Mikey Jimenez Feb 23, 2012
Cesar from your picture you look like a grown ass man and you insulting people? I thinks that's called harassment ? Why do you always call me and Patrick out when we had nothing to do with the conversation ? Are you gay, cause I'm only 15 and that's
Mikey Jimenez Feb 23, 2012
Mamame la verga pinche maricon mamón !
Mikey Jimenez Feb 23, 2012
I don't want to sound like an Internet warrior or any thing but believe you me, you would catch a hot one...or I would take a HUGE poop on your face hahaha so you can smell the frijoles, arroz, y TAQUITOS ! you frickin PANOCHA! Te voy a decir algo
Mikey Jimenez Feb 23, 2012
MICKEY TAQUITO JIMENEZ hahahah that's a pretty good insult...for a foreigner hahahahah, Cesar el matador Cardenas get off your high horse bro, if you haven't noticed I'm born in this great country called,"America"! You racist prick !
Patrick Schalk Feb 23, 2012
Haha Cesar you are the one trying to find me on articles I don't even comment on. Someone is insecure
Stephen Ishard Feb 23, 2012
everyone should watch that video on youtube.
Louis Valdivia Feb 23, 2012
@pratik have you seen it take a corner? Its actually pretty agile
Pratik Parija Feb 22, 2012
Bugatti Veyron sucks; it's heavy, only good for going in a straight line & price if anyone cares about that cuz most supercars cost around that.
Matthew Leon Feb 22, 2012
Jason is gay for speaking about chalk WTF
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2012
During my visit to Frankfurt, my wife and ate at a nice restaurant on top of a hotel, I nearly loss my steak dinner. The male couple next to us were hand feeding eachother and one started to suck on the his partner's finger. Totally unexpected.
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2012
Chalk you have to be careful. I think you are right about Cesar having ana crush on you. You never k ow about those Germans and their "living partners". So many of them all over the place. They are very open about it.
Mikey Jimenez Feb 22, 2012
Haha he called you chalk wtf? It's all good he calls me mickey haha.
Patrick Schalk Feb 22, 2012
Haha once again Cesar, I didn't comment on this article. I think you have a man crush on me
Austin Oxner Feb 22, 2012
16.4 is 16 cylinders and 4 turbos.
Cham Khiev Feb 22, 2012
Nvm.. Everytime i see it it always says 16.4l thats y.. Lol
Cham Khiev Feb 22, 2012
Thought it was a 16.4 liter??
Drake Hughes Feb 22, 2012
So this is our Grand Sport SuperSport
Devin Babyn Feb 22, 2012
Actually the dude that runs or ran VW when they bought em was the one who came up with idea to make the car. It wasn't thought up by the French
rockstarTc Feb 22, 2012
I know its crazy but i have to go with Fordfan. The koenigsegg is a way better car then this hands down no comparison and the french did make this car until Volkswagen bought them out and then they might of done alittle tweaks to the car. Who honestly cares what the gas mileage is on this no one is going to say, I want a Bugatti and it better get better mpg then a prius.
Zain Sheikh Feb 22, 2012
@thibault wrong . It's engineers are mostly german engineers from VW , it's engine is made VW engine plant in germany . It's only assembled in France
Brad Wood Feb 22, 2012
Did you just compare an R6 to this car? That's like comparing a double wide to The Spelling Manor. Who cares about your MPG or heating bill, it's irrelevant to how many bikini models you can fit in your swimming pool. Let's keep it real people.
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
Bugatti is french, the veyron is manufacterd in Molsheim France and most of the engineers are french so yes the veyron is a french car
Michael Gallagher Feb 22, 2012
MPG doesn't matter. If you own a car like this, you don't worry about the same thing average joes worry about. This person is financial stable. The person could have issues then lose the car or will lose it due to corruption, but you know
Dillon Dixon Feb 22, 2012
Supercar roughness. I for one think it's one he'll of a machine. It wouldn't be at the top if it wasn't.
Dillon Dixon Feb 22, 2012
I think the biggest part of all these cylinders and turbos is to make it produce that much power without being pushed to its limits. It'll run smoother and it won't be whined up all the time. It's all about the speed and the feel without the typica
Tommy Yang Feb 22, 2012
Who races with 1 gallon of gas. You have to be a retard to go to a drag strip to race with insufficient gas. I don't think MPG matters if you can afford a Bugatti -.-.
Paul Brodrecht Feb 22, 2012
Nobody cares about what hp it "could" put out, its only about what it actually puts out, if you can't make it put that out, its a useless stat.
Ben Arends Feb 22, 2012
Lalala WHATS ITS MPG?? Let's do a race. 1 gallon of gas, furthest distance wins (who cares if you can do an 8 second 1/4 mile, if you're stuck at the track, no ride home). 1 gallon, my R6 vs this piece of shit. Guarantee I make it home; theydont
Michael Douglas Feb 22, 2012
Useless hp on the street. I agree its the first production car to pish 1000hp. But their have been many daily driven cars pushing more than 1000hp way before the veyron and no problems heatingup and all and with much smaller engines.
Michael Douglas Feb 22, 2012
See now i call that shitty engineering. I mean you have vetts, stangs, camaros and what not pushing 2000hp on the street daily driven and they have no worries of heat issues. I mean if most people want they could push more and daily drive'em but its
Justin Harris Feb 22, 2012
I do like the agera r better, especially if it were in these colors.
Patrick James Almonte Feb 22, 2012
7 minutes into the first video. Loses 2/3 hp to heat
Patrick James Almonte Feb 22, 2012 I don't know which of the 4 parts it was from but you can watch if you don't believe me
Patrick James Almonte Feb 22, 2012
There's an hour long documentary about the veyron on YouTube. Its an awesome video and at one point in the video they have the engine on a dyno and they said that it can make 3000hp but it creates so much heat that it only outputs 1000 to the wheels
Wilson LaFaver Feb 22, 2012
Really. Where did u here that?
Patrick James Almonte Feb 22, 2012
The veyron actually creates 3000 hp but it loses 2/3 due to heat
Shaun Conroy Feb 22, 2012
Bugatti may be French, but they had nothing to do with the Veyron's success. That all goes the the Germans.
Josh ?hompson Feb 22, 2012
Actually Bugatti is French
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
@Ford fan because you know alot of people who have driven both.......
Alex Orozco-Word Feb 22, 2012
It's also half the car. Thank god for the Germans.
Mark Suvorov Feb 23, 2012
Even just keeping it in ur garage ll cool after like 20 years Unique
Thibault Leroy Feb 23, 2012
well if you have the money for a veyron u have the money to maintain it (and your other 20 cars) :p
Jonathan Fowler Feb 22, 2012
I would sell it too! Just bc I hear you have to pay $60K/year for them honor your warranty and service your car.
Dillon Dixon Feb 22, 2012
Oh yeah this thing will go down in history. Just look at it, it has a quad turbo W16! It has more radiators in it than most houses, and it goes 268MPH! That's like saying the Mclaren F1 didn't go down in history. Every car guy knows of the F1.
Jeff Beko Feb 22, 2012
Honestly Cody shut up
Cody Matthews Feb 22, 2012
The agera already holds some records. Also this Bugatti won't go down in history. It's an ugly, computer controlled, piece of over popularized junk. It's probably the least pure driving experience ever. If I was given one, I would sell it.
Mark Suvorov Feb 22, 2012
Really piece of engineering It ll be history 4ever agera won't be in history like bugatti. Never
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
@Dan yes thats true most of the car was made using aeronautic technology
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
the bugatti badge on the veyron costs the price of a small car
Justin Harris Feb 22, 2012
I actually saw something on what they did to build it. One of the ridiculous things I found was that it had two transmissions and as you probably know, two v8s to make the W16. Yet they spent so much overdeveloping this thing and had even airplane engineers working on it. Michelin made a special tire just for it. And the true power of the W16 is 3000 hp. They just limited it because it was too ins...
Paul Trahan Feb 22, 2012
Think of it this way. You can carry and walk around while holding 100lbs, but you can carry 100lbs and walk around a lot more easily with someone else helping you.
Paul Trahan Feb 22, 2012
With 16 cylinders and 4 turbos the strain of power is decreased. They could of used a single turbo I6 but the engine wouldn't last as long.
Dave Stewart Feb 22, 2012
I like American but that engine will outlast any of Our American engines with that kind of power and I like how it says the extra 200+ hp and 100+ torque that's a whole car in itself
Chris Penza Feb 22, 2012
When you need 16 cylinders and 4 turbochargers to get this power, it's an engineering nightmare. American cars get more horsepower with an engine less than half the size of this
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
its a magnificent peice of engenering
Description: With an extra 213hp and 183 lb-ft of torque, this copies the boost recently seen in the closed-top Super Sport. "The rapid success of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport convinced us to increase the p...
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Dale Schroeder Feb 22, 2012
At this rate there are gonna be more Veyron one-offs and special editions then there are standard Veyrons.
Nam Doan Trinh Feb 22, 2012
That extra 213 HP is as much as my car actually has...
Justin Harris Feb 22, 2012
Or at least put so many extra parts in this thing it runs like crazy...
Justin Harris Feb 22, 2012
What's even more amazing about it is the fact that they don't need to do much! They already over engineered this thing to the max!
Daniel Hernandez Feb 22, 2012
Lol not "another" jaja im speaking power wise
Daniel Hernandez Feb 22, 2012
Amazing hp increase if you think about it, its like they placed another 4cylinder engine in there
Thibault Leroy Feb 22, 2012
i love how a few years ago he said that it was simply not possible to make a convertible go to speeds of the ss but this just shows that bugatti is able to keep pushing their cars to the limit
Description: Bugatti has yet to release the performance times for the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, however we can speculate that the 0-62mph will come close to 2.5 seconds and that it will reach a top speed of almo...
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Thibault Leroy Feb 23, 2012
well its a roadster and a ss so yea
Scott Gracey Feb 22, 2012
Doing 0-60 in 2.5 with the top Down has gotta be unreal
Justin Tucker Feb 22, 2012
True. If you can spend 2,000,000 on a single car, you most likely have many others....or just a ton of money you want to blow because..well you just can
Hendrik Reimer Feb 22, 2012
I bet those people buying one of these have already a fleet of cars :D
Jason Brown Feb 22, 2012
Seriously £2,000,000? You can buy a fleet of great cars for that. I would rather have the fleet and then some.
Lance Boudreaux Feb 24, 2012
Nice car but need new intiera
Benjamin Davidson Feb 24, 2012
Finally! A real, working, bat-mobile.
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 23, 2012
That's why it's not like other super cars, it has to be big, classy and unique!
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Feb 23, 2012
I love the Veyron! Remember, that it's a Bugatti! It's not just a super car, it's luxury and class. It's like a super car version of a Rolls Royce.
Victor Takhanov Feb 22, 2012
I usually don't like the veyron's look but this looks really good.
Casper Due Hansen Feb 22, 2012
It's not Lawrence. It is the Vitesse.
Timothy Hooker Feb 22, 2012
The one below...the white stock photo..looks Terrible. This cat is amazing bit like all it does have a few less than appealing angles
Marcus Hogan Feb 22, 2012
Since the super sport has a top speed of 268 mph and making it a convertible has increased its weight then i probably say that this can go between 260 -265mph. Go grand sport vitesse!!!!!!
Marcus Hogan Feb 22, 2012
I dont know if this is actually the worlds fastest convertible. It is definetely the fastest accelerating but since the koenigsegg agera r (my favourite car!) has the same power but is lighter then that means that this is actually the second fastest!
Chris Penza Feb 22, 2012
It looks like a beetle that had too many big macs
Marcus Hogan Feb 22, 2012
Finally, my favourite veyron, the grand sport, merged with the super sport!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, now this is my new favourite bugatti!!!!!
Wilson LaFaver Feb 22, 2012
Looks great in this pic
Dillon Magee Feb 22, 2012
Personally, I like the Veyron design a lot.