Description: Ah yes, the everlasting joys of U.S. Presidential primaries. Despite the colorful cast of characters, Republican candidates are focusing many of their attacks not only on the Detroit automaker bailout...
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James Buster Feb 23, 2012
Obama brought in fiat!!!
James Buster Feb 23, 2012
It's not the car it's the statement he mad
Skyler White Feb 23, 2012
@james - How is CHRYSLER being bought out by Fiat Obama's fault? Do you think Chrysler would be better off without government influence?
No Pistons Feb 22, 2012
It's called an exaggeration
Elijah McCord Feb 22, 2012
@Raymond name one truck with a V12
Dan Rather Feb 22, 2012
@ James are you serious that's Chrysler you're thinking of.
Raymond Reynoso Feb 22, 2012
Nor less American than most of you rednecks
James Buster Feb 22, 2012
Chevy is practical owned by fiat now cuz of nobama
Dan Rather Feb 22, 2012
Either. Especially when he already looks like an for cheating on his past two wives and divorcing one while she was dying of cancer
Dan Rather Feb 22, 2012
So what hunters can save money on gas. Also alot of the best wildlife protection programs are run by humters. It only makes sense to protect your game. I'm not sure it's a good move for a presidential candidate to attack an American companies product
Trevor Deere Feb 22, 2012
So you should only own a gun if you drive a truck? I have 20 or so guns and I drive a stupid civic. No way I could ever afford a truck at my age. Another example of stereotypes.
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Feb 22, 2012
Damn, Jim jimm's photo looks like Darth vader instead of a women
James Buster Feb 22, 2012
Damn democrat we need to drill our own oil and forget your crappy ass electric car and that's the shitiest gunn rack I have ever's made out of PVC
Wayne Joseph Borean Feb 22, 2012
I love this. Showing politicians that they have foot-in-mouth disease should be your national sport. If it isn't, you're not a real nation. This guy's got guts and smarts. Good for him.
Jim Jimm Feb 22, 2012
The gun racks should stay in our trucks
Description: Not only has a GM spokesperson clarified that it is in fact possible for a gun rack to fit, but one Volt owner has responded as well. In the short video seen here, this owner proves Gingrich wrong, th...
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James Buster Feb 24, 2012
How is he anti American Obama is trying to turn us into Europe and I'm not say republicans are perfect cuz their not even some of them are for one world order
Paul Lissona Feb 23, 2012
We just need a conservative now.
Emmanuel Irizarry Feb 23, 2012
Gingrich got PWNED!!!
Elijah McCord Feb 22, 2012
And Gingrich wants to build a moon base too
Troi Stoessel Feb 22, 2012
Gingrich is so anti American. So is Romney.
Colby Church Feb 22, 2012
F@$&% Gingrich... Ripping on Chevrolet. He might as well rip on oxygen and vital organs too. Dumbass...
Tim Butler Feb 22, 2012
I'm not involved in politics but really a gun rack in a volt common now leave the gun racks for the trucks with a 24 inch lift kit
Phillip Greene Feb 22, 2012
Hes just a dumbass republican doin pullin a good ol' republican move... Making a retarded ass statment that has nothing to do with anything
Stephen Ishard Feb 22, 2012
newt was trying to say electric cars are going to hurt the economy because they use no petroleum products. and his second useless point because is you couldnt get a gun rack in the car.
Patrick Schalk Feb 22, 2012
You can put a gun rack in anything. I don't get this.
Description: The owner continued: "In response to Newt Gingrich's cheap shots at the American designed, American made, and American powered Chevrolet Volt, claiming you couldn't put a gun rack in th...
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Paul Lissona Feb 23, 2012
Too many of them are.
No Pistons Feb 22, 2012
The people that applaud are our nations sheep
Nick Benz Feb 22, 2012
Everything that comes out of politicians' mouths is bantha fodder.
Paul Roberts Jul 04, 2012
People,he has a gun rack in the back of a Chevy volt. We all know he is crazy. What are you gonna be attack in traffic? And if so can you run to the trunk? Seems stupid
Thomas Newman Apr 01, 2012
Wow a "SKS" so hardcore! Not
Robert Lantz Mar 27, 2012
Thats how you do it in america
James Buster Feb 24, 2012
What's up with that hair style
Jackson Hubbard Feb 22, 2012
Those are some blue eyes!
Taylor J. Blake Feb 22, 2012
I've got a browning A-5 just like that in my gun rack..
Drake Hughes Feb 22, 2012
He's like "see I told ya do"
Jordan MacKay Feb 22, 2012
The volt can stay a 6 mph and still move which is rubbish
Will Revene Feb 22, 2012
The point wasn't to make a quality gun rack. The point was to point out the stupidity in the comment.
Jay Kolvenbag Feb 22, 2012
In stead of wasting your time with pvc and a rope you could just put them in your trunk
Jason Dannheim Feb 22, 2012
I'm more interested in his taste in guns, which is obviously very good.
Phillip Holbrook Feb 22, 2012
This is obviously a quick and humorous jab at Gingrich's comments, rather than a permanent gun rack install.
Jeremy Siebert Feb 22, 2012
I would think a Volt driver would have better aesthetic taste. PVC? Does he park his Volt on blocks in the yard?
Elijah McCord Feb 22, 2012
I guess Rotta the hutlet would be his vice president
Troi Stoessel Feb 22, 2012
Is that Romney in the back
Jeremy Siebert Feb 22, 2012
Now THIS is creative...