Comments - Ford Tourneo Custom Concept Unveiled Ahead of Geneva

Published: Feb 22, 2012
Description: Set to make its debut early next month at the Geneva Motor Show, Ford's all-new Tourneo Custom Concept is meant to "showcase a dramatic new look and preview introduction of an all-new family...
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Description: The full-size van concept is powered by an enhanced version of the new 155hp 2.2-liter TDCi diesel and is mated to a six-speed manual. Ford says that production version will be offered with power rati...
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Erik Scherer Feb 22, 2012
You can only go so far, when your styling a van. They have reached that "point".
Luis Enrique Lara Feb 22, 2012
Its brilliant but i think you will leed to park 2 miles away from any object for for the tailgate to open
Justin Harris Feb 22, 2012
It does look really good for a type of car usually shunned from design.
Knox Ferraro Feb 22, 2012
You are definitely going to need that rear view camera. I like the tail lights.
Description: The exterior design shows Ford's latest evolution of their Kinetic styling and the interior has more of a car-like sophistication. For example, the sculpted instrument panel is orientated around ...
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Description: However, with new fuel emission regulations taking place globally, Ford's latest concept must fit the bill for both consumers and regulators alike. We'll have more details and pictures very ...
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Paul Lissona Feb 24, 2012
Actually fiestas look crunched up already their really short In front.
Simon Trépanier Feb 23, 2012
Hope that Ford will replace Econoline (E-serie) with that! Econoline are so outdated...
Jacob Beaudrie Feb 22, 2012
In a weird way it's sort of attractive at least much better looking then the e series ever was
Shaylen Kumar Patel Feb 22, 2012
Looks A smashed up fiesta
FoxRS Feb 22, 2012
looks like a deformed Focus.
Dariusz Hołdys Feb 22, 2012
Looks very Hyundaious...
Paul Lissona Feb 24, 2012
Everything should be manual, I've liked stick shift a lot.
Simon Trépanier Feb 23, 2012
Most of vans sold in Europe have manual tranny...
Knox Ferraro Feb 22, 2012
So this gets a manual but several Porsches don't. Nice.